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Monday, July 12, 2010

TVB Blogs Ranks

Tavia Yeung still leading in 1st place and Raymond Lam right behind her. Congrats to Tavia, for remaing 1st for so long. I've think ever since Beyond, she was place 1st on her blog and never left that spot. Lol. She got so popular. That's my Tavia ;] hehee.. support support. Hahaha, I'm watching MOL right now and she is so adorable and funny. ;P Fung is doing a great job to for keeping in 2nd for awhile now!! Support too =] 

Congrats to Fala for coming in 3rd =] And Myolie leading in 4th right behind and Sunny 5th!! Keep it up and Support all the way. ;]

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