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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gigi Lai's Marraige

I was so surprise in her action. I was looking through the newspaper on Saturday and saw her news. It shocked me. I was like when did Gigi get marry? Shes marry? Who is this person? Why is he so old? Yes.. I had lots of questions and therefore no one even bother to tell me. I can't read in Chinese so I didn't know what it was saying. I just open my ears and listen to what others said about this news. I always like Gigi and I think she is really pretty too. But I wonder why would she marry someone that is way older than her? This kinda remind me of Gem, when Jessica marry someone way older then her too. I also heard that he walks with a cane, well of course he is rich. Gigi is 38 and he is 52.

Well anyways, congratulations on Gigi's wedding. May the two live happily after and together forever till old. I'm going to miss Gigi after I finish watching Gem. I will finish Gem, since thats her last series. Hope that Gigi will come back and film again.

Wish Gigi and Mr. Ma a very happy marriage together.

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