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Sunday, January 27, 2013

TVB 2012 Awards Thoughts Cont...

Once again this is my thoughts and opinion. Its either you agree or disagree. No need for an argument! ;]

Best Actress Award is another huge hype after the Best Actor. Ever since 2010th Best Actress award was over. I really have no idea who this award should belong to. Last years best actress award, I really felt that no one deserve this award. (You can read my thoughts to last years award here and here) But, doing some thinking and coming to a conclusion, Myolie did deserve it out of all.

To me, I think that Best Actress award shouldn't be base on only one series that an actress is getting all the hypes in. Best Actress Award should be given to an actress that had put in lots of effort and improvement in all her series throughout the years! All her hard work through out and not just one series. But after all, the award is just an 'title' and for an actress to receive that award, its just an 'beginning' to their stardom. It shouldn't be the end; it should be their next step in acting.

Each year, the HK media always write all these nonsense that the Five Fadans are hating each other and fighting for the Best Actress award. But inside they are really good sisters and friends. They are not fighting each other, they are rooting and supporting each other for the award.  And to them, the award means nothing more than just an simple accomplishment. And of course they know who truly deserve the award. What I feel like is that TVB is simply given out the award in order now. Last year, Myolie and this year Tavia. Next year, either Kate, Fala, and Linda. It just goes down the order. Hahah... well anyways, I'm saying that the award really sat empty in my heart. I have no idea who should truly get the award. 

Well of course, Myolie had received it last year and this year she only had one series. Kate, Linda, and Fala... yes, they had improved so much.  But is it their year? Their chance yet? Nope! Their chances will come soon in the coming future. But not this year! And of course, Tavia. Tavia is an actress that can be evil or sweet with no sweat. Using just that same face, the sweetness and evilness are completely different. She pulls it off without lifting a finger. Without a trouble. Tavia's emotions and expressions flows out the TV screen. They are painted out of her face and transmit on to you. Her evilness, sadness sweetness, seriousness, and comedy are all very well flown on to you. It's like something that just stick on to you and you feel it. You feel her emotions and expressions.

Although, I felt that no one 'truly' deserve the award, but yes Tavia really deserve it. It was her turn, her year to get the Best Actress. She had worked hard for it and in the future years, the other three fadans will receive it as well!

Enough said, so Congratulations to Tavia for winning the Best Actress! It was a job well done for you and nothing more! Congrats! You deserve it girl! And yah yah yah.. it is all have to do with that One Vote for all thing. But.. eh.. I don't think that really happened, you know ;P

The Fadans post will be coming soon. And that is where I will have a deeper impression and thoughts on the fadans! (Bernice of course is included ;] the six fadans!)

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Lynne said...

haha for me, I was happy for Tavia's win :)

But the one I think that really, really deserved it was Charmaine Sheh for her portrayal of Hazel in When Heaven Burns :D