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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Threshold of a Persona overview

I finally finish the series. The series was good but some part could be really draggy.. maybe because I saw the overseas version. Overseas version apparently has more episodes and every details. Anyways back to the series. The series was great but I guess it can do a little bit better, some of the scenes were jump. It started out good and ended good too but just in the middle it got really draggy. I took couple weeks break of it and got back to it cause I have to finish it. I really enjoy watching the immigration system worked. They went and captured so many different people with illegal passports or ID trying to come to Hong Kong and finding people working illegally. It was really interesting, some of the scenes and the actions were intense especially the last episodes. I like watching how the police force and the immigration system are out and in action, it just really intense and gets you in to the show.

Roger Kwok - Fong Tsun Kit

Roger had went through thick and thin and went through a lot of changes in the series. The first time he went to promotion interview, he didn't get the promotion because of John Chiang. John had asked him these question and I guess the way Roger answer them weren't correct. From that point on he hated him. But the second time he went again he saw that John was there again and he lost his confidence. But eventually he learned and he got promoted and gets to follow John. But as he work there, he was in another problem. His leader Ellesmere wasn't fond of him. But Roger worked hard and he went through another promotion interview but this time he finally got to be the leader of his team. Roger worked his best to get where he is. As all that was going, he found out his wife, Clarie past. Clarie left him and after he found out that she came back and she went with Kenny and also when she died, he was lost once again. Luckily Yoyo and his friends and family was there to cheer him up. But after all that he stands back up and live the rest of his life. He had went through a lot in the series and i thought that he did a really fantastic job. Probably the best of him I saw so far.

Yoyo Mung - Yip On Kei

She's the girl in the group of friends. I think she is the strongest and sweetest one out of all her friends. After she was dump again by Raymond Cho she starts to have feeling towards Roger. But she knew that Roger only has his wife in his heart, but Yoyo never gave up. She was there when he is upset and took care of him and Hei Hei when Clarie wasn't around. Yoyo cared about all her friends and especially her grandma, younger sister Natalie and her niece Sze Sze. Yoyo works hard and she was promoted to a higher immigration thing where she has to go to court for work. But this job gave her lots of stress but she never gave up. Yoyo acting was great and she did a great job.

Raymond Cho - Cheng Pak Yiu

I never like him from the start. I could tell that he'll be a bad person. Raymond was use to be a immigration person like his friends but he changed into a police. Raymond is an evil police person. He was blackmail by Suk Fu Dong and he gone crazy. He kill Clarie because she saw the cd, but he already killed Suk Fu Dong and he already too broke the cd, then there is no point of killing Clarie. I just thought that he was a crazy person.

The love triangle/square was really draggy and boring. At first I was hooked on to it but then it got really draggy. I also felt that it was jump from there. It just went from Patrick has a crush on Natalie then because of the whole box of hot sauce he ended up with Toby. Kelvin in the other hand just completed gave up on Natalie just like that. I thought it was weird and how the whole thing was jump and draggy. The whole series Kelvin never listens to his father and gets busted every time but now I hope that he had change and learn his mistake after he is released from jail. I was rooting for Natalie and Patrick but Toby and Patrick turns out to be okay. Natalie is a really talented actress and I can see that couple years later she would lead the series. I have faith in her and supports her. She did a great job in here and really had improve over the years.

At the end everyone ended up to have a BBQ together. Toby ended up with Patrick, I guess Yoyo is with Roger, Kelvin, Kenny, and Ray is in jail. It was actually a happy ending for all and it wasn't really that rush. The pairing wasn't rush either. It was slowly developed. The whole series was great and I was really into watching the immigration department but the story was draggy. The story was well developed and everyone did a great job. It was just the draggy and boring parts made me felt it was boring. I'll give this series a 4.5/5

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