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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush [thoughts]

The finale is finally airing tomorrow (I guess it depends which part of the world you are in), Friday, 3/1612. After many anticipating moments and trying to find spoilers for the next episode; the last episode will be broadcast tomorrow and THC will be over!! I am definitely going to miss this serie. I got to say this serial is really one of the best serial TVB had made in such a long time! The script, the monologue, and the dialogue from each character were written beautifully and each character performed it beautifully. Each of the dialogue had taught us meaningful life lessons! It is just beautifully delivered!!

The two main lead definitely had shine throughout the whole serial. It was another breakthrough role for them!! I especially love how Tavia's letter to Kenneth wraps up each character and the episode nicely. It just adds another nice touch to the show.

I just want to make a little post on episode 24 and I'll be back after I'm finish with the serie.

The very end of episode 24 was very touching. I can't help it but cried along. I actually cried the whole episode 24. Episode 24 as a whole was actually really touching. The family members just want to be happy for Yu Jai. When Yu Jai reveal her tumor to her colleagues, my tear just kept coming. At the very end of the episode, Yat Kin declare his love along with a proposal to Yu Jai made me cried even more. It was very touching, sweet, and heartwarming!! (some of you probably don't agree but I guess I just cried too easily). 

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Well I guess I'll be back soon! Bye =)

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