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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Updates, New Banner, and KenTa/MingYi's MV =D

I made a new banner ^^ You guys like? 
I change the banner because I really didn't like the previous one. 
This one is simple and set for now. Featuring Niki Chow. 
Another talented and beautiful Actress and Singer. 
My next banner will be something for foreverloveTVB's Fourth Anniversary :) 

Wow, foreverloveTVB will be four in June and its coming right around the corner!! 
Thank you guys for everything!! I love you all!! =D 

Coming up posts....
-Overview for Sergeant Tabloid 
-Thoughts so far for Gloves Comes Off?
-The Hippocratic Crush
-Part 2 of Forensic Heroes Overview
-The Five Fadans + Bernice (Six Fadans)
-Classic Themesongs of all time
-Top ten and five TVB series of all time
-Classic TVB series of all time
and other stuffs

And a treat to all MingYi/Kenta's fans
here is an behind the scenes MV that were put together nicely 
by StoryForestCN
Hope you all enjoy and share it with other KenTa fans :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Battle of the Senses [thoughts]...

Battle of the Senses (五覺大戰) is one of TVB's Variety Show.  A game show that they invite artistes to participate in games. Battle of the senses is host by King Kong, Chin Ka Lok, and Timmy Hung. It is broadcast on Sunday's at 9pm.

My thoughts so far....

I actually really do not have much to say about the show. Aside from being funny and silly. Anyways, my favorite part of the show was the Black Room. Apparently, they only sent one female player from each group to enter a black room. The room is really dark and each player said the same thing when they first enter, "wah, its so dark." And in the room, either King Kong or Timmy will be waiting for them to guide them through. To make it scarier for them, they actually hang some furry/fluffy toys from the ceiling down, so when the girls walk through it they would scream and jump. To even make the atmosphere more interesting, King Kong or Timmy would scream along with them lol. Anyways, in the room there is three containers that are fill with different items. The shortest amount of time the player can guess what is in the three containers win. But, the shortest is always over one minute and something seconds. But, it would always take long because they were scare. I believe that they only send the girls into the black room because it would be funnier? I don't know..hahaha. The girl would scream so loud and they would scare themselves as they do not know whats in the container. The hosts would put anything in the container and is actually pretty fun to watch. The third container happens to always be a human (pretty scary in a dark room.)  The first two containers will either be something that's alive or not and it is always cold, wet, or dry. (It would be an item, fish, snake, shrimp, lobster, food, etc.) The third one is alive and warm (Human.) It is pretty good that so far nothing in the three containers is warm, alive, and has fur on it yet. Or else it would be really creepy. Imagine they put a rat in there... =O  

The episode that I found the funniest was episode One where Sharon was sent to enter the room. By the third container she got so scare and was like, *touch* *screams* "why is this so warm? what is this...wait, *screams* is this a head? It's bald and has a face and there's a mustache and blah blah blah." LOL it was King Kong's head. In other episodes were either King Kong or Timmy's foot. lol

Basically, I thought Battle of the Senses is pretty funny to watch and it reminded me of Super Trio which I enjoyed so much. Give it a try =] and I especially just love the black

P.s. even though I enjoy watching the black room, I think its kinda mean to have the girls enter that room. =P I really wonder what they felt afterwards? lol.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boscolieeva's Productions....

I actually closed my fanfics blog because its so hard to update two blogs. Well, actually it was because I never update that the fanfic blog so mind as well just close it. But, my fanfics are still in progress and will be located on

Boscolieeva's Productions is still in progress =]

I just updated chapter 7 on "Winter Love"

Winter Love



Beauty from the Heart will always last longer and forever than Beauty from the Face. Physical beauty will fade in time; true beauty from the heart will be forever. Doesn't matter how beautiful one is, with an ugly heart, the person is ugly overall. Virtue is always greater than beauty. Inner Beauty is more important than Outer Beauty!!  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Queens of Diamond and Hearts - overview

Series: Queens of Diamond and Hearts
Eps: 25
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Roger Kwok, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Scriptwriters: Wong Kwok Fai
I actually don't really know what to say about this series. I think its just alright and not a series that you have to watch. It's a very simple and easy go type of series. I have mixed feelings with the series but I won't say its a horrible series. The series is simply just alright not too much and well maybe you will get bored of it in the middle. (I did that is why it took me so long to finish it -.- lol.) Aside from being boring and pointless of this series, it gives off another great lesson. The theme from the series is "Beauty from the Heart is more important than Beauty from the outside." Inner beauty is greater than outer beauty. 
I have to say that I like the costumes very much. Queens of Diamond and Hearts is taken place in one of the earliest kingdom in China. The costumes were really pretty and simple. Nothing too fancy but, I have to say Sharon's clothes was too much. I didn't think that costume was part of that time period. So I was bit confuse why she is wearing a different style than Fala and others. I also love the accessories and the style of the hair. It was so simple and beautiful reminded me of Step into the Past. The princess there had a very simple outfit like the two Empress in Queens of Diamond and Hearts. One thing I like about the earliest kingdom is that everything was so simple and pretty.

