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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Better Half - review

Series: My Better Half
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung, Michael Tse, Teresa Lee and Mandy Cho
Producer: Tong Kei Ming


The only reason for me to watch this series was only for Maggie Chueng. One of my old time favorites, my idol before I knew Bernice xD. The series turned out to be funny. Its a light heart comedy. The series is quite funny. It's watchable and yes there is no plot with this series. It's just bunch of different comedy all mush together. There is no plot and I don't think there even a story with this..hahaha. But yes, it's passable and watchable. All the actors did well. While I was watching, not until ep 8, I think? I was that girl Grace Wong? Hahaa.. then I check the cast list again and yes her name is on there, look at her closely on the next episode. And I was like Yup that is Grace. Got to say, Grace did a great job and I find her character quite cute. She was actually a wealthy girl. But she went to work at her uncle's office as his secretary. I thought that Oscar and Grace make a cute couple. Oscar did a great job too, his comedy are quite funny xD 
Haven't seen Maggie for so long, she is still so pretty. She did age, but she aged beautifully. The whole time  I was like, omg, she is so pretty. Her skin is so White!! Maggie is still so beautiful, one beauty. Just like Michelle Yim. Michelle still looks so young and beautiful. Ahh.. I'm jealous..lols. Anyways, after many years, she still did a wonderful job. But like everyone said, Maggie is better with those sad/painful series. Comedy doesn't really suit her but she did a great job in here. Both of the Michael did great too. Michael M was actually really funny. I laugh mostly is all his parts. Hahaa.. I really love the ring tone he has xD Also in episode 1, the scene in the bathroom with Oscar, Derek, and Michael M was funny. It's really memorable. They were dancing to the ring tone while Michael decide if he should get it or not. Hahaha xD Maggie and Michael is actually does have chemistry. At first I thought that Teresa character is quite annoying, fake and I can't stand her. But as the series progresses, her character is much better. Especially when she fight with Mandy for Michael T. Michael T and Teresa did outshine our two main leads, but it's alright. Michael Miu and Maggie did a great job. I never knew that Teresa was in the pageant the same year as Maggie. And Teresa won, 2nd or 1st runner. They all did an excellent job. 
The series is actually memorable. Once in awhile I actually remember some scenes. I couldn't  believe that the divorce was that fast and short. I thought that it was something big that Maggie threw a divorce. And like the series like made a 180 degree spin or something. Cause it went from all comedy to a sad feel. Suet Nei out of know where has cancer and Maggie got a miscarriage. But I like the feel to it anyways. Umm.. what else, oh yea, hahaha.. the lending the stomach scene was funny xD. The whole series actually alright. It was quite pointless, but its a light-heart comedy and funny. There is no plot and story and the series is quite stupid, but I really enjoyed watching it and I had a great time. I miss the cast >< It was one good cast..haha. Every character in the series has their own comedy parts to it. The whole series is actually memorable, but I did skip some scenes cause it got boring..lols. At least I'm satisfied =D

Umm.. well if you want to watch something funny, go ahead. But if you all want to watch just for Maggie Cheung, YES!! It's really nothing and you can skip it but its a good laugh to release all your stress and anything thats bother you. 

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