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Monday, November 10, 2008

Last One Standing

About Last One Standing, I was anticipating to watch this series. I watched the first episode today and WOW!!! First Episode and is already told a lot. The 1st episode is already suspense and I wonder what the whole series is going to be like. I was a bit scared in some part but it was interesting. I couldn't believe Kevin would do such a thing. We all can see that Kevin is going to revenge. A huge revenge on Roger. I really wonder how the series would go? Its going to be an excited series.. omg I couldn't believe so many things had happen in episode 1 already.

Having Kevin and Roger as a lead together is a new fresh air. Is refreshing to see them together in a series. Cause I don't think I have seen them in a series together or is just that I don't pay any attention before. Well I wonder what the intension going to be again when they fight for Yoyo.

Episode 1 had started in 1997. Kevin was at home when his sister called him and said that "He had raped her again". As it turn out the 'he' was Kevin and his sister's stepfather. His sister and him had never liked their stepfather cause they were against his mother for being remarried again. As a boy, Kevin was already stubborn and hated his stepfather. Even he had gotten hurt in the eye or anywhere he would not cry. Kevin is really over protective of his sister and one night he took his sister and ran away. They went to his cousins house. Which his cousin was the same age as him. His cousin which had turn out to be Roger. They were really close and they were like brothers. But ever since that night, when Kevin went to find his stepfather and killed him accidentally. His cousin which happens to past by and saw Kevin sneakily. Roger had turn Kevin in. Kevin was sentenced to 13yrs in jail but gotten shorten for 10yrs in jail. He was released in 2007. Now Kevin is slowly going after Roger and slowly having his revenge.

got the Pic from TVB Square but I put the pic together and worte "Best Cousin, Brothers or Enemys?"

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