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Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Banner

Woot!! I finally found time to make a new banner. I'm so happy.. it might not be that good, but I'm happy about it. I don't have photoshop so I have to use paint to make it. The Banner are featuring Gem of Life. The three sisters and their weddings. I'm quite excited for this series. Can't wait till its airs.
Hmm... I still have so much catching on to do on Moonlight. Still need to make screencaps and thoughts about it. Moonlight was awesome and definitely would win, it had blast out 08 year. best series this year. ^^

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Award List

As you all can see, TVB Anniversary is on the way again. I couldn't believe, is that time of year again. On November 19th TVB would turn 41 years. It would be their 41st Anniversary. This also means that around the 19th it would be TVB Award Ceremony. The list is already out. I would like to congratulates to everyone who got nominated and everyone for their outstanding effort. If you didn't make the list, don't worry there is always next time. Most Actors who got nominated really deserves it but some I think they are too fast. Most of them they still have time to be nominated for those parts, but I would wish all the nominees good luck.

Best Actress

  • Michelle Yim - Moonlight Resonance
  • Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
  • Susanna Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
  • Linda Chung - A Journey Called Life
  • Charmaine Sheh - Forensic Heroes II
  • Sonija Kwok - D.I.E
  • Liza Wang - Wars Of In-Laws II
  • Kate Tsui - Speech Of Silence
  • Sheren Tang - Your Class Or Mine
  • Nancy Sit - The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows

Who should and really deserve the award? I have to say Michelle. I said Michelle should win because her role in Moonlight is amazing. She was awesome. Michelle portrait her character very well. Each scene looks so real and you can just feel it when you watches her. She is amazing acting as a villain. She has the looks and everything. Its a job well done. Love her, also during the night of TVB lighting ceremony, she was gorgeous. Very beautiful that night.

Best Actor

  • Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance
  • Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
  • Moses Chan - Moonlight Resonance
  • Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing
  • Roger Kwok - D.I.E
  • Damien Lau - Catch Me Now
  • Kenneth Ma - Survivor’s Law II
  • Frankie Lam - Forensic Heroes II
  • Bobby Au Yeung - Your Class Or Mine
  • Michael Miu - Love Exchange

Who should win the best actors award. Actually I don't really know. This year I'm going for the actors/actresses who really deserved the awards. Hmm I think Ha Yu, he portrait his character very well too. I like the scene when he was blind and no matter what he has to go over to Hor Ma's house to celebrate his daughters birthday. That scene was really sweet. He went through so much trouble to find his way back home.

Favourite Male Character

  • Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance
  • Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
  • Roger Kwok - D.I.E
  • Bosco Wong - Wars Of In-Laws II
  • Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing
  • Kenneth Ma - Survivor’s Law II
  • Derek Kwok - D.I.E
  • Ron Ng - The Four
  • Sunny Chan - Legend Of The Demigods
  • Michael Tse - The Money-Maker Recipe

Wow! Again I don't know who to pick. But I guess Ray and Kenneth. Hmm to pick only one out of these two... I don't really know yet.

Favourite Female Characters

  • Fala Chen - Moonlight Resonance
  • Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
  • Linda Chung - Legend Of The Demigods
  • Susanna Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
  • Charmaine Sheh - Word Twisters’ Adventures
  • Myolie Wu - Wars Of In-Laws II
  • Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows
  • Liza Wang - Wars Of In-Laws II
  • Kitty Yuen - D.I.E
  • Kiki Sheung - The Money-Maker Recipe

Hmm.. I would say Myolie and Fala. I would also say that Linda should be in the list of Most Improved and so is Fala. If tavia was on this list.. I would so pick her. I love her character in Moonlight.

Best Supporting

  • Johnson Lee - Catch Me Now
    Wayne Lai - The Gentle Crackdown II
    Deren Kwok - Wars Of In-Laws II
    Chow Chung - Moonlight Resonance
    Kenneth Ma - The Master Of Tai Chi
    Oscar Leung - Your Class Or Mine
    Stephen Au - Best Selling Secret
    Tsui Weng - Best Selling Secret
    Him Law - Your Class Or Mine
    Paul Chun - Wasabi Mon Amour
  • Tavia Yeung - Moonlight Resonance
    Fala Chen - Moonlight Resonance
    Lee Heung Kam - Moonlight Resonance
    Joyce Tang - Wars Of In-Laws II
    Kate Tsui - Moonlight Resonance
    Bernice Liu - Wasabi Mon Amour
    Nancy Wu - The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows
    Sharon Chan - Catch Me Now
    Krystal Tin - Love Exchange
    Claire Yiu - Speech Of Silence

Best Supporting male, I would say Johnson Lee. Female Tavia, their character was awesome and they had improved a lot.

