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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What did the Lady wear to the 43rd Award Ceremony...?

What was the wardrobe for the 43rd award ceremony?
Below are my comments (my own thoughts and there wasn't any hatred).
I rated them out of 5.

 Fala Chen
I like the color and the style. It really suited her..her image is changing. Back in the beginning, Fala wear something make her look innocent and cute. Even though this dress make her innocent too, but its a bit different. ;] Her hair and jewelries matches. And that perfect smile =] lol. 

 Kara Hui
I felt like there was no difference with this dress and the dress she wore last year. Lol. I like the color but not the style nor her hair. 

Amiee Chan 
Well.. its black again, and doesn't look any different from last year either. I liked how its halter top though. 

Charmaine Sheh
The color and the pattern designed looked the same too, but this time is long sleeves. Ahaha, I don't like it. But her hair is short and you couldn't do anything with it. So, I'm alright with it. Her jeweleries are simple and nice. I like it too. 

 Nancy Wu
I love the color and the pattern design are simple. Look at that V shape..ahaha, you can see Of course, Nancy is dare enough to wear something like that. =] 
Lol. Her hair is alright, and I like her earrings. Make-up nice and simple. 
Gorgeous. 5/5

Tavia Yeung 
Wearing something less explosive?  Hahaa... jk, she was covered last year too. I loved the color and love the mermaid dress. And especially the jewels on it. Her jewelries is nice and hair alright. Really love the dress. 

Michelle Yim
Love the color and the style and her jewelries. Hair matched her... haha.

 Selena Li
Color and style gorgeous. Jewelries simple and elegant. Not a fan with the hair though. 
Elaine Yiu
Color? Yes. I like the top but the bottom.. its alright. Her jewelries simple and easy. Her hair is alright too. 

Linda Chung
Much better as last year. =]  Love the color and the dress. But not a big fan with the ruffles. Lol. Jewelries are nice and elegant. Her hair is nicely up in a bun.Make-up simple. I love it. Way much better then her look from last year. 

 Toby Leung
Ahhh... what happened? Lol. Don't like the dress nor her hair. 

Kate Tsui
I actually like her dress and her style this year too. The dress is simple and elegant. Hair is gorgeous with a touch of make-up. But her necklace? A bit too 

Louise Lee
Ahhh.. her dress look like a big comfy sleeping dress. But the color is nice =] lol. 
Susanna Kwan
Dress and jewelery is simple and nice. I felt like her hair is always like 

 Samantha Ko
Like the color and I think its pretty nice. Not a fan with her hair..and I think she over done with jewelries. Well maybe the necklace. Cause she is already wearing a V neck and I think the necklace shouldn't be that long. Maybe a small and simple one well do. 

 Queenie Chu
The dress is okay. I thought the dress she wore on the lighting ceremony was prettier. But her earrings and bracelet? It's alright. I like it. Its simple and her hair is nice too. 
Don't you just love her smile... I do (not trying to be a creeper, but I really do) lol. She has the most amazing smile and personality. Very cheerful and bright like that dress. I think its time for her to be promoted. =D

 Sheren Tang
Black this time? lol. I think its okay. Not a fan of the style. Like her hair and earrings but not the lipstick. 

 Skye Chan 
The color and design? yes. Earring and hair? Yes. Necklace? not really. 

 Natale Tong
Love the dress, the color, and the design. Jewelries are quite simple and so is the make-up. But the hair? um.. okay..I guess? lol. 

Pic credit to and Annie's Blog

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