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Monday, December 12, 2011

News update: Myolie Wu: With him by my side... it's such a blessing!

Pulling through 12 years, Myolie Wu finally gets TVB's TV Queen title. Over the years, Bosco Wong has given her the love and assistance she needed to get through the tough times in her career. All along, Myolie was unwilling to admit she was in a relationship with Bosco, but finally after being crowned queen, she confessed her love to the "man behind her" Bosco. Her one comment, "I know I am hard to bear, but you are also very hard to bear. I hope we can mutually bear one another" led to everyone cheering that they should get married. However, Myolie puts work as her priority and rationally expressed the award and marriage are two different matters, therefore she temporarily declines to marriage.

Myolie says: "Of course I am very happy to have received this award, but many people told us to get marry. I just feel the award and marriage are two different matters. I just got the award, wait until I do more acting first. I'm sure my fans are already happy enough to see me get the award, I don't need to get married yet! Because if I get marry so fast, I will have to play mother roles. I still want to collaborate with many good actors/ 'Man Lui' Sheren, marriage is one of the big events in life, I want to take my time!

Depressed personality and emotional

When I'm done talking about not getting married, then many people would come ask me, then what does it mean when I said "its hard to bear"? Actually, it is because of my depressed personality, I am a pesimist. I treat everything I do and everything people say seriously. I get emotional with people... I know I am hard to bear. But as an artist, you must be more worried for it to work! Because artists basically are a little crazy ('shot shot dei')! As for him (Bosco), what about him that is so hard to bear? I don't want to talk too much about other people! Let him say it himself!

Infected by Bosco's happiness

The only bad thing I exposed about Bosco was that his tongue is short! In fact, men with short tongues is not important, if he has other good aspects then it's fine! Bosco is very positive around people, he knows how to get along well with people and can make everyone around him happy. People would think he's very friendly. He's also a good actor, been a hard worker all along. Although his looks gives people the impression that he's not a hard worker, but in fact it is opposite! Also, he has many other strengths, we match. It is really because of his happiness that infected me. I am very pesstimistic, he's optimistic, so it's like one out, the other in, we balance out when we come together.

Exposes Bosco's good cooking skills

Aside from his cheerful personality, Bosco is also a good cook. He is very good at cooking. Stuff like making pasta is nothing big, even if he's making soup out of a can, he has to add ingredients. Even salt water clams isn't a challenge for him! It's because he learned cooking in the hawker stalls when he was young. On the contrary, I have very limited knowledge, so I can never enter his kitchen. Sometimes I feel useless, seeing him so good at cooking, I lose interest when I get pushed out of the kitchen. However, it's nice to have someone like him around, so blessed!


Bosco Wong: Myolie's acting isn't too appropriate

As Myolie's boyfriend, Bosco Wong's status is finally confirmed. Of course this is a happy thing. Bosco frankly said he was surprised by his girlfriend's love confession that night: "I really didn't know she would be saying that kind of stuff beforehand. She frightened me! But I am very happy for her, seeing that she got the award. When talking about being rushed into marriage, we don't have plans yet. (7 year itch?) Myolie can help me scratch it off, then no itch! We both like working in this industry, let's do more acting first!"

Myolie exposed he was hard to bear, Bosco also did not hesitate to say Myolie is too negative: "Her negative energy is too strong! Trying to kill someone?! This is something about Myolie that I think is hard to bear. Sometimes when she's acting, it's not too appropriate. I tell her, so she'll feel unhappy and start yelling! (TV Queen's acting is not appropriate?) Not sure if she watched too many Stephen Chow movies, but sometimes when she's acting, she needs some personalization. She doesn't have enough of that! It is just a type of reminder! When I feel my advices are right, I won't go and try to cheer her up. Perhaps this is called 'soft-skinned snake' (slow and cunning). If she gets upset, then let her. If she wants to yell, then let her! So that's why she said I'm hard to bear!"

Credits: TVB News World Oriental Daily and aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: I am Really Happy for Boscolie!! They finally see each other as Marriage partners and hope that they will be happy together forever!! I'm waiting for that Church Bell to Ring. LOL!!  I am happy for Myolie that she has found that special someone. And lately seeing her being happy makes me happy too. She finally acknowledge the relationship and she is SO happy. I'm happy for her.  Boscolie is definitely one of my favorite couple that their relationship had actually surface and made their fans' wishes came true. I really hope that my other favorites couples can happen too!! But even though it won't, it will always be in my heart.

My point is that, if any other of my favorite artists are dating and confirm their partners with us. It doesn't matter if their partners are not whom I want it to be. Just as long they are happy then I'm happy!! My only concern is that, I hope their partners will not use them to gain fame and hurt them in anyway!! What happen to Fung's relationship made me so Upset!! But I'm really happy for Boscolie seeing them so happy with each other. :)

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