At first I thought the series was only going to base on comedy. Everyone loves everyone and there will be no backstabbing and trying to raise to the top. But, I was wrong. I guess in all Royal Courts series, there will always be fights and backstabbing. Basically the whole series was about Ben's character try to rule the kingdom but each time it fell because of Fala. Sharon was quite annoying, I don't know what she wants. This minute she was all nice to Fala and the next she is mean. And her family, omg they were so annoying and hated their part so much. What I liked was that Fala and Roger slowly liking each other and finally Roger saw the beauty from Fala. He finally realize that inner beauty is much important than outer beauty. When the soul were switch we get to see the serious Roger trying to rule the country. On the other hand, Roger can finally see the difference from Sharon and Fala when their soul were switched. Another thing I have to say was Yoyo's character. What is her problem and what is her part of the series? I felt like she is nothing but just to be there and look pretty and be the Prince's wife. I don't know what was her problem, this minute she is helping Sharon the next minute she was helping Fala. 

Basically, I really have nothing to say about this series. The other casts were pretty funny and the series gives you laughs here and there. Koni really stood out because she is way too tall for an ancient series. I believe this was her first ancient series. I hated how Sharon and Roger didn't believe Fala and Roger sentence her to death. And I have no idea how you can forgive someone just because a tattoo? I guess, Fala can forgive him because she loved him too much and when she saw the tattoo she was happy. 

So basically guys, Inner Beauty is Much Important than Outer Beauty. Beauty will fade in time but the beauty coming from the heart will forever remain. 

It's alright. Give it a go if you have time. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daddy Good Deeds - overview...

Series: Daddy Good Deeds
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Linda Chung, Steven Ma, Ha Yu, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu
Producer: Mui Siu Ching
Scriptwriters: Leung Man Wah, Leung Wing Mui

I really didn't put an consideration into watching this series. I had no interest in it and synopsis didn't interest me at all. There were couple reasons why I had watched the series but, these reason were really dumb. One, it was spring break and I was bored. Two, I just finish watching On Call 36 and have nothing to do, so why not. Third, it was simply because its the last of Siu Ching Jie and Steven's series in TVB. Lastly, because its the last of Siu Ching Jie's fathers trilogy series and the last of Stevinda's pairing. I'm going to miss this couple very much. =\ 

From watching the serious On Call 36 and jump to watching a non-serious Daddy Good Deeds; I find this series rather dumb. Yes, this series is nothing but just bunch of laughter; I thought it was such a great idea to air this right after On Call. It helps us to relax from all those tensions. Daddy Good Deeds is a perfect series for family sitting together and enjoy and such a great stress reliever. There was nothing important or serious events happening. It was simply just laughter. Even though I thought the series was kinda dumb, I had actually grew to enjoy and love the series. I love how each of the characters had grew into a lovely bond. I love and enjoy watching the family stick together and go through thick and thin. I really had developed that emotion and bonds as I was watching the series. I felt like I also had become part of the Ko family. I was laughing when they laugh, cried as they cry. It had been such a great couple of weeks with this family. 

This family really had went through so much with each other and when the last episode had rolled around, I really didn't want to let go. I truly had grew some bonds with it. I definitely had grew into loving the characters also. I simply just love Daddy Lam whom is played by Chow Chung. He is definitely one of the amazing and best veteran actors. Hope he can get the Lifetime Achievement Awards this year or definitely some recognition. I love him from the first episode to the last. His expressions were definitely amazing and cute. I especially loved how he laugh at the last episode. He was so happy that he won some amount of dollars from the lottery which doesn't worth much. He is just such a great cute grandpa. Another Daddy I love is daddy Ko whom is played by Ha Yu. I simply love watching Ha Yu and Paul Chun playing a father figure. They both give such a warm love to the family and gives me such a warm and cute father love. Daddy Ko stands up for his children no matter what. He stays and go through thick and think with them no matter if its a happy or sad event. He didn't care if his children are running his blood or not. Raising them is most important. He didn't care if Brother Ko was adopted and he still love him as his own biological son. I definitely had felt that pain when I saw his sad eyes when brother Ko and his mom met. Daddy Ko was definitely scare that he would lose a son. I totally understand that he wants what is good for his daughter. But, I was a bit object that he didn't let Steven be with Linda. Not all men who can support his family financially is a great man. Steven is a guy that would do as much as he can to support his wife and family no matter what. But over all I love Daddy Ko and Daddy Lam. 

