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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Heart Had Just Broke into Millions....

I'm not a fan of them individually, but individually they are one of my favorites!! 
Ever since I had watch Wars of In-Laws I back in 2005, I had already boarded the Ship. 
They were one of my favorite couples along with BerMo, RayDa, TaRo, and now KenTa. 
I know that BerMo is not happening and I already gave that up, but forever I still love them. 
RayDa is such a cute couple, but they have a minimal chance of being together. TaRo probably won't happen. KenTa are perfect for each other. They might happen or might not. And I turn to Boscolie. 
I put so much feelings for Boscolie because I do hope that they will be true. 
Throughout the years, I love watching the teasing from colleagues and others. 
I pray and wish that they will be a real couple. 

I still remember the day Myolie indirectly announces the relationship. She was tearing, but very happy. Bosco smiled throughout the whole thing and everyone was rooting for them to get marry. 
Ever since then, I can see that both Myolie and Bosco blooming and glowing in their pictures. They were so happy and no words can describe them. Every time I saw those pictures I smile really wide because I am happy for them and know that they are really happy. Interviews came out and we can see that Myolie had finally found her love and she is glowing and blooming into a beautiful flower. 
I couldn't describe how happy I was for her!! Bosco bought a car and a house under Myolie's name as a sign that Myolie will become Mrs.Wong. Bosco had already plan everything out. He already had plan the future with Myolie. They were going to get marry!! Bosco was going to hit the Big Question!! They were going to live in a penthouse with their dogs and cats and kids. Bosco had everything planned out but everything just collapses. 

I still remember that very day when Boscolie wedding shoots came out!! I was fangirling over it and couldn't help stop smiling!! When they announce that they were officially dating, I couldn't help stop smiling. I put more and more hope into the couple because I know nothing will come between them!! They were meant to be and everyone was so happy for them!! I know that this couple will be the only couple on my list that will be together forever till old and have a happy ever after. I know that these two will be real and get marry. 

But then........ I had read this news today...
I thought it was a joke because its just is. And then I found out it wasn't because it was on weibo and they each have an interview about it. And I realize it was real. I didn't know that this news will hit me so hard, but it did. I couldn't let it sink into my head and I couldn't believe that two celebrity couples breakup will give me such an reaction!! I couldn't held into my feelings and I'm crying even more as I'm typing this. I really don't know what to do and what to think. 
Should I not believe it and continue to live in a perfect world? or Should I really accept the news? 
I'm really torn and depress right now. I can't even express the feelings. It was definitely heartbreaking and I was SO Shock with the news!! I didn't expect them to breakup and I just couldn't accept it!! 
NO!! I will never accept it!! Boscolie is FOREVER Together!!! 
I really need A LOT of time to sink this in. 

But, do you know what really made me cry even more? Myolie's pain and fake smiles!! She tried to hold in her pain and put on a fake smile. It wasn't the same smile as before!! Before her smile was so beautiful and wide and now its full of pain and sadness. Another is Bosco's depression!! 
He is in Mainland filming and friends had flew to Mainland just to cheer him up. All I know is that Tang Chi Wai went not sure who else went. All Bosco is doing right now is crying and crying and crying. He tried to reconcile with Myolie, but it didn't work. He is SO Depress right now!! 
His words made me even cry more... 

Virginia Lok/樂易玲 Interview:
“我覺得Bosco是好想好想和杏兒結婚, 好想開花結果的…他有這個計畫.”
“I think Bosco really wanted to get married with Myolie, he really wanted them to have a future…he had this plan.”
“他說, 要傷就傷他. 不想有任何事傷害杏兒.”
“He said, if you want to hurt someone, hurt him. He doesn’t want anything/anyone to hurt Myolie.”
“他昨晚喊得好厲害. 他說要等, 要等, 希望杏兒可以有信心.”
“Last night, he cried so much. He said he will wait, will wait, hoping that Myolie will have trust.”
“他說, 最重要對杏兒沒影響, 杏兒不受傷害. 他說, 有任何一句對杏兒不好的話, 他情願死.”
“He said, the most important thing is that this doesn’t affect Myolie, that Myolie doesn’t get harmed. He said, that if there’s ever one word thats harmful towards Myolie, he’d rather die.”  

He is willing to wait for Myolie and wait for her!! He doesn't want anyone to bash Myolie and keeps defending her!! He Rather to Be Hurt Himself than Myolie!! Myolie was His Everything!! It was the Only person he loves the Most!! 

Where can we find a boyfriend like that now? 

Myolie is definitely very lucky!! And we can see that both of them Still LOVE Each other SO Much!! They still care for each other!! I know that the Ship Boscolie DID Not Sink Yet!! There's a hole somewhere and it will be fix soon!! And Soon Ship Boscolie will be sailing again and it will sail the fastest of all Ships!! 

I had boarded the Ship Boscolie and I will go along every way with it!! And I believe it will definitely be back in no time!! 

This news had definitely hit me hard and I'm really torn and heartbroken!! I know that there are Myolie and Bosco's fans out there are really happy that they broke up, but how can you be happy like that? You're happy to see your idol cry and depress everyday? How selfish and cruel!! 

I can't believe that eights years relationship became like this. I truly thought that nothing will break them up!! I guess every relationships has it obstacles and I know that Boscolie will get through this obstacles, this challenge, and back together again!! 

We are an outsider and we don't know what had gone wrong!! We shouldn't be bashing on them right now and we should give them our support!! We are all here to support them and please do not bash them anymore!! It's just going to make their heart hurts even more!! Please just love them and wish them all the best!! 

All I'm hoping is that I can see the old Myolie and Bosco soon!! I want to see the cheerful and crazy Myolie and Bosco!! I want to see that beautiful smile again!! I'm wishing them all the best and I know everything will be normal again!! 

They had broken up for a month and still they are in a depressing mode. They said it was a mutual breakup. They had agree to it, but we can see that they still Love Each Other and Cares for Each Other!! So please give them time for them to sort things out!! They are both big boy and girl now, they can get through this!! All we can do is to Support them and not Bash them!! And please HK Media leave them alone!! Let them be!! 

And one thing its pissing me off is that Mrs.Lok is using this as a promotion for GJII!! 


All I wish is that Bosco and Myolie will be happy again. And No Matter What, I will FOREVER Support Boscolie!! 

And I will wait to board Ship Boscolie again!! I will wait for it and wait..just like Bosco will wait for Myolie!!

Forever Boscolie!! <3


Ginny said...

This is so sad :( I'm not a huge fan of them...but I still think they were so cute together...

foreverlovetvb said...

yea it is =\ such a pity!! They were so promising and everyone was shocked and hurt!! I wish them all the best and hope that they can solve the problem soon!! So they can be together again =D