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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Love II overview

Finally all these at the end of the year final exams are finally over. All the regents exams and my S.A.T II Biology test are over. I'm finally free, for the summer =] I took the last exam today and hope I did well.

I had watch Just Love II and I kinda like it. But some point in the story was boring and made no sense. The part that annoys me the most and probably everyone is that why did they made Jessica and Joyce switched place?? It doesn't make sense and they could have left that part out. I just thought that part ruined the series..lols. That part really had no point into the story. Kinda after that part, the story kinda did went downhill, but I still enjoyed it =]

I saw Just Love I too and seeing Just Love II a lot stuff were change. Well like Jessica didn't really spend so much time at work in the 2nd one and she spend more time with the family. Ah B is the cutest and the best one in the series..lols. He is so cute and adorable. Some part of the story was sad but some was weird. I got to say what is up with the parings? Jessica and Sunny they are cute and adorable and I could feel that they have chemistry. Joyce and Johnny started late in the series but its ok. They are ok together too. But seriously Natalie and Casper Chan, why did they paired them up with guys that is not around their age? They could have got like Chris Lai, Stephen Wong, Fred Cheng, Matthew Ko, and some other youngsters. I don't know about you guys but I thought the paring was weird with Casper and Natalie.

I thought the story was good and it was touching and stuff. Its a good/relaxing series to watch and just keep your mind off of something. Everything went along well and the only part I didn't like was the daughter thing. That part doesn't belong. I like the 1st part and was excited for the 2nd part to come out, but seriously they don't need a 3rd part. But I doubted that they would make a 3rd part though. I'll give the series 4/5

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