Brother Ko and Sister in-law Ko was pretty sweet. They step in and help their siblings no matter what. Even though brother Ko realized he wasn't their biological brother, he was still willing to step in and go to jail for the father. He does anything an older brother would do for his younger sisters. At first I thought Nancy would be those typical wife that would be annoying and going through people business. But, I was surprise that she help the family and stands in for them too. She loves the Ko family very much as well. Sister Ko and little sister Ko who are just regular little sisters and daughters that were spoiled and love by the family. At first I thought Linda was the adopted one I guess it wasn't after all. Both Linda and Cilla would step in and help the family. They have each other backs and would not let each other and any of the family members fall. First, I thought that Cilla would become an celebrity but I guess she didn't and I was wrong. I liked how she finally "woke up" and became mature. She wasn't bratty after all. Linda was simply really cute. I really reckon that Linda has the face and expressions to be in a comedy series and play a cute character; like Twilight Investigations. She was the one that definitely had kept me laughing. I like her CID position more, it definitely suited her. I liked her wardrobe but definitely dislike her hair. 

Even though I thought that Steven and Linda pulls better as a sister brother relationship, I definitely had enjoy them as lovers. I really going to miss this couple and I ship them as lovers. They are definitely really cute and adorable together. I really like Steven's interview on his three sisters. It was sweet. I was waiting for them to get together and was a bit upset that we didn't get to see them as lovers longer. I was also upset that they didn't focus on the love triangle at all. It was just like I like her and lets fight for her equally; and Steven ended with her and that was it. It was a downside but it's alright. I thought that it was kinda unnecessary to add in that uncle part. That part could have been easily taken out and focus the love triangle right there.

The ending was cute and I was waiting for the Disneyland scene. But that was just for the cast to have fun and for the promo and theme songs purposes. Definitely I love Ah Yap, we can't forget about him. I love his expressions and he was just another funny character. I laughed so hard that they thought he was gay. But it turn out he is straight and ended up with Viven Yeo. I really enjoy watching the little sub series in Daddy Good Deeds. I liked how Mui Siu Ching had showed us some talents that the artists can do. Like, Steven and his badminton, Linda with hoola hooping. Cilla and Edwin can sing etc. I like how they had incorporated so many of past works from Mui Siu Ching and many of guest appearance. The guest appearance were willing to take part because they want to be in the last production of Siu Ching jie. It was sweet of them and Siu Ching Jie. At first I thought the rhyming and finishing each other sentence was annoying but I got used to it. And lastly I was happy for a good result and a good rating. It was definitely one good present for Steven and Siu Ching Jie. 

I definitely wish Steven, Mui Siu Ching and Lau Ka Ho all the best!! I'm going to miss them as they are my favorite producers and Steven as one of my favorite actors. Definitely my favorite part were the Ng clips at the end! It was definitely funny and a good way to end the series like that! This was the last series of Stevinda couple as their first series together was Virtues of Harmony II. Linda's first series into TVB was with Steven as Steven's last series with TVB was with Linda.

You don't really need to watch this series at all. It's an easy skip, but, if you have time and want to relieve some stress definitely watch it. I guarantee your stress will be somewhat gone in those 45 min =P 

Gloves Come Off

Title:Gloves Come Off
Previous Title: Boxing King
Chinese Title: 拳王 (Quen Wong)
Cast: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu, Kenny Wong, Power Chan, Edwin Siu, etc.
Episodes: 25
Broadcast: 4/16/2012 - 5/18/2012
Genre: Modern/Boxing
Producer: Marco Law Wing Yin
Theme: One Shot Hit (一擊即中) Kevin Cheng


TONG SHAP-YAT (Kevin Cheng) enters the underground boxing scene for money when he is learning Thai boxing with his senior brother KO WAI-TING (Kenny Wong) in Thailand, a decision he regrets for the rest of his life.

In order to turn over a new leaf, he withdraws from the boxing scene and finds himself a job as a security guard at a sports goods company. His outspokenness attracts the attention of his supervisor CHAI PAK-FAI (Selena Li). YAT and office assistant BUT KA-SHING (Raymond Wong) do not get along at the beginning but they become friends after their misunderstanding is eliminated. SHING’s passion for Thai boxing impresses YAT. He picks up the sports again and also helps SHING improve at Thai boxing. He returns to the boxing gymnasium, too, where he started out as a boxer, determines to train SHING and deaf-mute boxer TING YAN-TSZ (Nancy Wu) to be boxing champions. Later, YAT and SHING’s amity is put to the test when TING tries to sow discord between them.

Synopsis credit to 
Other credit to asianfanatic forums

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

foreverloveTVB's top ten themesongs...

