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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bosco Wong

I felt really sorry for Bosco right now. It is really hard to loose a family member and its really saddening. There's so much pain and really hurt to loose someone that you really cared, loved, and close to. It's like someone just stab you deep into your heart. Its like that feeling inside you right now. Its just hurts so much. Someone that you spend most of your time with, care about and love so much just left you, it would hurt so much. Bosco must be feeling this way right now. I'm so sorry Bosco!!!

I'm sure you all should have heard the news already. It had been on the Internet and it would come out on to the news. If you were a fan of Bosco's, then you should of have known about it too. Bosco's grandmother had past away Friday, 4/17/09. Bosco was filming in Mainland, when he received the news. He had to rush back to Hong Kong, because of this and had gave him lots of stress. The stress of acting and his grandma's death. His grandma's death had put a lot of weight in him, and I hope that he'll stay strong. It's a very difficult time and situation for him right now. So sorry Bosco!!!

Bosco, stay strong and don't put too much stress in you. Don't be upset and smile, you're grandma wouldn't want to see you like this right?? Stay healthy and we would always be by your side to support you. Relax more and don't over stress yourself about your work. Stay happy and you're grandma would be always by you're side, even though she is far away from you. We would always supports you!! You need to stay healthy and strong!! I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Your grandma would rest in peace with your grandpa. They would always look over you and your family.

好好保重身体, 加油喽, 我们永远支持你!!!!
你奶奶会在天堂保佑你的, 希望你嫲嫲早日安息, 跟你爷爷在天堂相聚.

Bosco had updated in his blog, and thats is where I found out that his grandma past away. It must hurt so much to loose a love one. Bosco you've got to stay strong and take care!!! I wonder if he would have couple day off from work. He should have couple days/weeks off, its too painful and stressful. There's so much work to do and need to be done.

Bosco had posted this on his blog......

[just click on it]

Bosco, 好好保重身体, 加油喽, 我们永远支持你!!!!
你奶奶会在天堂保佑你的, 希望你嫲嫲早日安息, 跟你爷爷在天堂相聚.

credit for the news and the quote from Bosco Wong, TVB, TVB.Com/Stars Blog
left him a little note on his blog ^^ hope he can read English... but there is Chinese as well!!!

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