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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt overview

I was bored, so I made a new banner. Yea isn't that good cause I don't have those "real" tools to make it. Lolz, but hope you all like it ^^

I made this graphic shown above was just for the ending of Sweetness. I love the series. Does anyone agree? I think the series was actually pretty well filmed. The storyline was interesting and pretty funny. I wouldn't say perfect, cause there were some weird stories going on. But overall, I really liked the storyline. I haven't see such a great series for a long time..well accept for those grand productions, like Moonlight and Heart of Greed. This series has a great storyline for those small general series. Everyone acted up to their peak, no one went overboard or no one went under. Everyone did a job well done.

I love Wu kin [Kwok Fung]. He is like my favorite character. He is so funny. He keeps you entertain when there are so much sad scenes. Lol ^^ Well he really did entertained me and got a great spotlight in the series. He panic over too many stuffs, and also one little small thing too. Kowk Fung outshone the series with a great father like love to everyone. He cared so much about his family and especially his kids. Even when Ting Bik [Halina Tam] stole most of his stuff, he still forgave her. He even forgave Ting Yim [Casper Chan] for marrying Chi On [Joel Chan]. He forgave Ting Fai [Pierre Ngo] for so many stuffs he did. Wu Kin's character has so much love and such a great father. Theres so much warmth and love. He is just like Paul Chun, such great fathers. Kwok Fung character is really enjoyable, lovable, and memorable.

Raymond Wong seriously outshone in this series. I finally realized him and knows who he is. Lolz... I'm serious about that. I didn't even know who is Raymond Wong before I saw this. Even though I saw Marriage Inconvenience. When I realized he was in Marriage Inconvenience, I agree that his acting was actually pretty stiff. He need to loosen up a little. But in this series, he had blown me away. He was awesome and he is just amazing. Ting Hin was just awesome. He did a really great job, superb, fantastic, excellent job acting as Hin. He look really like he was actually sick. He always need to calm his father down. Love his favorite word "tam ting" [clam down]. This word is like in every sentence almost. I'm looking forward to his other series. Raymond and Tavia chemistry just blown me away. Excellent chemistry. Raymond is the brain in the family. He keeps the family running, keeps the Sing Suet Yim Jaan running. He keeps his father being the leader and almost everyone finds him when theres a problem. Hin is like gentle, loving, caring when coming to love. He has a good karma and did many good deeds. Raymond is like a man that every girl wants. He is like the perfect guy.

Tavia did an awesome job in here too. She improved a lot. Her crying in here just took you away. You can actually felt the pain and wanted to cry along with her. Well I did, I cried with her. Her sad scene was awesome too, you can just feel her pain/sadness. Sing Suet has so much emotion in her. You can see and feel her sadness and happiness. Tavia had really improved a lot over the years. She gain so much fans, also after her excellent performance in Moonlight, she got more fans. I think she improved in Moonlight and which lead her to have potential to film this series. Her chemistry with both guys was awesome. It was just hard to pick which guy for her to end up with. It was hard for me. Her chemistry with the both of them was amazing, the best one I've seen so far this year... or was it in all TVB history =] Very well done Tavia!! I'm so waiting for Stars of Love ^^

Steven acting is like always. The same and amazing. No need to worry about him, he has so much talent in all his series. His chemistry with Tavia was spontaneous. They don't have much screen time together, but every time you see them together, you can just feel their love in the series. Its like a tragic love. Steven is kinda like selfish in here. He kept pushing Tavia to Ray and never told her about the real reason about her parent death in the beginning. But other wise he mostly just keep an eye on Tavia and protect her from far. He never saw the real deal of his godfather Tou Ying Long [Felix Lok]. His fighting seen just glue you on to the tv/computer screen. His sad eyes when he see Suet just want to make you break down and cry. Steven was amazing in here. Awesome job and can't wait till I see his next series.

When the first time I saw SITS was out, I was like ok, so another ancient series. I read who's in it and the synopsis. I wasn't that interest in it. But I would have regret if I haven't seen this. I said, I'm going to watch it for Tavia and want to see the chemistry between the three. I was so happy that I actually saw this, if not I'll definitely miss out on a excellent series. The storyline was awesome. It was one great storyline that I haven't seen for awhile. Other series, you can just predict the ending, knowing who will end with whom and etc. But in SITS, you couldn't predict the ending and you wouldn't have guess who end up with whom. Sweetness just click right on to you and you have to keep on watching it. Its like a Most series you can really see whats going to happen in the next episodes. You would know whats coming, but for Sweetness its isn't like that. The storyline makes you to come back for more. They are like torturing you with the Hin/Suet/Yuen love story. Its just so exciting to see whats going to happen next. Some episodes ended with a cliffhanger and its just destroy you. You couldn't even wait to watch it. It was just that amazing. The acting, storyline, the places, sound effects, etc was great. Nothing really disappoints you. This series had exceed beyond my expectation. I wasn't expecting to be this good, I thought it was just like another TVB series. But I was wrong, it was outstanding.