This is just a little post on the Top Ten theme songs I had posted. I made a music thing for that post and it wouldn't upload. So I'm just going to upload it separate and here it is. =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My On Call 36 Hours [2]...

Basically, I'm still (kinda) in that crazy THC post-withdrawal syndrome phase. It's getting hard and my obsession with  KenTa is getting crazy. Come on I'm not the only one right? I know you guys out there are feeling the same too. (Don't hide yourself.)

Well anyways, I had made my own part two of THC =P this is what its doing to me. *sigh* but, this was posted on asianfanatic thread couple weeks back and I want to share it here too. So I believe that my syndrome right now is just alright. But, I still re-watch some scenes. I had watched ep 22-25 over so many times and I am least 5-6th times already. I still cry like a baby..yeap. Each time I watch it I cry.

Well anyways, here it is....

Okay, so this will be the second half of the story. Umm, Yu Jai's tumor came back to her. So far it's nothing serious so she is taking pain killers. All her friends, colleagues, family members, and superiors are getting worry. But Yu Jai still go to work everyday with a huge smile on her face. Yat Kin and Yu Jai are happily married with a 4-5 yr old daughter. There might be a fight or two between the two couple and divorce might come up. But at the end they always make up with one another. Ben and Mei Suet continues and wedding bells for them is coming near. Jing Jing and Onion came to a stable relationship. Then one day at work, Yu Jai was going through and checking on the patients. Her pain came again but this time it wouldnt go away. Her legs feel numb again and she collapse onto the floor. Jing Jing rushed over and panic. The nurse called Yat Kin and they gaved her a room. Her father and Dr.mak decided to giver her another surgery. Yat kin helped with the surgery and they went through couple of tests. They tried to remove the tumor and was at the very last part of it. But something went wrong or something. (I don't really know) it left Yu Jai in a coma. Yat Kin collapse right there in the surgery room and onion need to help lift him up. Yat Kin is so lost and emotionally disable. He tried to work but his supervisor decided to give him a break. All Yat Kin do 24/7 is sit next to Yu Jai. He didn't care what is going on around him and did not take a look at his daughter again. Because each time he see his daughter, the image of Yu Jai would come up. The daughter now is so lost. She didn't understand why her mother is in a coma and does not know why her father doesn't care about her. All she do all day is cry and ask her grandma, Mei suet and others why her parents is not caring for her. She keep blaming herself for not being a good girl and for not being number one in her class. And all they can do is comfort her and telling her "you're such a good girl. Your parents love you." then one day she was crying so loudly in front of her mothers hospital room. Mei suet, Ben, an Onion was trying to quiet her down. Siu Jie came and ran over saying "oh my poor baby granddaughter." Yat Kin came out of the room and did not even look at them. He just walked past, his daughter ran up to him and cling on his leg. She shook him and keep asking him what did she do wrong. "Daddy don't leave me alone. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'll be a good girl and bring home number one. Don't leave me alone. Is mommy mad at me? Daddy are you mad at me too? I'm sorry." Yat kin just brushed her off and she stumble on to the floor. Onion lift her up. Siu Jie, "Yat Kin why are you being like this?" Yat Kin just kept walking. Mei Suet, "Yat Kin Tou. Yat Kin Tou!!! Jie Fu Jie Fu!! Cheung Yat Kin!!!" Yat kin stop. Mei suet continues, "what is wrong with you?? Why are you treating your daughter like this? What did she do to you? She is innocent. She is your daughter, you and my sister gaved birth to her. She has your and my sisters blood and DNA. What is wrong with you?? Yes, I understand that you're so lost right, you're not emotional stable. You want to collapse but you can't. My sister is already laying on the hospital bed helplessly; you're still moving, you still have four limbs attached to your side. Don't collapse now. You need to be strong, you still have tons of patients to look after, you still have your daughter to look after. The world doesn't stop, it keeps going and moving forward." Yat Kin, "what are you saying? What do you mean? How can I be a good doctor?!!?? I'm not a good doctor!! I couldn't save my brother's life and now I can't cured the girl of my love!! If I'm such a great doctor then why is my beloved wife is laying on the bed in a coma?!!? Huh can you tell me why?? Why did I study for so long for??" Mei Suet, "why are you giving up?!!? My sister hadn't give up yet; why are you giving up!! Jie Fu please stand back up. You can do it, we are all here for you! You need to keep moving forward. During this hardship time you really need to care for your daughter. She already in a lost and does not understand why her mother is like that. She doesn't have that mother love now, her mother can't kiss her goodnight or take her to school or love her. But you can! You can love her and kiss her. She is already upset and lost her mother love. Please don't let her lose your love too. She is already miserable and keep blaming herself. My sister don't want to see you like this; you know that my sister want you to be happy and continue and take care of your daughter. (and some meaningful lines.)" Yat kin look at his daughter who is still crying on Ben's arms. Ben, "even though she is my god daughter. She still wants and rather have her father love. I know you are going through a hard time. But so are we and so is your daughter. Don't neglect her anymore." Yat kin, "I don't want to neglect her. I love her, but I can't do it. Every time I see her, she would remind me of Yu Jai. As she is growing older, she is getting prettier and prettier and she looking a lot like her mother now. She is like a split image of Yu Jai. -he went over and hug his daughter- I'm sorry honey. I know daddy had neglected you. I'm sorry, will you for give daddy?" the girl, "I'm sorry daddy, it's not your fault it's my fault. I wasn't a good girl that's why mommy is like that. I wasn't a good girl that's why you don't care for me. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'll he a good girl now. Don't leave me daddy."

