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Monday, January 21, 2013

New Layout + Banner

New layout and banner ^^ 
You guys like? 
Do you guys think that its too cluster and messy? 
I really like the colors though hahaha. 
Well anyways, let me know and I'll change it somehow! 
Hmm, so winter break is finally over for me. I'm going back to school tomorrow. 
Spring semester lets go!! 
I'll try bestest and hardest to update! 

I'm done watching Missing You (TVB) 
Watching Friendly Fire (how many eps is this?) 
Like I had said previously, I'm just going to begin with the 2013 series. 
I'm not going to finish watching 2012 series. Maybe one day I will 
when I am absolutely bored, but for right now..nah. :P 
Started with Inbound Troubles 
-Its alright. Is Joey Meng the female lead?  

a lot of posts I want to do but a bit too lazy to blog it. -_-" I know! 
*The Six Fadans (yes, Bernice included) 
*a small comments post for 2012 awards
*2012 themesongs
*Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!! 


Rachel said...

ooohhh looking forward to all of your upcoming posts! :) glad to see you're back and blogging! i'm especially excited for your 6 fadans post including bernice! hehehe

Lynne said...

Wah! 6 fadans?! :D definitely looking towards that one the most! hehe

foreverlovetvb said...

Rachel & Lynne: Hehehe you guys are really excited for that post! I am too hahaha.. stay tune ;)