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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Okay, I'm pissed at TVB!!! 
Seriously, you're deleting one more episode of Witness Insecurity just because of Ghetto Justice???
What makes you think that Ghetto Justice II will be a hit just like the first one?? (well maybe it will) But, seriously, WI already cut down 8 episodes!! 
Oh gosh come on TVB!!  Stop with you Politics and Stop trying to trash everything Mrs.Lok!! 
Seriously, they need to realize what viewers want and what artistes need as well!! 
They need to realize what couples are so hot and hit right now!! And if  they are pair for a function or another drama, it will boost the ratings and definitely bring more money to TVB!!
But I really don't understand what TVB is doing right now?!!? They think they don't have any competition?
Wake up TVB!! Look at CTI!! They have all those artistes that you guys had trained!! They have all those artistes that Has So Much Talents!! Do you really think you have no competition?? 
I'm actually happy that CTI is coming to production because then TVB can open their eyes and challenge CTI!! 
And I think that TVB need to open their eyes and see what we want!! And not just be blinded with the politics!! 
Yes, TVB Love to release the series that it has their favorites and release the series that they hated in a bad time!! But seriously I'm so upset that WI had gone down to only 19 episodes!! =\ 
What are you doing TVB?? I still Love you but but you need to change!! 
I know..change the executives xD that's right xP


Anonymous said...

Ghetto Justice II is airing next Monday night, the Olympics opening ceremony is on Friday so maybe TVB was making room for the Olympics coverage... I guess TVB did not want to directly compete with the opening ceremony so they've decided to air a 2hour finale on Thursday night... no biggie!

foreverlovetvb said...

Hmmm..I thought TVB couldn't host the Olympics? I read it on a news some weeks ago? I guess that changed? Yea WI will have a two hour finale, but it is cut down an episode. Because then originally they will have two hours finale for ep 20. Okay, I'm not sure if I'm right but I guess your right!! =] but then I'm also ranting on how TVB is being all ajkgakjghjdkagdgh up right now!! *sigh* =\

Lily Lee said...

From what I feel... TVB is no competition to CTI. City Telecom puts the artistes and series first before anything. Safety, support, encouragements are all there. They even have training before scenes which I bet never happened in tvb before, that's why so many artistes got hurt filming with tvb.

foreverlovetvb said...

@Lily - yea you're right. CTI cares for the artistes first, that is why so many artistes had move from TVB to CTI!! I'm pretty sure CTI will be a hit and popular in the future just like with TVB now.