I guess like later on, Yu Jai woke up from her coma. But she still feel a lot of pain in her. Yat Kin went back to work after that day. During his lunch hour, he went to visit his wife. As in enter her room and he rushed over as soon he saw Yu Jai's eyes were open. He was delighted and ask if she was feeling alright. Yu Jai look at him and tears flow down. Others came in was surprise that had awaken. Mei Suet ran over to her bed in tears. Yu Jai, "I thought I wouldn't wake up. I thought that was it for me. I thought I wouldn't be able to see you guys anymore. I didn't say goodbye yet. I was so worry. I didn't want that to be the end of me. I didn't see Mei Suet and Ben get marry yet. I didn't see my daughter grow up yet. I was scare." Mei Suet, "don't worry ga Jie, we are all doing fine and well. Relax and speak no more. What do you need to worry about? There is nothing for you to worry. We are all here for you. Ben and I are getting marry soon. Your daughter is a good girl." Yu Jai, "I'm worry about you guys. The whole time I was thinking if I'm gone like that, what will happen to my daughter? What will happen to my husband, my sister, my family members? If I really just left like that, I'm going to leave with regret. Because I didn't say goodbye nor I left any last minute message. I'm sorry hubby. I actually feel really unwell right now. I feel exhausted and in such a pain. My breathing is not that strong right now. I don't know what will happen next but before we do anything else I need to leave a message. Nui nui come give mommy a hug. I'm sorry honey. I'm sorry that I left you so long. You must be mad at mommy right? I'm sorry baby. I love you." Daughter,"no, im sorry mommy. Dont leave me. I'll be a good girl, ill be number one in class. Dont leave me mommy." Yu, "Mommy, daddy, yiu Jie, nai nai. I'm sorry for being a burden. I'm sorry." them, "no don't be." Yu,"Ben, Mei Suet is my only sister and I love her dearly. Please take good care of her." Ben, "don't worry, I'll promise you that I will take really good care of her." Yu, "Mei suet, be a good and famous doctor. Be a good wife after you get marry and be happy. I love you. Promise me that you will be the next famous Dr. Fan-hong neousurgeon? Promise me you'll take after father? I know you can do it!! Lo gong, I'm sorry. I love you. I'm going to miss you the most. Be a strong and famous neurosurgeon. Stand back up as the world keeps going. Do not let this stop you. You need to be strong and look after nui nui. Please be happy and maybe find another wife and mother for nui nui? Please don't be sad." Yat Kin, "no!! I know you'll be fine!! You will forever be my one and only wife and one and only mother. I'm not going to get another person. I only want you forever!! I'm going to cure you!! I will, I promise you! I love you!!" Yu, "guys, the person that I really can't let go the most is Yat Kin. I'm really worry about him and I don't know what he'll do. Please, can you guys watch him for me?" Mei, "Ga Jie, stop. You going to be fine. Why do you sound like youre giving us your last words? You'll be fine. We all promise you that we will cure you. I dont care, we are not going to watch your daughter and yat kin for you. You going to do it yourself!"

Yu Jai went through some testing and treatment. And stuff but yes, she got cured. During that time it was hard for everyone. They didn't know what wil happen the next minute. (The next minute, second, hour are the future. No one know what would happen. Therefore, you should live your life to he fullest and with happiness. Do not be mad at people and always smile.) so the story ended with yu Jai being paralyze and a full time mother, wife, and also works at her father clinic. A happy ending for all.

Okay, I know there is major flaws but but it's my little story that I got myself into. Lol. Don't kill me guys >< so yea. Yes I know, there is so much flaws in this story. =P

News Update: Steven Ma: Most Worried of Linda Chung Getting Bullied!

