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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Tavia and Ron!!

Happy Birthday Ron and Tavia!!
I wish the both of you happiness all year round and forever.
Wish the both of you lots of Luck and Prosperity!!
May this year bring you two more series, great health and joy. 
But don't overwork yourself too hard and I'll always support the both of you.
Happy Birthday!!
Tavia's bday - 8/30
Ron's bday - 9/2

Happy 31st Birthday TaRo!!!!
We'll Support the both of you forever and all the way!! 
Hope the both of you had a great time celebrating the bday part!!
Happy birthday 
-love always from foreverloveTVB-

Here Come the Princess

Title: Can't Buy Me Love
Chinese Title:公主嫁到  [Gung Jue Ga Do]
Cast:Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Susanna Kwan, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Lee Heung Kam, etc.
Episodes: 32
Broadcast: 8/23/2010 - 10/5/2010
Genre: Ancient/Comedy
Producer: Mui Siu Ching
Theme:Thousands of Love [萬千寵愛] - Susanna Kwan


Reluctant to marry into the Tibetan royal family, the wilful Princess CHIU YEUNG (Charmaine Sheh) has to find herself a husband as soon as possible. Owner of a gold store TING LOI-HEI (Susanna Kwan) recommends her second and third sons, KAM DOR-LUK (Moses Chan) and KAM DOR-SHAU (Raymond Wong) to the Princess, hoping that the royal marriage would bring them out of financial crisis and somehow save their family business.
Not wanting his brother to sacrifice for the family, DOR-LUK offers to marry the Princess himself. Shortly after the marriage, YEUNG begins to show her true self. She needs the KAMs to treat and respect her as a distinguished princess instead of a family member. Even the spiritual leader of the family Granny KAM (Lee Heung Kam) is not spared. YEUNG’s handmaiden SZETO NGAN-PING (Fala Chen) is a haughty young woman who has no regard for anyone, not even the government matchmaker TING YAU-WAI (Kenneth Ma). The KAMs cannot put up with YEUNG anymore and decide ally and fight back. But to everyone’s surprise, NG SZ-TAK (Linda Chung), the most vigorous maid of the family takes YEUNG’s side and goes against the KAMs. After back and forth bickering, LUK and YEUNG are on the verge of breaking up for the third time. The matter is drawn to the attention of the royal family and finally settled by Emperor TAIZONG. Marrying the Princess is supposed to bring LUK wealth and honour, but all that glitters is not always gold, especially when the bride is such a self-willed shrew.

Credit: Astro on Demand

Thoughts: At first when the announced this was Beyond 2. Lols, then I realized it was not. Hmm... I still don't know how they got that title. But I'm gonna watch it..hehe.

Monday, August 16, 2010

August Artists of the Month

This month, I want to present Raymond Wong as August Artist of the Month. I personally think that Raymond had improved over the years. Raymond Wong enter the industry by his teacher who notice him and cast him in Lifeline. Ray was born on August 25th 1975. Ever since entering the industry, Ray had filmed over many many series/dramas and movies. Well anyways, I couldn't find much info on him. But I decided to make him Artist of the Month, because of his amazing acting in When Lanes Merge. I didn't finish the series yet, but I had watch parts of it. Skipping here and there, and personally heard so much good Review on Ray's acting. The first time I notice Ray was in Sweetness in Salts. Producer Lee Tim Seng had asked him to be in Sweetness and cast him as the 2nd lead. After watching Sweetness, I remembered seeing him in Marriage of Inconvenience and I was amazed how he had improved so much. In Marriage, I thought he was a bit to stiff, but in Sweetness he had relax and throw all his power and emotion at you. He's acting there already shone out to me, it already had captured my heart. Even though Steven Ma was the lead in Sweetness, I felt like Ray was the lead. Ray is a talented actor and he put so much emotion into acting. In Sweetness the way he acted, it really showed that he is sick for real. He pulled it off nicely. And in When Lanes Merge he did it again. He out shone Kent Cheng and many other actors. Playing as the lead in When Lanes Merge he did an excellent job. When he enter TVB, he had left TVB. He was never given the leading roles or the 2nd leading roles. But ever since his return. his acting had gotten better and better. Now he is leading and his power shone through the tv screen. I enjoy watching him and he is quite handsome. xD His next series are Can't Buy Me Love, Twilight Investigation, and Righteous  Sea of Heroic Love. I'll be looking forward to his new series and support him. Hope he can win something this year. ;] And now I'm gonna go back and finish GW and WLM.

Friday, August 6, 2010

August Babies

Woohooo... another brand new month! Time for the August Babies to shine. ;] Happy birthday to all July birthdays!! I hope all of you will have or had an amazing day and wish all your wishes will come or came true!! ;]

And this month, there is a special birthday party that will be held. Can't wait, even though I won't get to go cause I don't live in HK. =\ But I'm still excited. >< Cause I'm their biggest (well, a certain type of biggest. I really wouldn't say I'm the Biggest, cause I think I'm the last one to find out about their news =P) fan. =] I love them SO very much and when ever I see them, I get Really Happyyyy and Hyperrr. ;] Yep yep, its TaRo. Tavia and Ron gonna held another birthday party together this month. Another year of tradition. ;] Hehehe. Anyways, Happy birthday to all!!

