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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Sales Presentations

The Legend of Pu Song Ling
I saw the presentation clip. Its quite interesting. I thought Fala was the Fox demand too. But it was Linda? Or it was just me? And Linda is a ghost?? Looks really interesting!! I'm anticipating it.

Twilight Investigations
I find this presentation is quite funny. I hope it turn out to be funny like this. Linda is soo Cute xD Especially with her lines saying "Ah Fung ahh, Ho leng jai ahh" Lol, it cracked me up. Can't wait to see Wong Hei and Linda chemistry!!

Five Flavors of Life
I hope it turn out good. I really happy to see Esther back. One of my old time Favourites. Wasabi Mon Armor didn't come out alive for me. I hope this doesn't turn out like that. The best food series I saw from TVB got to be 1997 A Recipe for the Heart.

Wu Zon Monk
Um.. no comment, I think it'll be boring. But maybe I'll give it a chance? But it do look really boring. Its good to see Chan Hung Lit in the presentation clip.

The Seven Days of Separation
The clip was quite funny. Lol, I'm interest in it. Hope it won't be disappointing. I like the cast. Myolie and Sammul part with Evergreen and the knife part was funny. I felt bad for

Growing Through Life
No comment.. it remind me of Gem of Life. Its talking about how they are going through life probably?? Lol...ahah, I hope it won't end up like Gem. And another Huge Family problem? Gahh... While I was watching the clip, I was like who is the female lead? Don't tell me its Toby? I think it'll be boring.

Hmm.. it has a good cast. Michael M, Felix Wong is back and Jessica Hsuan. Maybe I'll watch it for them? The clip remind me of Forensic Heroes and D.I.E combine too. Kinds creep me Yes, I'm weird.

Righteous Sea of Love
Aww.. Wayne went through all the trouble for Sheren, but she going to kill him?? IDK, it was the end with the car explosion. I don't think they die though, then the series is over..lols. TVB always have happy endings right?LOl. But it look like its killing all the cast. Hope it'll be as good as Rosy!! Hope won't be disappointing.

Forensic Heroes III
Is that Bobby and Frankie I saw?? They better be in the series or I'm not watching it!! Cause its not call "Forensic Heroes" without our awesome Dr.Koo and Tim Sir. And don't forget Yoyo!!

Here Come the Princess
I think this is BTROC II? Umm.. I don't think they should make a second version for BTROC. It didn't come out the way I expected to be. (BTROC) I thought the clip came out funny. But I'm not sure. I don't seem excited for it. but maybe I'll watch it?

The Mysteries of Love
LOL!! Haha, I find this really cute and it kind of have some Forensic in here? Fungyi parts are soo cute. Tavia is so cute and I can't wait to see Bernice and Kenneth parts too!!! So excited and anticipating for it!! xD

These were the 2010 Presentation Clips I saw. Some are really appealing to me and some I'll skip. I'm going to make the one I'm really looking forward too in Red.

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