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Monday, February 1, 2010

February Babies

Its another month..with different celebrations. Aside from Chinese New Year that is coming up. Lets start with the babies of the month. February babies!

First thing I would like to wish all of February babies a very happy birthday! Wish you all great health and prosperity. Below are the TVB babies born in February. I wish all of them have a great birthday and hope all their wishes come true. Happy Birthday!! Wish you all good health, luck, prosperity and lots of series to film. But do not overwork yourself. We'll always support all of you!!

February Babies....

Feb 3 - Miriam Yeung
Feb 12 - Selena Li
Feb 13 - Kenneth Ma
Feb 14 - Michelle Yip [even though she left TVB, she still counts as a TVB baby]
Feb 22 - Macy Chan
Feb 24 - Christine Ng
Feb 24 - Fala Chen
Feb 24 - Carlo Ng

Wish them all happiness in their new year ;]
always supports from me ;D

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