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Friday, April 17, 2009

Philip Wei & Linda Chung song

Heyy everyone ^^ Everyone must had heard about the Radio Drama starring Linda Chung and Raymond Lam. The drama name is called "Legacy of the Divine Tarot [情情塔塔] I haven't hear the drama yet myself, but I know it would be a good one. Its Raymond and Linda, RayDa!!! Lols, this remind me about the TaRo one. TaRo radio drama is called "28th Floor Romance". It was sweet and adorable. I was thinking, Ron and Tavia had sung a song for the drama, so Linda and Ray should sing one too. I was hoping it would be Rayda, but to my surprise it was Philip Wei and Linda. Its my first time hearing Philip Wei name and he is one of the singers... I guess. Cause mostly I know more about the artists that is in TVB and acts, not really on to the cantopop side. Philip and Linda, voices really match very well to this song. The song for the Radio Drama, starring Ray and Linda is called "Loves Made the Heart Hurts". Its really sweet and I love the song. I first heard it was yesterday. When I have time, I'll listen to Rayda's radio drama. But here is the song to the drama.

Loves made the Heart Hurts - by Philip Wei and Linda Chung

I think the mv is really cute too..lols =]
Enjoy ^^

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