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Monday, January 31, 2011

Forensic Heroes III

Due to Charmaine's injury...Maggie Cheung Hor Yi is replacing her?

I want to send my regards to Charmaine. Hoping her arm would heel fast and to rest more. Don't worry about FH3 and don't stress too much about anything. All you should do right now is to relax and heel your arm!! We all love you and support you!

I'm quite happy and relief that Mui Siu Ching chose Maggie Cheung to take Charmaine's place. After hearing the news about Charmaine, I was afraid and wondering who will take Charmaine's place as the lead. I found out that it was Maggie, I was happy! Another series for me to see Maggie Can't wait for the series ;]

News Update: Raymond Lam's Cousin enter TVB?

Since attending his younger sister, Regina ’s wedding, Raymond Lam Fung’s family photos have circulated online. Many netizens noted the physical resemblance between Regina and TVB comedian, Wong Cho Lam, and heavily criticized Regina ’s appearance.

On the other hand, Raymond’s younger cousin, Lin Xia Wei, received a high positive praise for her looks. Xia Wei’s beauty stood out at the wedding. As a theater performer at the Hong Kong Repertory, Xia Wei appeared on TVB’s The Green Room <今日VIP> for an interview earlier. Due to the public’s positive praise towards Xia Wei’s beauty, TVB allegedly asked Raymond to persuade her to join TVB. Perhaps it may be possible that Raymond and Xia Wei will form a “brother and sister” team at TVB!

Old student photos of Xia Wei circulated the forums and her star quality was obvious even in simple, everyday photos. Xia Wei possessed large, round eyes and partially resembled Lin Chiling andJennifer Tse Ting Ting.

At her wedding, Regina ’s looks were heavily criticized by netizens, leading to much unhappiness. As a loving brother, Raymond set aside time in his extremely busy schedule to appear at Regina ’s wedding. Through his manager, Cindy, Raymond posted on his blog about the incident. He praised Regina for being kind-hearted and filial to the family. Due to his appearance at Regina ’s wedding, Raymond felt disheartened that he brought upon such criticism towards his sister.


Thoughts: We can see the nose resemblance through out the family. Lol. XD ahaha. I think Fung's cousin is quite pretty. She does resemble couple artistes.

News update: TVB having a NEW Investor?

Television Broadcasts Ltd. (TVB) announced that its biggest shareholder, Shaw Brothers, will be selling its 26% stake in the company to three investors, led by ITC Corp. Ltd’s Charles Chan Kwok Keung. The sales transaction will be completed by March 31, 2011. Although the value of the transaction was not announced, based on TVB’s current stock price of $45.90 (HKD), the transaction is expected to close at approximately $5.23 billion (HKD).

Charles Chan is a Hong Kong businessman whose strength was in acquistions. The other investors who are interested in purchasing significant shares in TVB include Cher Wang of HTC of Taiwan and Providence Equity Partners, an American equities company.
TVB said that Sir Run Run Shaw will remain as Chairman and Mona Fong will remain as the Deputy Executive Chairman after the company’s share sale. Three new board members will also be nominated, including Ms. Wang and Mr. Chan, who had invested in TVB’s Hong Kong pay-TV venture earlier.
TVB’s co-founder and Chairman, Sir Run Run Shaw, also owns a 6.23% stake in TVB through the Shaw Foundation. The 103-year-old Mr. Shaw intends to sell a portion of the Foundation’s stake to an independent third party before the larger sales transaction of the Shaw Brother’s stake.

TVB’s New Majority Stakeholder, Charles Chan’s Profile
Charles Chan is a Hong Kong businessman and currently Chairman of ITC Corporation. He has over thirty years’ international corporate management experience in the construction and property sectors as well as in strategic investments. Mr. Chan, dubbed by the press as the “King of Shells” due to his acquisition strategy in building his conglomerate empire, has close ties to billionaire, Li Ka Shing. Mr. Chan specializes in acquiring companies and then selling his stake at a higher market valuations. During the dot com boom in 2000, Mr. Chan acquired Colliers International (oil and gas predecessor), to sell the majority stake to PCCW and Japanese Optical Communications. Mr. Chan once owned a total of fifteen listed companies, including Oriental Charm and Sing Pao Daily News at one point in time. Since his portfolio of companies carried a large level of liabilities, Mr. Chan was rumored to have been financially unstable during the economic recession.

Mr. Chan is married, but was romantically linked with actress, Michelle Ye Suen. The paparazzi snapped photos of Mr. Chan dancing intimately with Michelle Ye at a nightclub in 2006. Mr. Chan also had rumors with TVB artist, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei in 2006. However, Mr. Chan denied rumors with both actresses.

