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Friday, February 20, 2009

Greatness and Step into the Past review

I'm rewatching Step into the Past and I find it really funny. I thinks funnier then I had watched it back then. Maybe because of my age, I didn't really understand it back then, now I know better...lols ^_^ Well anyways I didn't start on E.U yet, and I'll start soon. My mid-winter break is over soon. It'll be over when Sunday ends. It went by too fast ='[
I've watched up to episode 5 in SITTP and its really funny. I really miss watching Louis on screen. He is so modernized... every moves or words that come out of his mouth is funny. Especially when he talks about something that is already made and everyone was like what?? Louis bought to much modern stuff back to the past with him. Haha, is funny that he couldn't read those characters and using a wooden fork while everyone else is using their hands. Talking in English and all these amazing stuff. Talking in phrases that they couldn't understand. Its just hilarious. He even wore a t-shirt and sweats. He is funny. Step is really this funny. Haha. While watching this, it made me want to rewatch Journey to the West. Does anyone know where I can watch it? The monkey king? SITTP is a really great series to rewatch and is really funny. He is so not use to the past. And he is proud to be from the future. Lolz ^^
Well in Greatness, I saw up to episode 4. In episode 1, I think that Stephen Hyunh deserved to be beheaded. His family doesn't, even though, Wayne knows that this is coming and he try to safe him? Its not going to work and I don't really like his wife. She is really annoying to me in the series. First, Stephen had an affair with one of the concubines..[Wong Fei] well thats was not what they call her in the series, but it suppose to be that. [I saw the Pearl Princess..(Wang Zhu Ge Ge) and other series and that is where I heard it from....hehe, lols ^_^] Second he killed her, so is obviously that he'll get kill by the Empress. It's logic. I find the series really interesting and each episodes is getting interesting. I was like..hmmm.. Bernice and the older son couldn't be Sonija's kids. I mean like they are so big and she is so young, it would be kinda weird. Well the younger son would suits more to be her son. Lee Hueng Kam is really funny in here, I like her. She punish Kent if anything or what ever her grandchildren do something wrong. Btw who is playing as Bernice's brothers? They both look so familiar but I don't know their names. Well the older one, I forgot his name. Its just annoying me..lols ^^ I really like this series and hopes that it'll get better later on. Hope it doesn't disappoint me..lols ^.^

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Anonymous said...

His name is Matthew Ko. If u watched Steps, he is Kate Tsui's ex boyfriend :)