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Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 Favorite Theme Songs

"Final Blessing" - Bosco Wong

I'd fell in love the first time I heard this song. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved the chorus, lyrics, and the melody. No words for it, it is just pure beautiful. But I can't help to think that he is singing this song out to Myolie..LOL! (-sigh- hope one day they will get back together? Still have a chance?) He really sang this song with lots of feelings, I can feel it...haha. 

"A Change of Heart" - Niki Chow 

I don't know, but just something about this song that I really like about. The melody is actually pretty nice and smooth and kinda creepy..hahaha. But I really enjoyed it and I'm a fan of her songs! It's a pretty interesting song and it fits the serial nicely. 

Sergent Tabloid theme - Niki Chow and Michael Tse

I really like this song. The melody and everything is really nice and smooth. It fits nicely and of course it is sang by Niki Chow! Hahaha.. Niki also sang a solo of this song. 

"Little Something" - Mag Lam 

Love love love this song once it came out! It is beautiful and amazing! I actually find Mag has a really strong voice. Her voice its actually powerful and I am amaze! I know this song is softer, but I did listen to her other songs and it was powerful.

"Semi Mature Men" - Pal Shin, Roger Kwok, Johnson Lee, Raymond Cho

Hahaha.. this song is actually kinda nice! I like it and its enjoyable! 

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