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Thoughts: I have up and down thoughts with this. I don't know how TVB going to be like in the future but I am clearly upset seeing TVB being sold. I always thought that since Sir Run Run Shaw retired, there will always be someone in the family taking over. TVB was founded by Sir Run Run Shaw and his brothers, I thought their sons, daughters, or grandchildren will take over and continue to run the company. But I guess not. I hope that TVB in the future will rise back up and produce more series! I just want to wish all the managements, workers, staffs, Artistes, and TVB all the best and luck!

I'm a bit afraid to see what will happen in the future. I grew up watching TVB and I do not want to see it collapse. There is definitely be changes in TVB but just hope the changes won't cause a big impact on anyone or anything. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. As for fans, we should just Wish TVB all the Best and see what happen next!

News Update: Artistes Pregnancy...?

Kelly Chen pregnant again...?
This time with twins!
 At a Disneyland promotional event earlier, Kelly Chen Wai Lam announced that she was three months pregnant with twins!  Kelly revealed that her second pregnancy was achieved through in vitro fertilization. As Kelly will soon turn thirty-nine, she admitted that she wanted to have her second child before turning forty-years old. Allegedly, it was easier for a woman to conceive the second time. However, that was not the case for Kelly and her doctor advised her to undergo in vitro fertilization.
Kelly became anxious after learning that she was carrying twins in her second pregnancy. When she was pregnant with her first son, her belly bulged forth as if it were to burst open. Since Kelly worked throughout her first pregnancy, will she be doing the same during her second pregnancy? Kelly said her work schedule will depend on the state of her pregnancy and size of her growing belly. Kelly did not know the sex of her babies yet, but hoped that she was carrying at least one girl     

Ada's Pregnant?
5 months..congrats!
 Heavily pregnant Ada Choi Siu Fun wore five inch high heels at a promotional event in Macau yesterday. Ada  persisted on refusing to disclose the sex of the baby and her due date. She noted that she will try to give birth naturally.
Ada admitted that she was suffering from ankylosis spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory arthritis which affects joints mainly in the spine. However, Ada felt that herpregnancy loosened her joints, thus she did not feel as much discomfort as most women did during pregnancy. Tabloids claimed that Ada had insomnia and extreme mood swings while pregnant. Ada said that she was affected by increased hormone levels, but noted that tabloids may have exaggerated her temperament. She has not suffered insomnia yet and slept frequently instead.
Aside from wearing high heels, Ada ’s dress revealed her sexy back. Ada laughed, “The most important thing is to look good. At least my figure is not lost yet!”

Eileen Yeow is Pregnant? 
3 months!! congrats!
Former Miss Chinese International participant, Eileen Yeow Ying Ying recently announced on her blog that she was three months pregnant! Currently filming Show Me the Happy <依家有喜>, Eileen will film Producer Tsui Yu On’s new sitcom and play the role of a pregnant woman.
On her blog, Eileen wrote, “Thanks to my friends’ and fans’ blessings! Thank you everyone! I want to share with you that I received a very precious gift in 2011: I am going to become a mother! I am very happy and hope that my friends will share their experiences and advice with me.”  Eileen’s good friends Eddie Kwan Lai Kit, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, and many others sent their blessings.
Eileen has a steady boyfriend whom she has been dating for eight years. Eileen was very happy about her pregnancy. Since becoming with child, she only vomited in the middle of the night and the nausea has been manageable. Did Eileen have any intentions to get married soon? Noting that the baby’s health was the foremost priority, Eileen said that she did not have any marriage plans yet.

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Thoughts: Congrats to all these Artistes for being pregnant!! Aside from the one I listed above, there are more artistes that are pregnant too!! Congrats to them too!! Hmm... many rabbit babies I see. ;]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Every Move You Make review

Series: Every Move You Make
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Bowie Lam, Krystal Tin, Bosco Wong, Aimee Chan
Producer: Tsui Yu On
Thoughts: Well first, I thought the series was okay. Well I enjoy watching a detective/crime/suspense series. I think its just really cool with all the action and everything. But really becoming a CID? Its.. okay, I'll pass. Lol. I actually grew to enjoy this series. Maybe because I haven't watch much modern series. But overall I thought the series was quite relaxing and funny at times. There is stupid parts and funny parts. Ahaha.. But one thing really caught me into watching it was Loretta and Lai Lok Yi. They were SO Adorable and Cute. I couldn't stop keeping my eyes off of them. They were Just SO cute!!! 

