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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 Miss Hong Pageant

2009 香港小姐競選
10. 李姿敏 Germaine Li

I wonder why there is only 10 contestant this year? Every year Miss Hong Kong keeps getting worse each year. The first time I saw them was on the newspaper and it scared me.... I mean like, I was shocked.. I couldn't believe that it only has 10 people this time. All of them are not that pretty and they probably would change that night when they put on make up and everything. I was just really shocked and Miss Hong Kong is just not fun to watch anymore. Most of them won because of money and other reasons. I thought a beauty pageant wasn't suppose to be like this. I thought they win with beauty and knowledge not because of money. Each year Miss Hong Kong is not that good anymore. But I like to watch it because I want to see who would win. I'm just disappointed with Miss Hong Kong this year. Hope next year would be better and more contestants. I think #1 and # 4 are pretty.. hope they will win.

Miss Hong Kong is not airing this Saturday 7/25/09, Mr. Hong Kong 2009 is.. haha sorry I thought it said Miss Hong Kong.

Miss Hong Kong is airing on Saturday 8/22/09

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