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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hii peoples =] Well I'm bored and I would like to share with all you of my past banners. I just realized I had two banners that I had used in the past but I don't have it anymore. I didn't know what had happen to it but this is all I have now =]

Past and Current banners....
[Its not that good but its good enough to show the world..lols]

Love You Forever - Current #19 Love these 4 couples =]

I would Always Love You no matter What Happens - Past #18 I kinda spell know not no on the banner and doesn't feel like to change it.. lols =]

Our Love would Always Remain in me, Even though you're not Beside Me - Past # 17

Greatness of a Hero - Past #16 Song Tin Yuk and Dik Ching Lun were pretty cute in the series

Tavia and Ron - Past #15

Sweetness in the Salt - Past #14 and YES, I'm obsess over this series!!

Sweetness in the Salt - Past #13 You can say, I'm obsess over this series.

Sweetness in the Salt - Past #12 I loved this series.

Pages of Treasure - Past #11

Gem of Life -Past #10 I made this banner to get ready in watching the series, which I had waited for so long to be released.

Happy Belated Birthday Bernice - Past #9

Chinese/Lunar New Years - Past #8

Holiday Banner - Past #7

Moonlight Resonance - Past #6 made by TVB Graphics ^^

Sweet Boscolieeva -Past #5

Love Bond - Past #4 [This one isn't really that good] I decided to make a love bond one, cause re watching Love Bond gave me the obsession over TVB. And I love this series <3

Taro and Rayda - Past #3
This is not my very first one, like I had said before, I lost two banners.

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