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Monday, November 15, 2010

TVB 2010 Awards Nominations....

It's that time of year again!! It's time for everyone to be hyped up about the awards night and the nomination list. It's everyone time to see who is nominated and can't wait to vote and see who actually win during the awards night. Here is the awards nominations.... The Red is my first choice, the Blue is my second choice and the Green is third choice.  The Awards Ceremony will take place on December 5th @ 8:30pm

[Note: The choices are based on who I really thought should win the award... it would not be based on the actors that are MY Favs. Also the choices might change after I watch No Regrets and Gun Metal Grey. Also I'm hoping and planning to watch Suspect in Love, Pillow Case of Mystery II, and finish Ghost Writers before the Awards night. So the votes are suspect to change!!]

Best Actor
01. Ron Ng ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Roger Kwok ("The Season of Fate")
03. Kevin Cheng ("A Fistful of Stances")
04. Joe Ma ("Suspects in Love")
05. Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
06. Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")
07. Kent Cheng ("When Lanes Merge")
08. Bobby Au Yeung ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
09. Damian Lau ("Growing Through Life")
10. Bosco Wong ("Growing Through Life")
11. Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
12. Bowie Lam ("Every Move You Make")
13. Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")
14. Felix Wong ("Gun Metal Grey")
15. Michael Miu ("Gun Metal Grey")

Best Actress
01. Myolie Wu ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Kate Tsui ("The Beauty of the Game")
03. Maggie Siu ("A Watchdog's Tale")
04. Michelle Yim ("The Season of Fate")
05. Liza Wang ("OL Supreme")
06. Ada Choi ("Fly with Me")
07. Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
08. Linda Chung ("Ghost Writer")
09. Fala Chen ("Ghost Writer")
10. Louise Lee ("Some Day")
11. Teresa Mo ("Some Day")
12. Jessica Hsuan ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
13. Maggie Cheung ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
14. Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
15. Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")

Most Favourite TV Male Character
01. Sunny Chan ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Steven Ma ("A Watchdog's Tale")
03. Wong Cho Lam ("Don Juan DeMercado)
04. Chapman To ("OL Supreme")
05. Kenneth Ma ("A Fistful of Stances")
06. Him Law ("Suspects in Love")
07. Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
08. Tsui Wing ("Some Day")
09. Kent Cheng ("When Lanes Merge")
10. Raymond Wong ("When Lanes Merge")
11. Bobby Au Yeung ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
12. Johnson Lee ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
13. Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
14. Louis Yuen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
15. Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")

Most Favourite TV Female Character
01. Myolie Wu ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Christine Ng ("The Beauty of the Game")
03. Kitty Yuen ("Don Juan DeMercado")
04. Liza Wang ("OL Supreme")
05. Ada Choi ("Fly with Me")
06. Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
07. Louise Lee ("Some Day")
08. Teresa Mo ("Some Day")
09. Joyce Tang ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
10. Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
11. Fala Chen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
12. Linda Chung ("Can't Buy Me Love")
13. Susanna Kwan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
14. Lee Heung Kam ("Can't Buy Me Love")
15. Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")

Best Supporting Actor
01. John Chiang ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Derek Kwok ("The Season of Fate")
03. Michael Tse ("My Better Half")
04. Ron Ng ("OL Supreme")
05. Dominic Lam ("A Fistful of Stances")
06. Kenny Wong ("Fly with Me")
07. Raymond Cho ("Fly with Me")
08. Joel Chan ("Sisters of Pearl")
09. Kenneth Ma ("The Mysteries of Love")
10. Johnson Lee ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
11. Louis Yuen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
12. Raymond Wong ("No Regrets")
13. Ngo Ka Nin ("No Regrets")
14. Evergreen Mak ("No Regrets")
15. Vincent Wong ("Gun Metal Grey")

Best Supporting Actress
01. Sharon Chan ("The Beauty of the Game")
02. Denise Ho ("OL Supreme")
03. Selena Li ("A Fistful of Stances")
04. Natalie Tong ("A Fistful of Stances")
05. Kara Hui ("A Fistful of Stances")
06. Queenie Chu ("Fly with Me")
07. Kiki Sheung ("Sisters of Pearl")
08. Aimee Chan ("Some Day")
09. Kingdom Yuen ("When Lanes Merge")
10. Elaine Yiu ("When Lanes Merge")
11. Elena Kong ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
12. Toby Leung ("Growing Through Life")
13. Susanna Kwan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
14. Fala Chen ("No Regrets")
15. Nancy Wu ("Gun Metal Grey")