August Babies....
8/3 - Yoyo Mung
8/7 - Shirley Yeung
8/15 - Kevin Cheng
8/17 - Heidi Chu Hoi Ting
8/23 - Jack Wu
8/25 - Janet Chow
8/25 - Raymond Wong
8/26 - Michael Tao
8/27 - Yoyo Chen
8/30 - Tavia Yueng
8/30 - Niki Chow

Happy Birthday to all!! Good Luck in your careers and I will support all of you all the way. ;] Have a great birthday and hope all your wishes will come true!! I wish you all a prosperous year, film more series but don't over work yourself! Joy and Happiness all year round and forever. Do your best and we'll always support you!! Happy Birthday!!! XD

Ahhh..and I thought July was a lot. August has so many too!! Hehee... can't wait till TaRo's celebration. And I'm gonna make a separate post for them. =]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ah Fung...

Ahhha... LOL. =D I love this video xD It's so Adorable!!
I found this video on wing-yii's blog. I clicked on it and watched it. AHHH... Raymond is SO adorable, and especially that little girl. 
Oh, how I wish I was that girl. She got a kiss from Ray. Ahaha.. you got to watch this video. It's so funny. 
I was like laughing non-stop. Too funny. 
The little girl was like "you're so cute/handsome" (nei oh lang jai ah) ahaha.. that just threw me off. Even a little girl knows what is cute =] Ahaha.. and yep, ah Fung is cute and handsome.

Anyways, check it out =]
It's a game show for the promotion of the new movie 'The Jade and the Pearl'. Starring Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Wong Cho Lam, and Joey Yung. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Miss Hong Kong Champion

Finally the final night of Miss Hong Kong is over. The stress and the excitement are finally over. The contestants can finally let go all the stress they had to compete in getting the crown. The viewers can let go all the excitement. Soon all these will be forgotten and the excitement will be back again next summer. Summer of 2011. Miss Hong Kong 2011 will bring all of us, new faces and fresh contestants. I hope that Miss Hong Kong 2011 will be better than Miss HK 2010.

MHK 2010 was held on August 1 2010 in Hong Kong Coliseum. Once again, many famous people came and audience came for support. Once again, the stage was decorate by its wonderful and nice theme. This year the pageants were to walk in a catwalk fashion to introduce themselves and such. They had a part where it was a little fantasy world,. Which brings lots of childhood memories back. Every year there would be a swimsuit contest and interview. I say that this year MHK was the easiest year. They didn't had much to do. There were no ratings of the swimsuit walk like every year. Only had one interview. I think the question this year was easy, but some of the contestants thought of the most hardest way to answer them. I think that you should answer to the question with short, easy, and knowledgeable/intelligent way. This year I really had nothing to say about the MHK. As we all know, every year, Miss Hong Kong had gotten worse. Everything had decline and they didn't put that much effort in to it. But I think that last year and this year crowning was fair. 2008 crowing was all about money and status. This year pageants I like #8 Phoebe Pang and #14 Kitty Li. I didn't like the winners but if I had to choose from the 3 winners, I'll choose #15 Sammi Cheung.

#15 Sammi Cheung, did gave a nice speech during the interview and her introduction speech. But her walk and her introduction speech wasn't that smooth. Her fairytale dance and dress did bring lots of cuteness in her. Which that is what a fairy tales about. It brings back all the cuteness of a childhood memories. Her catwalk was much better than her intro walk and her speech during the auditions showed lots of motivation and potential that she'll help bring happiness and serve others if she get crown. Well Sammi you finally got crown and now you hold the title of Miss Hong Kong 1st runner up. We are honor to have a Miss Hong Kong titleholder like you. Some one that can serve others with happiness.

2010 Miss Hong Kong

Winner 2010香港小姐冠軍
#13 Toby Chan 陳庭欣

1st Runner Up 2010香港小姐亞軍
#15 Sammi Cheung 張秀文

2nd Runner Up 2010香港小姐季軍
#5 Lisa Ch'ng 莊思明

Top 4
#13 Toby Chan
#15 Sammi Cheung
#5 Lisa Ch'ng
#9 Crystal Li

Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐 2010 李雪瑩 #9 Crystal Li
Miss International Goodwill  國際親善小姐 201陳庭欣 #13 Toby Chan

Anyways I thought that #8 Phoebe Pang 彭慧中 or #14 Kitty Li 李俍嬿 would get Miss Photogenic, but of course only the ones who got into Top 5/4 would get those awards.

8. 彭慧中 Phoebe Pang
14. 李俍嬿  Kitty Li

Wow this is such a long post -.- but I have so much to say! Was this year fair? I thought the crowing was fair and the crowing last year 2009 was fair too. Even though there were complaints about the winners. But there was no complaints on Sammi =] hahaah. Even though I was upset on who got crown, at least I'm find with Sammi out of the three. Oh and like during the introduction speech. If #10 Queenie Ma didn't say she was the tallest out of the 15, she probably would've made it to top 4. The way she said it, was kinda bratty. hehehe.. okay, I hope this post didn't bored you guys =] sorry for such a long post. -.-