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Monday, July 30, 2012

Thoughts on my mind...

First thing, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and I will be replying to all of your messages late!! I'm sorry about that ><

I'm actually not home this week so I do not have my laptop with me. So that is one reason...I'm typing this on my phone right

Anyways I heard that WI has ended and it's indeed 20 episodes, but the ending was a heartbreaker. I haven't watch it yet and this is such a sad news. :( I guess no happy ending for BoDa?

I haven't been watching any TVB lately and I will resume after I get back? Hopefully I will =\ But seriously I'm a bit down and still upset over the fact that Boscolie had split. And it was the same week that WI ended with such an depressing ending. And all these are combine to one whole thing and it just made me depress even more.

I have a different feels and thought towards WI and Kingdom RPG now, but then I can't really say much since I'm no where near the end!! And on top of all this, I'm disappointed with TVB!! I don't know what to think about TVB anymore and I really don't have the motivation to continue nor to finish watching the series. I seriously don't care right now. Maybe I'm busy with something else and I'm away and the fact that school is starting again? I don't know actually.

I know that Miss Hong Kong is airing soon and it's always a show that I most look forward to each year, but this year I can really care less about it. I don't think I'll watch it? I don't know. -sigh- And oh yea, what is up with all these news? What is going on with the first line Siu sangs?

Boscolie break up is such an devastating and depressing news. And now with all these news on the Siu sangs it just made me don't know what to say anymore. I felt like the media is throwing fire at TVB right now. And with all these made up news, the media is really not helping Boscolie at all!! Why can't they just leave them alone and let them solve the problem themselves. Oh and I know that there are some of Myolie and Bosco fans out there, that are still bashing them. Why are you calling yourself a fan if you're bashing your idols? It doesn't make any sense. I'm not their fan and I don't go and bash them around!! It's hurting me to see that people are bashing Boscolie and it's not helping them either!!

We don't know who's wrong and who's right! We're an outsider and we should stick and support them and not blame either party. It's their business!! And they have the rights to not say anything and why they breakup at all!! They don't need to tell us everything or anything!! They are normal people just like us!!

Anyways, the series that is lined up for next year is really just... -_-

And this became another rant..oops :P

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