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Monday, December 14, 2009

December Babies

First I'm going to say, Happy Belated Birthday to Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong!!! I hope both of you had a very happy birthday. Wish you both luck, happiness, more series, and fortune.. in your new year. Remember to give yourselves more rest and stay healthy and happy!!!

Here are the rest Artists Birthday's...
Dec 2nd - Nick Cheung
Dec 5th - Leila Tong
Dec 8th - Raymond Lam
Dec 13th - Bosco Wong
Dec 19th - Frankie Lam

Happy Belated Bday to Leila and Nick. Hope both of you had enjoyed your bdays. Wish the both of you happiness, luck, and fortune. I truly had miss both of them on screen. Haven't seen them for so long, but I had saw Nick on TVB 42nd Awards Night. Happy to see him. Every time I see Leila, she always remind me of my, they really do resemble each other.

Happy Birthday to Frankie. With you happiness, joy, luck and fortune. With the new baby coming, it must be exciting. Wish you and Kenix all the luck and a happy family =D

These were the only artists that I had know that are born in December. Each Month, I'll put up a post on artistes bday's just like this one. Next month will be January babies... stay tune ;]

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