Most Improved

  • Johnson Lee
    Derek Kwok
    Wong Cho Lam
    Oscar Leung
    Tsui Weng

  • Tavia Yeung
    Selena Li
    Nancy Wu
    Sharon Chan
    Toby Leung

I would say Johnson, Derek and Oscar. They had improved a lot over the years. For the girls, Tavia had improved but Selena improved a lot. Remember this year I'm going for the people who really deserved the award. And I think Selena really deserves it.

I couldn't believe that it was that time of year again. Again I would like to congratulates all the nominees and Good Luck to all of you. Last but not least here are the Best Series of 2008!!!

Best Series....

  • Moonlight Resonance
  • Forensic Heroes 2
  • Catch Me Now
  • The Four
  • A Journey Called Life
  • The Seventh Day
  • D.I.E
  • The Master of Taichi
  • Wars of In-Laws 2
  • Legend of Demi Gods
  • Last One Standing
  • The Silver Chambers of Sorrow
  • Survivor’s Law 2
  • Speech of Silence
  • Best Selling Secrets
  • Word Twister’s Adventures
  • When A Dog Loves a Cat
  • Love Exchange
  • The Gentle Crackdown 2
  • Building Blocks of Life
  • Your Class or Mine Marriage of Inconvenience
  • The Money-Making Recipe
  • Wasabi Mon Amour

Top 5 of my choice would be... Silver Chamber of Sorrow, Wars of In-Laws 2, DIE, Journey Called Life, and Moonlight Resonance. I thought that Moonlight would be put into next years award thing. I think this would be really obvious... Moonlight is going to win. It was a big hit. Well here is the list for this year's TVB 2008 award ceremony. TVB 41st Anniversary.

Credits: KforTVB, TVB Chinese News Collection

The Gem of Life

Title: The Gem of Life
Chinese Title: 珠光寶氣 (Ju Gwong Bo Hei)
Casts: Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Maggie Shiu, Bowie Lam, MosesChan, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Lee See kei, Ngok Wai, Wong Hei, etc.
Length: 80 episodes (Cantonese)
Release Date: October 2008
Genre: Grand Production Drama/Epic Blockbuster
Synopsis:You may wish to be a famous socialite. You may wish to have fame and fortune. But is that really what you will wish for at the end?
In Pak Siu Yau’s (Louise Lee See Kei) eyes, her three daughters are just as perfect as diamonds. She believes that the greatest blessing for a woman is to marry a wealthy man. To guarantee a better life for her daughters, she has started training the girls since they were young, hoping that they will marry into the richest families when they mature.
Yau’s first daughter Hong Nga Yin (Maggie Shiu Mei Kei) does not agree with her values. Yet when she sees that the man Yin is going out with is Ko Cheung Sing (Bowie Lam Bo Yi), who is very well-off, she decides to let Yin go with her choice. Yau’s second daughter Hong Nga Tung (Gigi Lai Chi) is hopelessly romantic but does not seem to have much luck with men. To make it up to her, Yau seeks to match her up with Ho Chit Nam (Moses Chan Ho), the son of Hong Kong’s most powerful business tycoon Ho Fung (Ngok Wah). Being the youngest in the family, Hong Nga Sze (Ada Choi Siu Fan) is well aware of Yau’s concerns. Having recovered from divorce, Sze now decides to pin all her hopes on Fung.
Yau’s persistence pays off and her daughters have all found a wealthy husband, but money does not really bring them happiness and the sisters are gradually losing themselves in vanity…

I can't believe that is out. Gem of Life is finally out. I've been waiting for this series to be release for so long. I still remember when, I first heard it. I was so excited and I've been waiting for it. This series took so long to come out is worth the wait. Actually if Moonlight take longer it might even had been better. Moonlight was awesome and I really missed it. I can't wait till I start to watch it. It had made my day ^^
I hope all of you would enjoy this awesome series just like Moonlight. Now this is my 2nd grand production series to watch this year after Moonlight!! Yay ^^ I can't wait.. very Hyper right now xP