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Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, right now is like 11:48 pm my time, here in the U.S, in the East Coast. I'm up right now doing my research project the last minute. I'm actually typing this on Thursday the 26th of Feb. This month has only the 28 days. Shortest month of the year. Have you ever wonder why, February has the shortest month? I mean like why can't be March, April, or a different months? Well, ok thats not the point. Lets get back on topic...lols ^^ Really I was doing my research project right now the last minute. Yes.... this is what we do.. the last minute jkjk [just kidding XD] So, I'm sitting here panicking, procrastinating on this research paper which is due on Monday. Technically I had the weekend to do it but I want to save the weekend, so I can watch TVB ^_^ But I just found out that the paper is not due till next Monday the 9th of March. I was like, wow... I still have like a whole week to do it. And I'm like procrastinating on it right I am just sad..sad..sad little fellow...yes, yes I am. Don't..don't look at me... lol =D so yea, now I'm bored, but my thesis statement is due tomorrow though. Also another thing I'm not happy about. I mean like, am I really not good enough to play this piece in the orchestra? This piece is an piano piece and my teacher want to play it. So she cut out half the orchestra. I mean like she cut out most of the 2nd violins, but some people is like leveled with me. I didn't get to play it, I felt like I'm bad. I'm like a disgrace to the Asian I'm in the Symphony Orchestra and like the 1st violins are like for the grades higher then us. Well I'm not saying that I'm like excellent in Orchestra. I'm just saying cause we were all mad about this. Its like unfair and I guess I'm done. Well anyways what does anyone think about GOAH and E.U?? Care/want to chat about it...just post it on my cbox =] Wow, I just realized I used the word "like" so much. Hehe ^^

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