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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top Ten themesongs...

There are many songs that I enjoy very much from TVB. And yes, I have a collection of theme and subs songs. What song do I listen to in my daily bases? TVB songs, they are the only songs that is in my ipod. I want to share with you guys my picks of TVB top ten songs and from those top ten I'm going to chose top 5.

I'm very interest to know what are yours top 5 or 10 favorite songs. Share it on the cbox or as comment of this post. ;]

Wars of In-Laws II Sub - Thankful of Meeting you 
By: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu

~This song is simply just very sweet. The harmony of their voices balanced so well and the lyrics is just so sweet. Every time when I hear this song, I smile. Why? Because this song brings back a lot of memories and images of Boscolie would pop in my head. Ever since the couple had reveal that they were dating, they were glowing and gleaming. I wish them the best and wonder if they would use this song on their wedding day?~

Love Bond Sub - Words from My Heart
By: Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Bernice Liu, and Moses Chan

~I love this song and the series!! All time favorite!! The voices of the four balance and transition so well. When ever I hear this song, its just brings back lots of memories.~

Life Made Simple Sub 
By: Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan

~This song is so sweet. I never knew that Jessica and Roger's voice matches so well!! I like this better than the theme song. I felt like the theme song sound more childish; maybe because Roger used a child like voice to sing it?~

Triumph in the Sky Sub - I Don't Love You
By: Flora Chan

~One of my favorite song of all time!! I love Flora and she is so talented!! This song has so much emotion and the lyrics are just so strong. A very good song.~

Revolving Doors of Vengeance - Scheming Heart
By: Hackeen Lee

~Hackeen Lee, one of the singing king. Amazing song and lyrics and fit the series perfectly.~

Eternal Happiness
By: Kelly Chan

~Kelly Chan, Hong Kong's CantoPop Queen. This song was just amazingly done and I just like it. It has a nice tune and transition nicely.~

When Heaven Burns Sub -Young Ignorance
By: Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, and Bowie Lam

~This song was done perfectly fit for the series. A very different song that was produce by TVB. I love the transition of their voices, the drums, and the guitars. It definitely have that feel.~

The Hippocratic Crush - Serial Drama
By: Joey Yung

~One of the best theme song that was produce this year. The lyrics was strong and powerful. Perfectly fit for the series and the two leads. The lyrics were really meaningful and Joey had sang this song with lots of power and emotions.~

Point of No Return 
By: ChiLam Cheung

~Always a favorite~

Silver Chamber of Sorrow - Accept Fate
By: Ivana Wong and Ka Ying Jie

~I love the voice over and the actual song. The transition was so beautiful and the lyrics were beautifully written. Very meaningful.~

From the list above, I'm going to chose my all time favorite top 5.

5 - Words from the Heart
4 - I don't Love You
3 - Serial Drama
2 - Point of No Return
1 - Accept Fate

I'll be back with a All Time Classic Theme song.
Stay tune~~

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