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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sorry for the delay, I'm quite busy with all the school work and exams. *sigh* school is like our whole life..lols. But I still manage to spend 45min everyday just to blog or chat with TVB Online world xD

Oh and Btw, have you guys check out Weibo yet? If not remember to head over to Annisa's Blog - Ever Star to find out the info's.  I signed up and love it..hehehe.. but it's killing my study time though.. but it good to stalk your favorite artistes once in awhile. You can literally read their conversations..ahahah.. that is what I like, but too bad, I can't read Chinese =\ I just know the easy characters so I just try so hard to read it. Hahaha.. it take at least 20 min to read one sentence -.- that is how bad my Chinese is.

Anyways I opened a new blog with the same user name and account. I open that blog to post all my fanfic stories! I'm still using Winglin, is just an in case thing, like what happen to winglin like last time and like it's more convenient and easier. Anyone has any recommendation to where I shall post my stories? Like I had said previously that I'm still going to use Winglin, but its like an extra thing on the side. Just in case anything happens to winglin.. like last time -.-

If anyone of you have a good decent site for me to update my stories, please recommend it to me ;]
And come visit my fanfic blog (haven't thought of a name yet, so temporarily is called foreverloveTVB's fanfics) ----> foreverloveTVB's fanfics [Boscolieeva's Production] 
Why does it say Boscolieeva's production? Well it because my name of winglin is Boscolieeva and I really like this user name..ahahah, and it's my stories so yup, its called Boscolieeva's production. Lols, anyways still need to think of a name for that blog and there is no story posted yet.haha.. xD Coming tomorrow!

Thanks for the help and hopefully CS review will be up tomorrow!! 

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