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Monday, November 10, 2008


Whoa, I haven't been on here for a long time. Cause I was so busy with school work and other stuffs that is going on. I'm so behind on updating my blog and so many things. I still need to finish the reviews on Moonlight. I probably forgot what had happen in Moonlight now.. since I saw that before school had started. I'll try my best on it. Also I had recently finished watching Legend of Demigods. That is not a bad series. It was a funny series and I was hoping for Linda to end up with Benny, but Sunny and Linda is ok too. I had grew bored as I continue to watch the series. But I manage to watch the whole thing, well Halina did a great job. So did everyone.

TVB 41st Award Ceremony is coming up soon. Its on November 15th.. so get ready everyone. It would be an exciting night. About the new grand productions, I can't wait for it. The Grand Entrepreneurs is going to be interesting with the veterans actors and Skilled Actors too. Can't wait for it. Gallen and Anita going to have 'rape' scene but aren't they married? Then why would it be called 'rape'. Also Kenix would be Ray Lui first love and soul mate but Jamie Chik is his wife... Love triangles. Its going to be excited and Gallen is the ultimate villan. Haven't seen these actors onscreen for so long. I can't wait till The Grand Entrepreneurs is release.

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