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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gem of Life

"When would my sisters stop what they are doing? And when would they ever going to wake up? OR.... I need to do something about it? Are we going to become sisters again? Or we going to stay enemies? Would I loose my sisters forever...... "
Its in Constance point of view, in looking at her sisters.
Gem of Life final episodes would be out tomorrow the 13th. As we all know the sisters are really crazy. Jessica got all physic up over her son's death. She blame Terrance for killing her son. She needs to get rid of Terrance even though she knows who really took her son. She won't believe anyone cause she needs to take Terrance down. At this point Jessica would do anything!! Sylvia would do anything to harm her sisters. She blackmail Terrance, that he was in charge of causing Shun Shun death. She would do anything to her sisters for her business to succeed. She following Calvin footstep. Calvin is using Sylvia cause he needs to revenge. Constance is getting out there, using her voice. Trying to stop everyone. She too becoming like them. She has the paper that she would use against her younger sister. She would betray her sister this time, if she doesn't stop. Will is becoming one of them too. He starts to go deep into the business and must take everything away. At this point everyone needs to betray each other to get what they wanted. When would they ever going to stop? When would they all going to wake up? When would the family going to be back in order? How long does this have to go? How far?
Seeing the mom like this is really sad. With her sickness, she still need to come out and confront the sisters that they need to stop. We are a family, don't keep on going. Just stop and love each other. Why wouldn't the sisters listen? Would they finally stop when something happens to their mom? Do they really need the fame, fortune, socialite? Do they really need all those, so they have to destroy each other?
The series is ending. With the last episode coming. Hope they would finally stop. I wonder who will win? I hope they going to stop right after they heard their mom speech that night during dinner. I wonder how they going to wrap this up? Gem had gotten a bit messy but I need to say, the last couple episodes after Shun Shun death, things are getting heated up. We all could see it, they are rushing already to close this. If they hadn't drag on all those weird parts then this part could have been done earlier and they didn't need to rush the endings.

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