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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MHK 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010 final will be broadcast on August 1st. Good luck to all contestants!! All of you had made it and done your parts. Now on that final stage, show your best and good luck. But most importantly have fun!! Everyone is a winner for standing on that stage that night.  You don't need to be MHK to be the winner. Relax and enjoy and have fun. =] Support from foreverloveTVB ;]

1. 黃安琪 Alice Wong 24 [Vancouver] 
2. 張莉莎 Suyen Cheung 25
3. 張藝婷 Janice Cheung 21
4. 文凱玲 Connie Man 27
5. 莊思明 Lisa Ch'ng 23
6. 林碧珍 Janice Lam 23
7. 何樂翩 Krizia Ho 22
8. 彭慧中 Phoebe Pang 21
9. 李雪瑩 Crystal Li 24 [London]
10. 馬鈞怡 Queenie Ma 24 [Vancouver]
11. 李文煊 Elle Lee 22
12. 湯寶珍 Ria Tong 24
13. 陳庭欣 Toby Chan 22
14. 李俍嬿  Kitty Li 25
15. 張秀文  Sammi Cheung 22

Thoughts: I think #8 is quite pretty in this picture. Photogenic. #14 look nice too. Wait till the final night and we'll see who is the real photogenic and beauty ;] ahahha. Oh, umm... so its look like Barbie Liu is not on here. I thought she made 

Good Luck and have fun ;D

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KAY said...

if judging at their faces atm, i like #2, #11, #8, #14, #15, also #8 has a good body *drool* XDDD