Steven Ma is a singer turned artist, who entered TVB 19 years ago. Eventually, Steven reached up top becoming one of the first line TVB Siu Sangs and has filmed countless series over the years, but didn't really have rumors. He has a deep relationship with the three FaDans Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen and Linda Chung. Due to having rich life experiences, Steven often coaches the three girls and unconsciously took on the role as their Big Brother.

(Steven speaks...)

Over the years that I've been with TVB, aside from my three god-sisters Tavia, Fala and Linda, many other artists including Kenneth Ma calls me 'Big Brother'. However, I get along most with Linda, Fala and Tavia, we have collaborated the most and have the most fate. When I first met Linda, it was in 2004 when she was shooting her first series, Virtues of Harmony, she played a couple with me. In 2007, Fala played my little sister in Steps and in 2009 Tavia collaborated with me in Sweetness in the Salt, where we played a couple and started getting more familiar.

A good Listener who can keep secrets

Although we never formally became god-siblings, we have a very good relationship. We often chat and I'm more than willing to help resolve any problems they might have. I admit that I am very good at keeping secrets. Whenever they have something to tell me, I will just sit back and listen. Even if I do give them advice, I would turn around and forget it. Once my little sisters finishes venting, then they'll be ok! And whenever there are things they want me to help deal with, I would really put out my heart to help them. I believe it is because of this that they were able to put down their guards towards me. Earlier on my birthday, my three sisters came to celebrate with me too!

I've once said to them, if they ever encounter someone bullying them, then must speak up. I won't let anyone bully my sisters! Although I'm not a martial artist, I will help as much as my capability allows me to. I will pursue justice without any second thoughts and just go help them. This is my promise to them!

Praises Tavia has a very good brother feel

In fact, they all give me a different feeling. Ah Yi (Tavia) is a very independent woman and also has the least problems among the three. I don't need to worry about her! She is a person that will come running to me when she sees me from a far. Compare to the other two sisters, her personality is much more tomboy, and is rather mature. Our relationship really feels like brotherhood, haha! Although I don't get to see her much, I still love her very much.

Fala appears like a little girl in front of me, but she's a very straightforward person, so much that she may even offend people and won't know. I've seen her relationship with reporters not go so well before. Her communication style with the media is a little strange... so I often try to advise her as a big brother. For example, the tone she uses is not too good, I would tell her to change the way she expresses herself. Fortunately, she listened to me and has really reflected on herself based on my advice. Because artists' relationship with the media can be considered closely related, we must mutually show understanding and provide support. For whatever it is, we should not be too stubborn! Recently, I have seen improvement from her. Last week, I talked to her on the phone and told her my experience, that others may not accept your first reaction! Although it is said in order for a person to be slick and sly, they must lie, but in fact I cannot accept that. I will choose another method to handle this: I choose not to say it! Then I don't have to lie.

Urged repeatedly to maintain a pure heart

I know Linda the longest, but she is actually the one I'm most worried about. One time, she messaged me on Weibo and told me that she's a big girl, but I am still worried because Linda is too naive, too simple and can easily get bullied! It's fine working at TVB, a 'greenhouse' that provides maximum protection, but if she were to head out to work elsewhere, then it will be difficult. I watched Linda come into this industry back then. One day we were having a meal together, and I urged her whatever she learns to do, do not learn to be bad, don't do 'dirty' things. Must maintain a pure heart. Linda has been able to do this all along, and has been improving on her acting. I am very grateful. Perhaps, I am used to looking after my siblings at home, so my words may sound a little old-fashioned and feel like a father, but I am fortunate to have found three sisters that I could respect and love, and vice versa!

Aside from my beautiful god-sisters, I actually have three good brothers too: Evergreen Mak, Dexter Young and Lam King Kong. We have known each other for a long time and often hang out. They slowly became like family.

Evergreen and I have a deep relationship, which started when we did 2002's Where the Legend Begins together. Dexter got married in July, and of course he invited me to his wedding. That time I was shooting in Mainland, but I made time on my schedule to come back for his wedding no matter what it took. As for Lam King Kong, I also have a deep relationship with him. Our relationship may not be known by all, but people in the industry always say "there is no true relationships in showbiz", I think we broke through this saying. It's just that those people who says that, haven't encountered a true friend yet or perhaps they aren't willing to put their heart out to communicate with others. In fact, artists may not necessarily be 'fake' people!"

