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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Threshold of a Persona - ep 17


I'm finally up to episodes 17 and I thought that the series was going well so far.... Episode 17 shocked me. I was like whoa!!! I was surprise... now we see that Patrick has feeling for Natalie and Benny has feeling for Natalie too. Also Toby on the other hand has a crush on Patrick. When Benny heard that Natalie came to find him at the law firm, his whole face lit up. That night Benny was asking Natalie out and Patrick was leaving Natalie's house. Right at the same spot Patrick saw them and his face expression changed. He got upset and walk back down so they wouldn't see him. But I felt like Patrick has feelings for Natalie but only brotherly-sisterly love towards Toby. But everything could change as the series keeps progressing down. I guess the only way to find out is to watch the series yourself.

Most TVB series, you would already know and is really obvious who is paired up with whom. But right now there are so many different possibilities. IT could be Patrick and Natalie, Patrick and Toby, Natalie and Benny or Toby and Eric? Or it could be all of them with No one. But first I want to know what character does Eric play? In TOP its really hard to know who is pairing with whom.. I like how TVB didn't make it obvious this time..hmmm TVB I really want Patrick with Natalie together. They seems cute and I some how can feel their chemistry. But Benny and Natalie are cute too. It doesn't really matter to me I guess. All we can do now is to keep guessing and watch it to find out.

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