Loretta and Lok Yi - Favorite couple of the show. They really did developed chemistry together. And I was surprise, its Loretta first series and she got a lot of screen time. I thought she did okay, well since its her first series. Shouldn't be too harsh on her right? Through out the series, Bowie used a lot of girls/boys example on them. I found it funny and cute. Like in episode 5/6, Bowie ask Bosco if Loretta ever flipped her hair at you. And Bosco was like And Lok Yi was like yes, seen it all the time. Bowie explained and those two got embarrassed. And in the elevator, Loretta went to Lok Yi, instead of Bowie, Bosco, or Krystal. Because she is felt more comfortable with Lok Yi. There were many examples through out..ahaha. But I liked the flipping hair the best xD. 

For some reason, I find Aimee more likable and less annoying in here. Then her previous roles and series. She improved? ahhah. 

Well over all, I find the series nice and gentle. Even though its a crime series. I really enjoyed it and it was relaxing for me? Lol.  
Go ahead and try it, if you have time. ;] 

What did the Lady wear to the 43rd Award Ceremony...?

What was the wardrobe for the 43rd award ceremony?
Below are my comments (my own thoughts and there wasn't any hatred).
I rated them out of 5.

 Fala Chen
I like the color and the style. It really suited her..her image is changing. Back in the beginning, Fala wear something make her look innocent and cute. Even though this dress make her innocent too, but its a bit different. ;] Her hair and jewelries matches. And that perfect smile =] lol. 

 Kara Hui
I felt like there was no difference with this dress and the dress she wore last year. Lol. I like the color but not the style nor her hair. 

Amiee Chan 
Well.. its black again, and doesn't look any different from last year either. I liked how its halter top though. 

Charmaine Sheh
The color and the pattern designed looked the same too, but this time is long sleeves. Ahaha, I don't like it. But her hair is short and you couldn't do anything with it. So, I'm alright with it. Her jeweleries are simple and nice. I like it too. 

 Nancy Wu
I love the color and the pattern design are simple. Look at that V shape..ahaha, you can see Of course, Nancy is dare enough to wear something like that. =] 
Lol. Her hair is alright, and I like her earrings. Make-up nice and simple. 
Gorgeous. 5/5

Tavia Yeung 
Wearing something less explosive?  Hahaa... jk, she was covered last year too. I loved the color and love the mermaid dress. And especially the jewels on it. Her jewelries is nice and hair alright. Really love the dress. 

Michelle Yim
Love the color and the style and her jewelries. Hair matched her... haha.

 Selena Li
Color and style gorgeous. Jewelries simple and elegant. Not a fan with the hair though. 
Elaine Yiu
Color? Yes. I like the top but the bottom.. its alright. Her jewelries simple and easy. Her hair is alright too. 

Linda Chung
Much better as last year. =]  Love the color and the dress. But not a big fan with the ruffles. Lol. Jewelries are nice and elegant. Her hair is nicely up in a bun.Make-up simple. I love it. Way much better then her look from last year. 

 Toby Leung
Ahhh... what happened? Lol. Don't like the dress nor her hair. 

Kate Tsui
I actually like her dress and her style this year too. The dress is simple and elegant. Hair is gorgeous with a touch of make-up. But her necklace? A bit too 

Louise Lee
Ahhh.. her dress look like a big comfy sleeping dress. But the color is nice =] lol. 
Susanna Kwan
Dress and jewelery is simple and nice. I felt like her hair is always like 

 Samantha Ko
Like the color and I think its pretty nice. Not a fan with her hair..and I think she over done with jewelries. Well maybe the necklace. Cause she is already wearing a V neck and I think the necklace shouldn't be that long. Maybe a small and simple one well do. 

 Queenie Chu
The dress is okay. I thought the dress she wore on the lighting ceremony was prettier. But her earrings and bracelet? It's alright. I like it. Its simple and her hair is nice too. 
Don't you just love her smile... I do (not trying to be a creeper, but I really do) lol. She has the most amazing smile and personality. Very cheerful and bright like that dress. I think its time for her to be promoted. =D

 Sheren Tang
Black this time? lol. I think its okay. Not a fan of the style. Like her hair and earrings but not the lipstick. 

 Skye Chan 
The color and design? yes. Earring and hair? Yes. Necklace? not really. 

 Natale Tong
Love the dress, the color, and the design. Jewelries are quite simple and so is the make-up. But the hair? um.. okay..I guess? lol. 

