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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hello everyone ^^ I was thinking not to watch any new series right now, cause I don't really find any of it attracting to me. At first I might watch it or just skip it. But I'm really bored and I didn't feel like watching the Korean Drama Full House anymore. I'm leaving Monkey King Quest for the Surta and Step into the Past on hold right now. I'm going to try these new series. Men in Charge, Winter Melon Tale and King of Snooker. I'm going to see if I like it. I heard form people that, Winter Melon Tale is ok, but is funny, so I'm going to see for myself. Also for Men in Charge I was to see Leila and Kenneth love story. Its my first time watching them as a couple, so its refreshing for me to watch. Also for King of Snooker, I already had watched 2 episodes and I think is ok. I wonder whats the background of Joyce and Patrick??

Well I guess this is it. I'll be back next time for the reviews =]

See ya ^^

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