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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TVB 2011 Awards Final Result

This year for the awards, I wasn't as hype and excited. The main reason was that the awards nominations list was just okay. Clearly I had already rented out my feelings toward the top three most exciting awards in my previous post. As I re-read the post, I sound really harsh. I literally bash everyone of the artistes and the comments were quite mean. But hey, those were my thoughts!! The result had finally came out and I'm a bit okay with it. Some were deserving and some I felt just okay. But I do feel that, the awards were definitely given out fairly!! 

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Heung Kam
-Kam Jie really deserve the award!! She had been in the industry for so long and finally the day had came for her!! I love her role in Moonlight and Can't Buy Me Love as the grandma!! :]

Most Admirable Award: "Hong Kong Back Then"
Best Host(s): Grasshopper ("All Star Glam Exam")
Best Variety Programmed: "All Star Glam Exam"
Best Information Programmed: "Water of Life" Weibo Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng
Extraordinarily Elegant Male and Female Artistes: Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu =D

Most Improved Female Artiste: Sire Ma
-I believe Sire will bring us a great "leading sister" in the future!!

Most Improved Male Artiste: MC Jin

Best Supporting Actress:
Sharon Chan
Natalie Tong
Aimee Chan
Helen Ma
Nancy Wu
-I thought that Nancy did a great job for her role in Forensic Heroes 3!! But I thought that Sharon deserves it more!! She did ran around the street with a towel (even though she has clothes and a stunt double. But still, nothing can beat that).

Best Supporting Actor:  
Jazz Lam
Derek Kwok
Ben Wong
Ngo Ka Nin
Lee Kwok Lun

My Favorite TV Female Character:
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Fala Chen
Maggie Cheung
Aimee Chan
-Wow, this result was unexpected!! I thought that Miss Koo will definitely bring the award home. But who would of had thought Si Fu took the award. But her character was likable so it didn't matter.

My Favorite TV Male Character:
Wayne Lai
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng
Ruco Chan
Michael Tse
-It was unexpected. I thought Pro sir would have taken it but it was Law Ba!!

Best Series:
"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"
"Ghetto Justice"
"The Other Truth"
"Lives of Omission"
"Forensic Heroes III"
-On this top 5 list, I only saw FH3 and GJ. Yep, what a fail, so I really have nothing to say. Of course we all know that TVB will give the award to Live because of many promotions and the 2nd movie is coming out soon. This is how you make money, TVB is getting ahead of the game. LOL. Well, but I believe that FH3 should have had won because in no doubt, FH3 was the highest rated series in 2011!!

Best Actor:
Wayne Lai
Michael Tse
Bosco Wong
Moses Chan
Kevin Cheng
-First, I'm happy that TVB did not give the award to Michael. Even though, I did not watch Live, but I did hear many complaints toward Laughing. I thought the award will definitely go to Laughing, but it didn't and I wasn't disappointed. The Hong Kongers were though hence the complaints. LOL. Probably it was bunch of "Si Nai's" Oh gosh I'm so mean xP I'm serious -_- LOL. Okay, so I was a bit surprise that Kevin won hahaha, even though he was hot to win. Law Ba was my second choice and I really did enjoy watching him!! Yes, the role probably wasn't any different from his other roles, but he did perform Law Ba with significant and power!! It was a job well done! And of course my first choice would go to Pro sir =P

Best Actress
Maggie Cheung
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Kate Tsui
Liza Wang
-Oh boy, do you guys really want to hear this? I mean read this? LOLL..have you guys read my last post? The thoughts were So Long!! LOL. Well anyways like I had said, the Best Actress Award really "sat empty in me." I really had no feeling toward it at all. I really really really thought that none of the actresses deserve this award. They should have had just left it blank. But my choice goes to Maggie because of course she is an amazing actress with many abilities. Also, Maggie is a really professional actress and take her time to memorize the script and make sure everything is right. Linda definitely have a lot more time to finally get this and so does Kate. Fala is no way near getting the award just yet!! She is just like Linda and Kate; they will have many opportunities in the future year to get it and it will be soon!! Of course Liza had already received it and so did Maggie, but hey who said you can't get another one? And of course Tavia! Yes, she is amazing!! She can pull off both evil and sweet with no worries but is it really her time this year? Not at all!! Next year, I hope she can receive the award!! But Myolie, she doesn't deserve it either, but who else will take over ah Sheh's seat right? Got to be someone and Myolie is the one that is capable to be the new Leading Sister!! I see well in her and I was happy that she got the award. It was not a surprise at all. Myolie acting definitely had improve a lot and it is her time to take up the seat!! Good Job Myolie!! Btw, I sound Really Bias. I really do think that the thoughts for this post is Really Bias!!

The award ceremony was just okay for me but it was deserving. I thought that it was definitely fair and all the artistes did a great job. The most highlight of the night was when they pronounce Kevin's name wrong for the popularity award. Imagine it was the TV King award..LOLL. I was eating something as I was watching it. Thank gosh I swallow it already or else I will be choking. I was already choking, but it wasn't the food. LOL!! Another thing, there were a lot of Bromance =P ahahahah. And I really like seeing the bond between all the artistes. They make fun of each other and it so warm and lovely!! And of course the best part of the night was Myolie speech! In her speech she mention a special person and that was Bosco. She did not directly say his name but everyone knows it was him. Myolie finally openly admit her relationship!! I cried along with her. Her speech was just SO touching and after seeing the off camera pictures, I still can't get over Boscolie!!! They are just too adorable!! When is TaRo time? When they get the TV King and Queen award? LOL. But hey, if Bosco really did get the TV King, is there really going to be church bells ringing? ;)

-Myolie's words: 仲有一個人,拍《我的野蠻奶奶》時對我好嚴厲,雖然佢同記者講話我攞獎會去廁所,但佢冇去。我知自己好多缺點,好難頂;但你都好多缺點,好難頂,但希望我哋一路頂住大家。"There is still one more person, he has always been very strict on me. When shooting War of In-Laws, he was very nervous, I don't know what to say...but a small episode happened last night, he told reporters that he's going to the restroom when I get the award! He didn't go to the restroom though. I know I have a lot of weaknesses and I'm hard to bear, but you (Bosco) also have a lot of weaknesses, you are hard to bear too. We have been bearing each other all along."

 Credit to Hyn5, weibo, and TVB News World

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