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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Update

Okay a quick update. 
I am back from my away. I went to visit my cousins and ended up staying an extra day. lol. 
But, I am back home now and back in action. Have lots of series to catch up!! 

I want to write another new fanfic story and yes I know I still have the other four to finish. 
But, this just pop up in my head and the idea need to be written down. Lol. 

So, I'm pretty sure everyone had watch the classic Korean Drama - Boys Before Flowers right? 
And in that drama there's four really rich guys and one really poor girl. 

Okay, a little biography of the character.
Geum Jan Di played by Ku Hye Sun
Jan Di is the headstrong daughter of a dry cleaner. While on a delivery run to Shinhwa High School, she saves a bullied student from committing suicide. Jan Di is offered a scholarship to attend the prestigious school, and ends up getting on the bad side of Gu Jun Pyo.
Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho
Jun Pyo is the leader of F4 (the most popular guy at Shinhwa High) and heir to the Shinhwa Conglomerate. Being the hottest of the group, he torments Jan Di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling for her instead. In the end of the drama, he was portrayed proposing to Jan Di. He was involved in a car accident that caused his "amnesia". 

Yoon Ji Hoo played by Kim Hyun Joong

Ji Hoo is a member of F4 and grandson of the Korean former-president. His musical talent catches Jan Di's attention and she begins to develop feelings for him. In the end, he developed feelings for her. He was involved in a car accident which leaves him the only survivor for his both parents have died in the accident. He has a "Driving Phobia" due to the accident.

So Yi Jung played by Kim Bum

Yi Jeong is F4's Casanova. He is a skilled potter and his family owns the country's biggest art museum. He eventually changes his playboy ways when he realizes that he is in love with Chu Ga Eul.

Song Woo Bin played by Kim Joon

Woo Bin is known as F4's Don Juan. His family runs a large construction company and has important connections to an underground organization, hinted to be the mafias.

Chu Ga Eul played by Kim So Eun

Jan Di's best friend and works with her at the porridge shop. She eventually told So Yi Jung that she liked him and he, eventually, reciprocates those feelings.

I'm going to re-watch this whole 25 episode drama again before I write the story. 
I want my story to be based off from it and of course it won't be every single detail. 
I'm pretty sure a lot of you had watch this drama right? 
And you know the characters right? 
Well, I was hoping that you guys would help me pick or choose the right person for 
these characters. ;]

Here's a list
 -Linda Chung 
-Tavia Yeung
-Bernice Liu 
-Myolie Wu
-Fala Chen
-Kate Tsui
-Kenneth Ma
-Bosco Wong
-Ron Ng
-Moses Chan
-Raymond Lam

I want the right person to fit those roles. 
I felt like Linda is perfect to play the role of Ga Eul because Linda give me the feel 
of innocence and sweet just like Ga Eul. 

I think Tavia would be good for Guem Jan Di. What do you guys think? 
Bosco give me the feeling of cool and mafia like so I thought he would be good to 
play Woo Bin but, Ron is good for that role as well. 
Bosco and Ron can also fit the role of Yi Jung, the playboy and have a relationship 
with Linda or whoever play Ga Eul. 
And Raymond is perfect for Ji Hoo, the sweet, caring, and charming guy. 
And I really don't know who should play Jun Pyo. Kenneth? 
I don't know, I guess who ever is chosen to play Jan Di.

Well, this became a long post. oops..sorry. Please help me ;] 
and p.s. I updated EternityBT. Head on over -->

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