Most Improved Male Artiste
01. Jazz Lam
02. King Kong
03. Joel Chan
04. Raymond Wong
05. Him Law

Most Improved Female Artiste
01. Selena Li
02. Elaine Yiu
03. Natalie Tong
04. Skye Chan
05. Mimi Lo

Best Series
01. "A Chip Off the Old Block"
02. "The Beauty of the Game"
03. "A Watchdog's Tale"
04. "The Season of Fate"
05. "Don Juan DeMercado"
06. "My Better Half"
07. "OL Supreme"
08. "In the Eye of the Beholder"
09. "A Fistful of Stances"
10. "Suspects in Love"
11. "Fly with Me"
12. "Sisters of Pearl"
13. "The Mysteries of Love"
14. "Ghost Writer"
15. "Some Day"
16. "When Lanes Merge"
17. "A Pillow Case of Mystery II"
18. "Beauty Knows No Pain"
19. "Growing Through Life"
20. "Can't Buy Me Love"
21. "The Comeback Clan"
22. "Every Move You Make"
23. "No Regrets"
24. "Gun Metal Grey"

-Come to think about it, Wow... I didn't see quite a few series or I just never finished. It was kinda hard for me to choose. Lol. This List will be Altered after I finish up some series I had listed before. And for the Best Series I only chose two cause I still need to finish. ;] Best of Luck to all!!

credits to Hyn's Blog and TVB

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Artist of the Month

This month artist of the month, I chose Raymond Lam.

Raymond Lam Fung is born on December 8th 1979. Enter TVB 13th Acting Class in 1998 along side with Tavia Yeung and others. Fung's birth name is Lam Wui Man 林匯文. After graduating from the class, Ray appear on series and talk host shows. But in series he is mostly walk on or background people. In 2000 Ray earned a more screen time and gained more attention after playing supporting roles in A Taste of Love and A Step in the Past. In 2002 Raymond played his first leading role in Eternal Happiness along side with Michelle Yip. Also was nominated for Most Improved Actor for his role in Survival Law. In Survival Law, Fung acted as along side with Sammul Chan, Myolie Wu, and Bernice Liu. Other than acting, Fung also singed on to the singer career in 2007 and had released 4 albums.

Ever since his entrance into the entertainment industry, Fung strive to work his best. Ever since 2002 Fung was nominated each year. Fung had received at least 80 awards. During the TVB Awards night, Fung had received three awards. Most Improved, My Favorite Character for Moonlight Resonance in 2008 and in Twins of Brothers in 2004. This year, Ray is nominated for Best Actor for his role in Mysteries of Love. Best of Luck! Other than that, Ray had filmed 28 series. His recent work is An Uninvited Date and The Colorful of Sister Fa and a mainland production Ad Mania.Good Luck Raymond and I'll be looking forward for your new series. ;] Best of luck to you!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

November Babies

It's that time of the month again!! Whooo!! Happy Birthday to All November Babies!! =] I hope all of you will have or had an amazing day and wish all your wishes will come or came true!! ;]

November Babies
11/1 - Susan Tse
11/5 - Teresa Mo
11/6 - Myolie Wu
11/10 - Angel Chiang
11/10 - Fred Cheng
11/12 - Germaine Li
11/18 - Kayi Cheung
11/18 - Derek Kwok
11/19 - TVB 43rd Anniversary!
11/21 - Elaine Yiu
11/25 - Leanne Li
11/27 - Kenix Kwok

~~ Happy Birthday to all!! Good Luck in your careers and I will support all of you all the way. ;] Have a great birthday and hope all your wishes will come true!! I wish you all a prosperous year, film more series but don't over work yourself! Joy and Happiness all year round and forever. Do your best and we'll always support you!! Happy Birthday!!! XD

-This is a long list too! I think the List just get longer as it goes on..lols. These are the Artistes that I know off. Feel free to tell me who I had missed or anyone else, and I'll add it! ;] 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Loretta Chow and Chris Lai in EMYM

For the past couples days... I was watching Every Move You Make and I finished it. The series was alright and I'll have a review up pretty soon and hopefully this time I will have the time to post it. I won't drag it (hopefully ><). Well anyways, as I was watching from the first episode, two person had caught my eyes. Not just only my eyes but also my heart and my brain. I couldn't believe how incredibly cute they were and obviously I couldn't Resist it!! They were just Incredibly, Insanely, and Just Amazingly Adorable and Cute!!! They were Loretta Chow and Chris Lai Lok Yi.

