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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gem of Life overview

Gem of Life is finally over. The series actually tells us something. It tells us that family members are the most important thing in your life. I remember that I was so excited for this series when it announced that they are going to film it. The title "Gem of life", I thought that it would be involved around gems. I thought it was like the Hong's family is really rich and they opened gems company. I didn't know that it was about business. Now after watching the whole series, i came to realize and to know what "Gem of Life'' means. "Gem" is not the meaning of the jewels gems. It means the importance, the precious about life. About the rich people, the high class society. How important one things is to you and you must get it first. Must fight for it. Its like the business world is really important just like how gems are important to girls. [hope that I'm right....lols] They use the company "Mabelle" for the series. Cause they are promoting this jewelry company and hopes that we will get jewels from there.
I like how the series went and really like how each character transform. Like how Jessica transform to "another" Sung Sai Man, after her husband die. She must take everything and be the riches of the whole Hong Kong. How Sylvia transform, taking everything from her sister, and how the sisters backstabbing each other. Constance has the most love story in the series, while Jessica and Sylvia had mostly the business story.
I was so excited for the series, but as I kept watching it, I got pretty upset. It didn't fill my expectations for the series. The storyline got so messy and everything was out of place. It got boring, but then it got interesting for an episode and went back to be boring the next. its just kept going up and down. I think what as kept me watching was the Terrance/Constance and Sylvia/Calvin love story. And everything besides business. Every episodes is about the same thing. Fighting over business, gossiping about each other, backstabbing each other and harming each other.
Every one acted very well, but is just that the storyline keeps on dropping. I don't think it was the series fought that has low ratings. The economy crisis is effecting everyone and people got bored of Gem. Gem is really crazy and its really good to see those easy/relaxing series in between. I think Gem is good but the storyline was just poor and it got so messy. Always about the same thing in every episodes. I think is a bit too long and its draggy. The last episode I was like...?????. From episode 81 to 82, I felt that there was a big gap in between. The last episode everyone just stop and won't go any further. I mean like in 81 they were still fighting. So it wasn't a smooth transformation from 81 to 82. It was an open ending and I don't mind it. I actually like how the family ended together. How LSK has those flashbacks of her daughters running and having fun together. I would rate this series 3'1/2 stars. The main thing is that the story just got so messy and draggy and how they skipped from scenes to scenes. They were all fighting for the business, they really needed the frame and fortune and everything, but at the end no one wins.

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