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Friday, January 23, 2015

Noblesse Oblige

Title: Noblesse Oblige
Chinese Title: 宦海奇官 (Hun Hoi Kei Kung)
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Benjamin Yeun, Cilla Kung, Lau Dan, Ram Chiang, Yoyo Chen, Susan Tse, Joel Chan, Lee Shing Cheung, etcEpisodes: 20
Broadcast: 12/19/2014 - 1/24/2015
Genre: Ancient/Comedy

Producer: Lee Tim Sing
Theme: Gossip (是非) Ronald Law, Grace Wong
Novice nun WAI-LAM (Tavia Yeung) and her fellow apprentice WAI-YU (Cilla Kung) are eager to borrow money to treat their abbess’ illness. By accident, they get to know a wealthy heir of a bank, TO CHUN-FUNG (Kenneth Ma), and are forced to become maids of TO’s family so as to pay off their debt. WAI-LAM is a highly skilled martial artist, and she constantly helps mischievous CHUN-FUNG clean up his messes. Although the two do not agree with each other, they often offer mutual support to one another at a crucial moment, and thereby, unintentionally, develop a close friendship. Later on, CHUN-FUNG gets unexpected help and becomes a head magistrate. At first he thinks he is going to move smoothly up the officialdom ladder with help and attention from his governor brother TO CHUN-MING (Joel Chan) and good friend FONG KWAI-CHEUNG (Benjamin Yuen). Gradually, he starts feeling that he is under the stranglehold of the deep-rooted political corruption and outrageous abuse of power. In the abyss of such misgovernment, he witnesses those who surround him seek personal gain resulting in a miscarriage of justice. Also, in light of this, he unmasks the culprit behind the massacre of WAI-LAM’s family which happened in her childhood, getting both him and WAI-LAM in great trouble……

Synopsis credit to K for TVB

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I changed the header and the color of my blog. 
Back to something nice and simple. 
I would like to say Thank You, to all of you for supporting me through all these years. 
And Thank You for telling me to hang in there. 

I'm basically drowning myself in TVB dramas right now and I'm telling you, 
its the only way I can escape the truth and reality. 
The only thing that I can be on my own and not have to worry about anything. 
It doesn't work with any other dramas, it has to be TVB. 
I don't know why, but I'm glad because this way I can really get my mind off things 
and I can watch TVB again. 

Although, TVB has gone down and most of the series are just ehh, I do miss 
watching TVB. And I felt like I will never be able to let go of TVB. 
It's my one source of happiness.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hi everyone, 
I am so sorry that I've disappeared off again. 
I knew this would happen. >< 
I am so sorry. 
I really miss blogging so much and I'll try my best to update often. 
Let see what I have been up to lately, 
well its winter break, but I'm taking winter classes. 
And actually a lot of things is happening in my life right now,
and I don't want to face any of it. 
I tried not to think about it, but its there and its always in my head. 
It is something that I can not avoid, but I'm trying to avoid it. 
I don't want to face it, want to avoid it. 
But some of these things are things that I can't just leave them hanging. 
Things that I can't just pretend it never happened. 
I really wish it never happened, I wish everything was a dream. 
But its not and its hurting me so much. 
I try to be happy everyday, and laugh along with my friends, but 
at the end of the day, I would be upset. 
And everything would be popping through my head. 
I try to watch tv and listen to music to forget about it, but it doesn't work. 
I feel pathetic, annoyed, angry, upset etc. 
I want to give up on everything, I want to shut myself away from the world. 
I want to just disappear and never show up again. 
I want to sleep forever because its the only way that I can forget about 
And when I wake up, all these will be there again.
I just feel really down. 
Sigh, I don't know what to do or who to talk to. 
I guess I'll just blog about it? 

I felt like all these problems are building up on top of each other. 
Slowly, I'm going to break. 
I feel really depress and this is how I felt in the 10th grade. 
I never felt this way ever since then. 
But this is exactly the same feeling I had back then. 
I tried to be happy and always laughing along with my friends. 
This way, none of my friends know I'm depress right?
I try to hide it from people around me. 
But its hard, its hurting me even more. 
I really don't know what to do anymore. 
Family problems, personal problems, emotional problems, everything problems.
Everything just slowly builds up. 
I'm tired and I'm done with all these. I dont want it to bother me anymore.
But it won't go away. I try to escape it. 
But I guess its best to face it and slowly let it past. 
Would it even go past me? 
I don't think so. 
Most of these problems has a strong imprint and even it does past me, 
it will leave a strong scar that it would never heal. 

On top of everything, I just lost someone that's really dear to me. 
Someone that is really important and very special to me. 
I couldn't believe that this person is gone forever from me. 
I couldn't believe that last monday was the last time I will see her. 
I won't be able to call for her anymore, won't be able to see her anymore. 
This news really hit me hard, but at the same time I didn't want to believe it. 
I didn't want to believe it, believe that she is gone from me forever. 
Although, that day everything stopped for me. I felt my heart stop. 
I felt the world stop, but I also realize life kept going. 
I realize I still need to live each day. I realize nothing stop, but myself. 
I lost my dearest Grandma, and I missed her so much. 
We shared a very close relationship, she raised me, and cared for me. 
She was always there for me. 
I can't believe the person I look up to, is gone from me. 
I wouldn't be able to call her grandma anymore. 
And whenever I call "grandma" no one going to respond to me anymore. 
I miss my grandma so much. 

And on top of this, the person that I like for a year and a half now is probably dating
one of my friend. 
He knows that I like him and we shared a lot of memories. 
Everyone thought we were a thing or going to be a thing. 
We were like an unofficial couple going to official. 
But at the end of last May, we sat down and had a talked. 
We decide that we should stay as friends because we have such a close relationship
that we didn't want to ruin. 
We continue to have the close relationship. 
I thought my feelings for him was gone after summer break. 
But the feelings was still there. 
It didn't change. 
Nothing change between us. 
Although, I don't see him on campus anymore cause he graduated. 
We still have those late night talks and we were still like before. 
Nothing changed. 
But lately, I think he has a different interest now. 
I think he and one of my friend might have something. 
I thought she was with this other guy. 
I thought she liked this other guy. 
I can't hate her, I can't be mad at her
because she's my friend. I'm suppose to be happy for them.
I get happy when I see her. 
She's the cutest thing ever. 
This is something that I never thought and expected. 
I don't know if its true, but from what I've been seeing, it looks like it. 
Maybe I'm just thinking too much. 
I mean, friends can hit each other up, and walks dog together...right?
  I really don't know anymore. 
Apparently, I really like him because he's always on my mind. 
All the memories and everything keep popping into my head. 
I can't let any of these go. 
I still get jealous and upset with him. 
I still get extremely happy and butterflies with him. 
He still make me really happy and make me laugh like theres no tomorrow. 
I guess I still really do like him. 
I don't know what to do. 
I guess I really have to let go... 

I'm sorry, I rambled. 
There's so many problems in my life right now and I don't know how to fix any of them. 
Well, I guess I should stop talking and see you guys soon.