Steven said Fala's personality is too straightforward, but Fala in turn greatly praises her god-brother. As an independent girl, Fala frankly said she had always been desperate to have a big brother. After coming to HK and meeting Steven, she laughed and said her wish 'half came true'. Fala said: "At the time, when I participated in Steps, I was one of the newcomers. Whatever he believed this little girl lacked...he would give me advice, especially on life principles. There are many things in life, he taught me to tolerate. When encountering such situation, I cannot just jump out and keep talking, being too straightforward can really offend people without knowing it. He's got a good social circle in this industry and experienced, of course I would listen to his advice. I'm also very thankful that he teaches me on how to handle things in life! I even told my mom about this big brother. Earlier at the Ghost Writer promotion, my mom came to HK to support me, and saw him there too. Although we haven't officially became god siblings, our relationship is still maintained well. Our interaction is very true and real. I know my brother doesn't care if its official or not!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
Lynn @ TVB Horizon 
Thoughts: This is so sweet!! It was one of the most sweetest thing I had read from the entertainment circle. I am happy that the four of them love each other like "blood" siblings. Even though they are not "official" god-siblings, they treat each other with love and respect. Steven loves his three sisters dearly, stands up for them, and would do anything for them!! I want an older brother too (always wanted one) maybe I should go and look for one too. And in return the three sisters treat Steven with respects and listens to him. Such a loving siblings!! =) 

I thought that Linda, Tavia, and Fala are really lucky that they had "found" their brother. They are really lucky to had met Steven. Steven is truly an amazing person and he put and uses his heart to help others. He is wise and he is always there for his sisters and others no matter what. Not everyone will take time and use their heart to speak and tell you the truth. So that is why I thought the three girls are definitely really lucky to have this brother.

News Update: Gigi Lai announces that she is pregnant with her third child

Congrats! 40 year old Gigi Lai is pregnant again! Yesterday she personally announced the good news on Weibo and thanked all of her friends and fans for their good blessings. This time, it is suspected that she's trying to go for a 'Dragon boy' and possibly get another set of twins.

July 2010, Gigi had twin girls with her businessman husband Ma Ting Keung. After having her two daughters, it was rumored she wanted to go for a boy and hired a famous doctor to help her with artificial insemination (IVF). Last month on the 21st, it was reported she's 3 months pregnant via IVF and was rewarded by her husband with a mansion in Clear Water Bay. At the time Gigi indirectly denied that she's having babies because she's materialistic, and expressed Mr. Ma loves children. She promised: "If I'm 3 months pregnant, I will definitely let you all know!"

Gigi kept her promise and announced on Weibo yesterday at 11am: "I am very grateful! Yesterday the doctor confirmed that I'm pregnant!" She attached a photo of herself smiling sweetly.

After Gigi announced the news, last night there were over 15,000 re-posts by fans on Weibo and nearly 10,000 comments. Fans were very happy for her and sent their blessings, hoping that her wish to have a boy comes true and that she really does have twins again. Good friends from the industry sent their blessings as well including Cathy Tsui, Christine Ng, Gillian Chung, Yoyo Mung, Monica Chan and more.

Gigi was especially happy and shared a sample of her delicious food on Weibo. In the photo, there were several different cakes and high-calorie cotton candy, she laughed: "I finally have an excuse to eat a piece of cake!" Ada Choi told her: "Eat more! Eat my share too!" Gigi quickly responded: "Sure."

The other day, Gigi also shared a photo where she and her twins were playing at the theme park. "I like the innocence, sincerity and simple-minded thoughts. The more simple a person is, the happily their lives are!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Lynn @ TVB Horizon
Thoughts: Congrats to Gigi with her third child!! Ahh...I'm so happy for her and she looks so good =] I miss her and wish she can come back on screen one day again!! Congrats to Gigi and her husband and I wish them all the best!! =)

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Top Ten themesongs...

There are many songs that I enjoy very much from TVB. And yes, I have a collection of theme and subs songs. What song do I listen to in my daily bases? TVB songs, they are the only songs that is in my ipod. I want to share with you guys my picks of TVB top ten songs and from those top ten I'm going to chose top 5.

I'm very interest to know what are yours top 5 or 10 favorite songs. Share it on the cbox or as comment of this post. ;]

Wars of In-Laws II Sub - Thankful of Meeting you 
By: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu

~This song is simply just very sweet. The harmony of their voices balanced so well and the lyrics is just so sweet. Every time when I hear this song, I smile. Why? Because this song brings back a lot of memories and images of Boscolie would pop in my head. Ever since the couple had reveal that they were dating, they were glowing and gleaming. I wish them the best and wonder if they would use this song on their wedding day?~

Love Bond Sub - Words from My Heart
By: Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Bernice Liu, and Moses Chan

~I love this song and the series!! All time favorite!! The voices of the four balance and transition so well. When ever I hear this song, its just brings back lots of memories.~

Life Made Simple Sub 
By: Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan

~This song is so sweet. I never knew that Jessica and Roger's voice matches so well!! I like this better than the theme song. I felt like the theme song sound more childish; maybe because Roger used a child like voice to sing it?~

