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Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Love

Hehehe.. In school today I saw my reports for all my classes except for Chemistry. Cause the teachers isn't done grading them and hope there will be a curve.. we all need it. With many hours of studying for the tedious midterm exams everything pays off. There were two grads I'm not happy about cause I felt confident... I didn't get the grade I wanted to get but its still good. For the others I'm happy about it =] Put effort into studying and the result will be happy. Studying pays off everything. I don't really want to see my Chemistry grade though =\

After starting on the fanfic Starry Starry Night [ft. Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Bernice Liu and Moses Chan.] And finally finished it in a year.. cause I let the story drag for so long. Starry Starry Night started in 2007 and finished in the summer of 2008. After the fanfic was finish, I started on a new fanfic Sunrise Secret. Which it was deactivated after a month cause I couldn't continue. Now I'm back with a new fanfic Winter Love leading Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu. [Also featuring Tavia, Raymond, Bernice and Kenneth] The story was started on Christmas eve and yes I kinda neglected it for awhile now. I kinda lost ideas, but I'll promise that I'll finish this fanfic. I couldn't find many TVB fanfic anymore on winglin. So I'll complete this and hope that all of you will support me =D

Winter Love

"I will love you forever, give me a chance"

Leading Cast
Myolie Wu
Bosco Wong

Main Supporting Cast
Bernice Liu
Kenneth Ma
Tavia Yeung
Raymond Lam

-Other supporting cast will appear as the story progresses...
Set in London, England in the year of 2007, winter of 2007. London University of England
Myolie transfer from Hong Kong University. She had transfer to London for 3 months already and still lonely.
Would Myolie come out of her shell and join the group?
Will Myolie find someone that will love her?

-I will love you forever, give me a chance-

~I know the synopsis isn't that exciting =\ hopefully the story will be interesting.. I'll make sure it does. Hehehe.. thank you for all the supports ;]

credits: Thank you to Lost Shadows and designer cuttyee for the lovely background and poster I love it!! Thank You ;]

btw on winglin my name is Boscolieeva.

Boscolieeva first work
Starry Starry Night

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