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Friday, November 12, 2010

November Babies

It's that time of the month again!! Whooo!! Happy Birthday to All November Babies!! =] I hope all of you will have or had an amazing day and wish all your wishes will come or came true!! ;]

November Babies
11/1 - Susan Tse
11/5 - Teresa Mo
11/6 - Myolie Wu
11/10 - Angel Chiang
11/10 - Fred Cheng
11/12 - Germaine Li
11/18 - Kayi Cheung
11/18 - Derek Kwok
11/19 - TVB 43rd Anniversary!
11/21 - Elaine Yiu
11/25 - Leanne Li
11/27 - Kenix Kwok

~~ Happy Birthday to all!! Good Luck in your careers and I will support all of you all the way. ;] Have a great birthday and hope all your wishes will come true!! I wish you all a prosperous year, film more series but don't over work yourself! Joy and Happiness all year round and forever. Do your best and we'll always support you!! Happy Birthday!!! XD

-This is a long list too! I think the List just get longer as it goes on..lols. These are the Artistes that I know off. Feel free to tell me who I had missed or anyone else, and I'll add it! ;] 

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