Triumph in the Sky Sub - I Don't Love You
By: Flora Chan

~One of my favorite song of all time!! I love Flora and she is so talented!! This song has so much emotion and the lyrics are just so strong. A very good song.~

Revolving Doors of Vengeance - Scheming Heart
By: Hackeen Lee

~Hackeen Lee, one of the singing king. Amazing song and lyrics and fit the series perfectly.~

Eternal Happiness
By: Kelly Chan

~Kelly Chan, Hong Kong's CantoPop Queen. This song was just amazingly done and I just like it. It has a nice tune and transition nicely.~

When Heaven Burns Sub -Young Ignorance
By: Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, and Bowie Lam

~This song was done perfectly fit for the series. A very different song that was produce by TVB. I love the transition of their voices, the drums, and the guitars. It definitely have that feel.~

The Hippocratic Crush - Serial Drama
By: Joey Yung

~One of the best theme song that was produce this year. The lyrics was strong and powerful. Perfectly fit for the series and the two leads. The lyrics were really meaningful and Joey had sang this song with lots of power and emotions.~

Point of No Return 
By: ChiLam Cheung

~Always a favorite~

Silver Chamber of Sorrow - Accept Fate
By: Ivana Wong and Ka Ying Jie

~I love the voice over and the actual song. The transition was so beautiful and the lyrics were beautifully written. Very meaningful.~

From the list above, I'm going to chose my all time favorite top 5.

5 - Words from the Heart
4 - I don't Love You
3 - Serial Drama
2 - Point of No Return
1 - Accept Fate

I'll be back with a All Time Classic Theme song.
Stay tune~~

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Greatness of a Hero [Repost]

Title: The Greatness of a Hero
Chinese: 盛世仁杰
Cast: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Wayne Lai, Rebecca Chan, Leila Tong, Lee Heung Kam.. etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 2/9/2009 [warehoused]
Airing in Hong Kong from April 2nd to April 27th, 2012
Genre: Ancient/Tang dynasty political intrigue/mystery case
Producer: Leong Choi Yuen
Theme:  (定局) - Hins Cheung
TIK YAN KIT [Kent Cheng Jut Si], one of the most celebrated chancellors, is greatly trusted by Empress MO TSAK TIN [Rebecca Chan Sau Chu]. TIN’s nephew MO SHING CHI [Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung] is jealous and he seeks every opportunity to frame him up. CHI accuses KIT for colluding with his daughter TIK CHING LUEN’s [Bernice Liu] husband SUNG TING YUK [Sunny Chan Kam Hung] of treason and an attempt to subvert TIN’s throne. KIT is left speechless and his family members are all seized in order to TIN has been incited to action by CHI. KIT escapes in chaos but CHI threatens to kill his second wife CHO YUET [Sonija Kwok]. The incorruptible and intelligent KIT is miserably caught in a dilemma and he feels helpless in every way. Would KIT be able to conquer the traitors eventually and help restore order from a tragic turnaround?

Credits: Astro On Demand

I had already saw this when it came out in 2009. Read my reviews at GOAH or simply under the Greatness of a Hero tag.

Sergeant Tabloid

Title:Sergeant Tabloid
Chinese Title: 女警愛作戰 (Lui Keng Oi Jok Jin)
Cast: Michael Tse, Niki Chow, Mandy Wong, Mathew Ko, Queenie Chu, Koni Lui, Angelina Lo, Grace Wong, Candice Chiu, William Chak, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 4/2/2012 - 4/27/2012 [Warehoused] 
Genre: Modern/Police
Producer: Cheung Hon Man
Theme: Instrumental


Emergent unit female cop, Lui Fei Hap (Niki Chow) is above 30 years old. She faces ups and downs in her romantic line. Whenever she meets a perfect guy, she takes immediate action to 'catch' him. Unfortunately, her boyfriend's real identity is a drug lord. Both of their interaction scenes are revealed by one of the reporter, Lam Yat Yat (Michael Tse), and thus becoming the latest daily news on the media. Fei Hap hates Yat Yat very much. Not long after, Fei Hap with immediate time fells in love with the juniocr cop, Wong Ji Chuen (Matthew Ko). Yat Yat intentionally breaks their relationship. From that, Fei Hap finds out about her father, Lui Zhan Nap (Benz Hui) cooperating with Yat Yat to break her relationship with her new boyfriend. In addition, Fei Hap faces harsh conflicts with her superior, Si Tou Kiu (Mandy Wong) privately and officially. The circumstance causes this "highest grade female cop" to be responding by continuously attacking, for achieving her deepest love.  

Credit to asianfanatic & jerebtvb@asianfanatic

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boscolieeva's production

Winter Love is updated!! Chapter 6 is finally up and currently working on chapter 7!!

Click on the links to read....

-With Love