I agree that some part of the series was a bit draggy. They drag about Fai and Bik's love life. They kept on dragging on Fai. They should have just end him when Siu Yuen [Devily Leung] has his baby and have him show up in the last episode. Another stuff bugged me was that they drag on the fighting scenes, the climax point of the salt smuggle thing. If they didn't drag on that part then the series would've been shorter. If Yuen "woke up" earlier, then he can defeat Tou earlier. Another part was killing Hin off. That part was like wth!!! The series was mainly like healing Hin, but than he was killed off. It doesn't make any sense. Why would you kill him off when you want to heal him. I would rather have him died from his sickness not from Tou. It doesn't make sense to me and was so upset/mad at that part. Its really unfair to Hin. He should get his happy ending. I would rather have none of them end up together, but then met at the end all together. Better than have him killed off by Tou. They want to kill him off, cause they need to push Suet and Yuen together. Then they don't need to heal him, or just have Suet not to end up with either one. The three should have an happy ending. Randomly having the third uncle show up at the end was really unnecessary. It was just really random and weird.

The love triangle was spontaneous. You can feel the pain they are going through, the sadness they feel each day. The chemistry was awesome. You just wants more of them. It would be cool if Tavia just marry the both of them. Then she doesn't need to worry about hurting their feelings. Lolz ^^ hehe, she should then they can leave in the cave, on the snow mountain. Hehe.. yes we all wish for that to happen. ^^ She still love Yuen but then had feeling for Hin. Seeing her painful face, thinking which one should she choose, whom she love the most, is just so upsetting. You can feel her tears when she cried, it just make you want to cry along. Seeing the pain the boys has everyday, just makes you want to cry too. The both of them actually thinks that, they don't deserve Suet. But didn't they just turn it around and ask themselves, does Suet deserve either one of them. Did they even ask themselves, about Suet's feelings. Why do they have to push Suet to each other? Why don't they just let her pick, which one she wants? The boys are kinda selfish when it comes to love somewhat. Yuen knows that he would loose Suet after he tell her about her parents actual deaths. Even though Yuen showed that he is upset but inside he is happy, relief that he had told her the truth. Other wise he would just have that grief in him. The chemistry between the three just glue you in to the series, on to the screen. One thing we didn't get to know is whom did Suet chose. This series love triangle is really different from other TVB's love triangles. Its just so different. In the beginning I was rooting for Yuen and Suet before I saw the series. When I was watching it, it was hard for me to pick who should Suet end up with. But then as the series progress, I was rooting for Hin/Suet ending. Well technically Suet did choose who she wants. She chose Hin, but all Hin said was "we are a fake". Once again you can see Suet painful/upset face. Suet was originally for Linda. Even though I love Linda, I can't have her in this series. If Linda was actually Suet, then we won't get to feel this strong chemistry between the three and the love of the three. It wouldn't be any different to other TVB's love triangles. Sweetness really had outshone this year so far. It was amazing. Loved it so much but pity that is warehouse. I really hope that the TVB would air this in Hong Kong. It was a waste not to air this.

I would rate this just 4 stars. Well truthfully I wouldn't say this series is perfect. Its in between, in the middle. Not bad, but it wasn't perfect. Is just right smack in the middle. The ending kinda upset me, but it was some how also an happy ending. It was like a sad/happy ending. You don't really expect what to happen at then end and stuff. And I would rate it 98 out of 100 in numbers. Yes you might think that I'm weird. I also use the word awesome to much. I'll recommend this series for a rewatch and to watch it if you haven't yet. I really wants an Hin/Suet ending but its alright. It all turn out good.

*Recommend it*

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I hope that all will go well with your family and your grandma will recover soon. Best of Luck!

Just came upon your blog. Anyways, I'm a fan of Tavia. I'm glad that you enjoyed Sweetness in the Salt, because I have too. I also cannot imagine Linda playing this role, sorry no offense at all. Anyways, just read your thoughts on this series. I just want to correct you that Tavia actually filmed this series before Moonlight Resonance. She even had to rush to finish her scenes in order to film for Moonlight.

Once again, hope everything goes well.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was not rooting for any pairing at the start (for I'm not too big a stevia fan and I wasn't really impressed with raymond's acting in other series)...but as the series progressed, I started to root for raymond and tavia. I'm glad that they share quite a lot of scenes together. Actually, more than stevia?

But I do agree with you. It's so cruel to heal him and then kill him. I've already prepared myself that he will die after the marriage and then tavia gets to marry steven. But no, they healed him! So I got really anxious as to who Tavia will pick (though the opening video gave it away that Tavia eventually marries steven). And then, they killed him. CRAP!

Well, at least we know that Tavia married him not just because she wanted to repay him. She likes him, a bit at the very least. I mean, that's why she returned to the Hu's family at the first half of the series after she got bullied by the women in the house, right? Because she heard Raymond speak of his feelings for her.

And like you, I'd rather none of them end up with each other and they all become good friends. =/ Well at least they brought raymond into the picture for the finally scene....

I'm a raymond fan now. Hopefully his next series will be as good as this, for his acting really blew me away. I actually felt pain for him when he got so ill...his acting, and the makeup artist are really good. I can't wait for more Tavai series too!