Pic credit to and Annie's Blog

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Babies

It's that time of the month again!! Whooo!! Happy Birthday to All January Babies!! I hope all of you will have or had an amazing day and wish all your wishes will come/came true!! ;]

Jan 1st - Sunny Chan
Jan 6th- Bernice Liu
Jan 8th - Charmaine Li
Jan 9th - Wong Cho Lam
Jan 13th - Lee Heung Kam
Jan 17th - Sharon Chan
Jan 20th - Joyce Tang

Happy Birthday!! I wish all of you have a wonderful birthday. And wish that all your dreams/wishes will come true. Good Luck in everything you do cause I'll definitely support you all!! Wishing all of you have many series to film but don't over work yourself ;] Wishing all of you good health, luck, and prosperity!! Happy Bday!!

~Happy Birthday to MY BIGGEST IDOL Bernice Liu. Happy belated birthday!! I hoped you'd enjoyed your birthday and all your wishes came true. Happy 32nd birthday!! Wishing you health, luck, happiness, and prosperity all year round. And lots of work to do but don't over work yourself, and gets lots of rest!! I'll always Support you no matter what!! And don't pay attention to the recent news!!~

~Ahh.. well these were the only artistes that I knew that have birthdays this month. I went on to TVB's calendar and I couldn't find any Artistes Birthdays on there. It was like all blank, I wonder if they are not doing that anymore? Feel free to tell me other artistes birthdays. ;] 

A Great Way to Care [Repost]

English Title: A Great Way to Care
Chinese Title: 仁心解码 [Yan Sam Gaai Ma]
Cast: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Vivien Yeo, Timmy Hung, Pierre Ngo, Ram Tseung, Astrid Chan, Charmaine Li, Natalie Tong, Mary Hon, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: Warehoused
Airing in Hong Kong - 1/10/11 - 2/4/11
Genre: Modern/Romance/Health Care/Psychology


Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong Chung Sun), Senior Psychiatrist of Yan Wo Hospital, is a competent and kind-hearted doctor who specializes in severe schizophrenia and even minor mental disorders. Yan cures his patients by not only medication but also by psychological analysis. He diagnoses the cause with reference to the symptoms. The plot is interesting, intricate and extraordinary.

Psychiatrist Lin Chi Sum (Ram Tseung) and nurse Li Ying Chun (Raymond Wong) are both good friends of Yan. Chun is keen on helping people. He helped cure a patient, Suen Ka Pik (Vivien Yeo), who suffers from binge eating disorder. They overcame a lot of difficulties and eventually become a couple. Meanwhile, Yan is a divorced single father with a daughter. After the failed marriage, he did not long for love affairs until he chanced upon an inspector of the Serious Crime Unit, Mok Man Yee (Kate Tsui). They gradually developed a relationship through business contact. However, in order to avoid recurrence of genetic mental disease, Yee detaches her feeling from Yan.

Credits to Astro on Demand

Home Troopers

Title: Home Troopers
Past Title: The Residential Army
Chinese Title:居家兵团 [Gui Ga Bing Tuen]
Cast: Liza Wang, Ha Yu, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Christine Kuo, Raymond Cho, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 12/27/2010 - 1/21/2011
Genre: Modern/Comedy
Producer:Lam Chi Wah
Theme: Happy Rhythm (幸福節奏) - Stephanie Ho

All these years, LAI KA-KA (Liza Wang) has been looking after her family well. Both her husband CHU KOT HO (Ha Yu) and her eldest son CHU KOT CHING (Kevin Cheng) look up to her as their temporal and spiritual leader. Although KA is resolute in her belief that she has the best plans for her family, CHING secretly invests in a domestic cleaning agency without consulting her mother. When KA finds out, they have a terrible quarrel. Suddenly, CHING's business partner KEI WING-FAT (Raymond Cho) disappears all of a sudden and puts him at substantial risk of bankruptcy. He has no choice but to run to KA for help.
CHING immediately arranges for the whole family to share the work, hoping that this would help him out of crisis. Due to manpower shortages, CHING decides to hire FAT's girlfriend TUNG KAM-PO (Bernice Liu) as a temporary worker and later even falls in love with her.

On the other hand, KA's daughter CHU KOT YUNG (Mandy Wong) has been dating a married man TONG SHAU-LAI (Vincent Wong) while her youngest twin boys have spent too much time messing around with girls rather than concentrating on their studies. All these recent happenings have sparked tension between KA and her children, causing a series of family rifts. Can they overcome their problems and maintain their family ties?

Credit - Astro on Demand