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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daddy Good Deeds - overview...

Series: Daddy Good Deeds
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Linda Chung, Steven Ma, Ha Yu, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu
Producer: Mui Siu Ching
Scriptwriters: Leung Man Wah, Leung Wing Mui

I really didn't put an consideration into watching this series. I had no interest in it and synopsis didn't interest me at all. There were couple reasons why I had watched the series but, these reason were really dumb. One, it was spring break and I was bored. Two, I just finish watching On Call 36 and have nothing to do, so why not. Third, it was simply because its the last of Siu Ching Jie and Steven's series in TVB. Lastly, because its the last of Siu Ching Jie's fathers trilogy series and the last of Stevinda's pairing. I'm going to miss this couple very much. =\ 

From watching the serious On Call 36 and jump to watching a non-serious Daddy Good Deeds; I find this series rather dumb. Yes, this series is nothing but just bunch of laughter; I thought it was such a great idea to air this right after On Call. It helps us to relax from all those tensions. Daddy Good Deeds is a perfect series for family sitting together and enjoy and such a great stress reliever. There was nothing important or serious events happening. It was simply just laughter. Even though I thought the series was kinda dumb, I had actually grew to enjoy and love the series. I love how each of the characters had grew into a lovely bond. I love and enjoy watching the family stick together and go through thick and thin. I really had developed that emotion and bonds as I was watching the series. I felt like I also had become part of the Ko family. I was laughing when they laugh, cried as they cry. It had been such a great couple of weeks with this family. 

This family really had went through so much with each other and when the last episode had rolled around, I really didn't want to let go. I truly had grew some bonds with it. I definitely had grew into loving the characters also. I simply just love Daddy Lam whom is played by Chow Chung. He is definitely one of the amazing and best veteran actors. Hope he can get the Lifetime Achievement Awards this year or definitely some recognition. I love him from the first episode to the last. His expressions were definitely amazing and cute. I especially loved how he laugh at the last episode. He was so happy that he won some amount of dollars from the lottery which doesn't worth much. He is just such a great cute grandpa. Another Daddy I love is daddy Ko whom is played by Ha Yu. I simply love watching Ha Yu and Paul Chun playing a father figure. They both give such a warm love to the family and gives me such a warm and cute father love. Daddy Ko stands up for his children no matter what. He stays and go through thick and think with them no matter if its a happy or sad event. He didn't care if his children are running his blood or not. Raising them is most important. He didn't care if Brother Ko was adopted and he still love him as his own biological son. I definitely had felt that pain when I saw his sad eyes when brother Ko and his mom met. Daddy Ko was definitely scare that he would lose a son. I totally understand that he wants what is good for his daughter. But, I was a bit object that he didn't let Steven be with Linda. Not all men who can support his family financially is a great man. Steven is a guy that would do as much as he can to support his wife and family no matter what. But over all I love Daddy Ko and Daddy Lam. 

Brother Ko and Sister in-law Ko was pretty sweet. They step in and help their siblings no matter what. Even though brother Ko realized he wasn't their biological brother, he was still willing to step in and go to jail for the father. He does anything an older brother would do for his younger sisters. At first I thought Nancy would be those typical wife that would be annoying and going through people business. But, I was surprise that she help the family and stands in for them too. She loves the Ko family very much as well. Sister Ko and little sister Ko who are just regular little sisters and daughters that were spoiled and love by the family. At first I thought Linda was the adopted one I guess it wasn't after all. Both Linda and Cilla would step in and help the family. They have each other backs and would not let each other and any of the family members fall. First, I thought that Cilla would become an celebrity but I guess she didn't and I was wrong. I liked how she finally "woke up" and became mature. She wasn't bratty after all. Linda was simply really cute. I really reckon that Linda has the face and expressions to be in a comedy series and play a cute character; like Twilight Investigations. She was the one that definitely had kept me laughing. I like her CID position more, it definitely suited her. I liked her wardrobe but definitely dislike her hair. 

Even though I thought that Steven and Linda pulls better as a sister brother relationship, I definitely had enjoy them as lovers. I really going to miss this couple and I ship them as lovers. They are definitely really cute and adorable together. I really like Steven's interview on his three sisters. It was sweet. I was waiting for them to get together and was a bit upset that we didn't get to see them as lovers longer. I was also upset that they didn't focus on the love triangle at all. It was just like I like her and lets fight for her equally; and Steven ended with her and that was it. It was a downside but it's alright. I thought that it was kinda unnecessary to add in that uncle part. That part could have been easily taken out and focus the love triangle right there.

The ending was cute and I was waiting for the Disneyland scene. But that was just for the cast to have fun and for the promo and theme songs purposes. Definitely I love Ah Yap, we can't forget about him. I love his expressions and he was just another funny character. I laughed so hard that they thought he was gay. But it turn out he is straight and ended up with Viven Yeo. I really enjoy watching the little sub series in Daddy Good Deeds. I liked how Mui Siu Ching had showed us some talents that the artists can do. Like, Steven and his badminton, Linda with hoola hooping. Cilla and Edwin can sing etc. I like how they had incorporated so many of past works from Mui Siu Ching and many of guest appearance. The guest appearance were willing to take part because they want to be in the last production of Siu Ching jie. It was sweet of them and Siu Ching Jie. At first I thought the rhyming and finishing each other sentence was annoying but I got used to it. And lastly I was happy for a good result and a good rating. It was definitely one good present for Steven and Siu Ching Jie. 

I definitely wish Steven, Mui Siu Ching and Lau Ka Ho all the best!! I'm going to miss them as they are my favorite producers and Steven as one of my favorite actors. Definitely my favorite part were the Ng clips at the end! It was definitely funny and a good way to end the series like that! This was the last series of Stevinda couple as their first series together was Virtues of Harmony II. Linda's first series into TVB was with Steven as Steven's last series with TVB was with Linda.

You don't really need to watch this series at all. It's an easy skip, but, if you have time and want to relieve some stress definitely watch it. I guarantee your stress will be somewhat gone in those 45 min =P 

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