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Friday, February 20, 2009

Lydia Shum

Today, 2/19/09 is Lydia Shum 1 year death Anniversary. We'll remember her energetic laughs. She always make me laugh. Well not just me, the whole Hong Kong and the world. Lydia [Fei Jie] is really everyone favorite. We all know her and she is really well know. I was really surprised that she past away on this day 2/19 of last year. I miss her on screen and was hoping that she would be back again. I really thought that she'll come back and it was sad that she had left us. The last time we all saw fei jie on screen was 11/19/07 on stage receiving her lifetime achievement award. When she came out and received that award, I was crying. It was like a mix of happiness and tears to see her again. Fei Jie bought all of us laughter and happiness. Every time we see her, we'll hear her laugh. "Fei Jie's Laugh". I miss her. Fei Jie would always be our "Happy fruit" and will always be remembered and loved by us. We'll never forget Fei Jie. I actually grew up watching Fei Jie. Lydia is like our entertainment, she is our "Laughing Star". Lydia would always be our legend and her legend will live on.

Rest In Peace
Lydia Shum
Fei Jie
with love from all of us
~Forever Love~

2/19/09 - 1st year death Anniversary

Now age 63
Fei Jie past away at age 62
7/21/1945 - 2/19/08
~Always Love~

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