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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Myolie Wu can really Sing!!

I was roaming around youtube the other day and I had came across this. I actually saw this sometime last year, but never put any thoughts into it and I only saw the beginning. So I was watching this video and the first thoughts that came into mind was "holy"!! I know that Myolie has a nice singing voice, but I definitely did not know that she can sing like this!! 

"I will always love you" is originally sung by Whitney Houston and this song is really powerful and hard to sing. You definitely need a strong voice to sing this and yes I was surprise at how well Myolie had tackled this song! Just listen to the audience, what a feed back!! 
And wow seriously, Myolie voice is so powerful and strong and she hit all those high notes beautifully. Kudos to Myolie for tackling this song!! 
Really, a beautiful job well done ;] 

Hehehe..hope she can sing this again one day ;) and just look at her beautiful smile of happiness after she was done singing. The audience response were crazy!! Hahaha..Myolie deserves it ;] 

Good job!!  


miriamfanz said...

I think of the fadans that tried singing (Linda, Fala, Kate) Myolie is the best one of them. She has a very good voice.

foreverlovetvb said...

@miriamfanz - I agree with you!! Myolie do have the best voice out of all the fadans that had tried singing. Like yes Linda improved her singing over the years, but I can't picture her singing this song. Unless she proves me wrong! lol.