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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News Update: Steven Ma: Most Worried of Linda Chung Getting Bullied!

Steven Ma is a singer turned artist, who entered TVB 19 years ago. Eventually, Steven reached up top becoming one of the first line TVB Siu Sangs and has filmed countless series over the years, but didn't really have rumors. He has a deep relationship with the three FaDans Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen and Linda Chung. Due to having rich life experiences, Steven often coaches the three girls and unconsciously took on the role as their Big Brother.

(Steven speaks...)

Over the years that I've been with TVB, aside from my three god-sisters Tavia, Fala and Linda, many other artists including Kenneth Ma calls me 'Big Brother'. However, I get along most with Linda, Fala and Tavia, we have collaborated the most and have the most fate. When I first met Linda, it was in 2004 when she was shooting her first series, Virtues of Harmony, she played a couple with me. In 2007, Fala played my little sister in Steps and in 2009 Tavia collaborated with me in Sweetness in the Salt, where we played a couple and started getting more familiar.

A good Listener who can keep secrets

Although we never formally became god-siblings, we have a very good relationship. We often chat and I'm more than willing to help resolve any problems they might have. I admit that I am very good at keeping secrets. Whenever they have something to tell me, I will just sit back and listen. Even if I do give them advice, I would turn around and forget it. Once my little sisters finishes venting, then they'll be ok! And whenever there are things they want me to help deal with, I would really put out my heart to help them. I believe it is because of this that they were able to put down their guards towards me. Earlier on my birthday, my three sisters came to celebrate with me too!

I've once said to them, if they ever encounter someone bullying them, then must speak up. I won't let anyone bully my sisters! Although I'm not a martial artist, I will help as much as my capability allows me to. I will pursue justice without any second thoughts and just go help them. This is my promise to them!

Praises Tavia has a very good brother feel

In fact, they all give me a different feeling. Ah Yi (Tavia) is a very independent woman and also has the least problems among the three. I don't need to worry about her! She is a person that will come running to me when she sees me from a far. Compare to the other two sisters, her personality is much more tomboy, and is rather mature. Our relationship really feels like brotherhood, haha! Although I don't get to see her much, I still love her very much.

Fala appears like a little girl in front of me, but she's a very straightforward person, so much that she may even offend people and won't know. I've seen her relationship with reporters not go so well before. Her communication style with the media is a little strange... so I often try to advise her as a big brother. For example, the tone she uses is not too good, I would tell her to change the way she expresses herself. Fortunately, she listened to me and has really reflected on herself based on my advice. Because artists' relationship with the media can be considered closely related, we must mutually show understanding and provide support. For whatever it is, we should not be too stubborn! Recently, I have seen improvement from her. Last week, I talked to her on the phone and told her my experience, that others may not accept your first reaction! Although it is said in order for a person to be slick and sly, they must lie, but in fact I cannot accept that. I will choose another method to handle this: I choose not to say it! Then I don't have to lie.

Urged repeatedly to maintain a pure heart

I know Linda the longest, but she is actually the one I'm most worried about. One time, she messaged me on Weibo and told me that she's a big girl, but I am still worried because Linda is too naive, too simple and can easily get bullied! It's fine working at TVB, a 'greenhouse' that provides maximum protection, but if she were to head out to work elsewhere, then it will be difficult. I watched Linda come into this industry back then. One day we were having a meal together, and I urged her whatever she learns to do, do not learn to be bad, don't do 'dirty' things. Must maintain a pure heart. Linda has been able to do this all along, and has been improving on her acting. I am very grateful. Perhaps, I am used to looking after my siblings at home, so my words may sound a little old-fashioned and feel like a father, but I am fortunate to have found three sisters that I could respect and love, and vice versa!

Aside from my beautiful god-sisters, I actually have three good brothers too: Evergreen Mak, Dexter Young and Lam King Kong. We have known each other for a long time and often hang out. They slowly became like family.

Evergreen and I have a deep relationship, which started when we did 2002's Where the Legend Begins together. Dexter got married in July, and of course he invited me to his wedding. That time I was shooting in Mainland, but I made time on my schedule to come back for his wedding no matter what it took. As for Lam King Kong, I also have a deep relationship with him. Our relationship may not be known by all, but people in the industry always say "there is no true relationships in showbiz", I think we broke through this saying. It's just that those people who says that, haven't encountered a true friend yet or perhaps they aren't willing to put their heart out to communicate with others. In fact, artists may not necessarily be 'fake' people!"

Steven said Fala's personality is too straightforward, but Fala in turn greatly praises her god-brother. As an independent girl, Fala frankly said she had always been desperate to have a big brother. After coming to HK and meeting Steven, she laughed and said her wish 'half came true'. Fala said: "At the time, when I participated in Steps, I was one of the newcomers. Whatever he believed this little girl lacked...he would give me advice, especially on life principles. There are many things in life, he taught me to tolerate. When encountering such situation, I cannot just jump out and keep talking, being too straightforward can really offend people without knowing it. He's got a good social circle in this industry and experienced, of course I would listen to his advice. I'm also very thankful that he teaches me on how to handle things in life! I even told my mom about this big brother. Earlier at the Ghost Writer promotion, my mom came to HK to support me, and saw him there too. Although we haven't officially became god siblings, our relationship is still maintained well. Our interaction is very true and real. I know my brother doesn't care if its official or not!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
Lynn @ TVB Horizon 
Thoughts: This is so sweet!! It was one of the most sweetest thing I had read from the entertainment circle. I am happy that the four of them love each other like "blood" siblings. Even though they are not "official" god-siblings, they treat each other with love and respect. Steven loves his three sisters dearly, stands up for them, and would do anything for them!! I want an older brother too (always wanted one) maybe I should go and look for one too. And in return the three sisters treat Steven with respects and listens to him. Such a loving siblings!! =) 

I thought that Linda, Tavia, and Fala are really lucky that they had "found" their brother. They are really lucky to had met Steven. Steven is truly an amazing person and he put and uses his heart to help others. He is wise and he is always there for his sisters and others no matter what. Not everyone will take time and use their heart to speak and tell you the truth. So that is why I thought the three girls are definitely really lucky to have this brother.

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