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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News Update: Gigi Lai announces that she is pregnant with her third child

Congrats! 40 year old Gigi Lai is pregnant again! Yesterday she personally announced the good news on Weibo and thanked all of her friends and fans for their good blessings. This time, it is suspected that she's trying to go for a 'Dragon boy' and possibly get another set of twins.

July 2010, Gigi had twin girls with her businessman husband Ma Ting Keung. After having her two daughters, it was rumored she wanted to go for a boy and hired a famous doctor to help her with artificial insemination (IVF). Last month on the 21st, it was reported she's 3 months pregnant via IVF and was rewarded by her husband with a mansion in Clear Water Bay. At the time Gigi indirectly denied that she's having babies because she's materialistic, and expressed Mr. Ma loves children. She promised: "If I'm 3 months pregnant, I will definitely let you all know!"

Gigi kept her promise and announced on Weibo yesterday at 11am: "I am very grateful! Yesterday the doctor confirmed that I'm pregnant!" She attached a photo of herself smiling sweetly.

After Gigi announced the news, last night there were over 15,000 re-posts by fans on Weibo and nearly 10,000 comments. Fans were very happy for her and sent their blessings, hoping that her wish to have a boy comes true and that she really does have twins again. Good friends from the industry sent their blessings as well including Cathy Tsui, Christine Ng, Gillian Chung, Yoyo Mung, Monica Chan and more.

Gigi was especially happy and shared a sample of her delicious food on Weibo. In the photo, there were several different cakes and high-calorie cotton candy, she laughed: "I finally have an excuse to eat a piece of cake!" Ada Choi told her: "Eat more! Eat my share too!" Gigi quickly responded: "Sure."

The other day, Gigi also shared a photo where she and her twins were playing at the theme park. "I like the innocence, sincerity and simple-minded thoughts. The more simple a person is, the happily their lives are!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Lynn @ TVB Horizon
Thoughts: Congrats to Gigi with her third child!! Ahh...I'm so happy for her and she looks so good =] I miss her and wish she can come back on screen one day again!! Congrats to Gigi and her husband and I wish them all the best!! =)

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