Ahaha... the face expressions!! Cute xD
Loretta plays Wu Hang Ying in EMYM and nickname as WuYing (Fly). Chris plays Mak Wing Hei and is known as ah Hei. Constantly from the first episodes and on, ah Hei (Chris) bicker, joke, and plays around with her. While Wu Ying has a crush on him. To hide her feelings for him, she constantly fights back and bickers with Hei. As the series progresses, Madam Yip (Krystal Tin) and Yiu Sir (Bowie Lam) notice Loretta's feelings for Chris. There were many cute scenes of them and there were many cute movements and attitudes of them and I just couldn't resist it and I just kept on watching and watching and I finished it. But the only thing I was upset about was that, there was a lack of love relationships between them and in the series in General. Well maybe accepts Bosco and Aimee's parts. But I hoped and wanted more of Loretta and Chris's scenes. I hope in the future, Loretta and Chris can pair up again. =]

They just became my new favorite pair. =D ahahaa... there are just some scenes I just couldn't describe...just SOO Adorable!! AHaha..yes, I'm obsessing over them. xD
There is like a scene where Bowie ask Bosco if Loretta ever flip her hair at him. He was like..umm, maybe I never notice. And Chris was like I have, she always does that when we are together. Bowie explains the movement and they both blushes.
The part where they were having a BBQ day and Loretta bought her girls friends and she introduce them to Bosco and ah Ming (Sorry I don't really know his real name). But she didn't introduce them to Chris. She was like oh don't spend your time on that guy with the brown vest. He won't be interest it.
Like Bowie was talking about elevator distances. When Loretta was carrying all those books and was waiting for the elevator. When the elevator arrived, she immediately step inside and goes right next to Chris instead of Madam Yin, Yiu Sir, and Bosco. Cause she is closer to Chris and felt more comfortable with him.
And the scene where they all went to the pub. Chris went off and look around for girls and Loretta got jealous. She kept sipping her cup. Bowie looked at her and he hinted/ said they "You look prettier than her."
There are Many cute scenes between them, especially episode 17,18,19. Chris started to realized he liked her. Loretta stand up for him at the hospital and try every way to have him stay in CID and Bowie was just playing around with him saying that he have to leave. But the part where he broke up with his rich girlfriend at the canteen, when he turned around and saw Loretta there, his eyes/expression showed that he didn't want Loretta seeing him in that state and was upset that Loretta was there. I think that he had always liked Loretta but never shows it and he always think about rich girls so he never realized that he like Loretta and stuff.

Wow this is such a long post!! Sorry >< I just got carried away =] hahaah. Just sooo Adorable!! xD Hehe I think they do look Cute together!! and kinda "match"? Lols. Oh and did I mention? I love her Bow necklace =] I kept staring at it during the series. Lol.

Pics credit to Loretta's TVB Blog.  I couldn't find any screen caps of them and I don't know how to make one. But I was lucky to find these pictures on her blog! ><

Gun Metal Grey

Title: Gun Metal Grey
Chinese Title:刑警  [Ying Ging]
Cast: Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Nancy Wu, Wong Ho Shun, Grace Wong, Chan Sau Chu, Leung Lit Wai, etc.
Episodes: 30
Broadcast: 11/1/2010 - 12/12/2010 [Anniversary Series]
Genre: Modern/Police/Suspense/Thriller
Producer: Tong Gai Ming
Theme: My Departure Is Still Love [我的離開也是愛] - Alfred Hui (Subtheme)
When a cop expresses his grievance and anger onto the world, he becomes the most dangerous man on the force. Taken from the top ten famous unsolved cases in Hong Kong, Gun Metal Grey depicts a cop’s road to destruction as well as the very truth of human nature.
Fifteen years ago, upright police officer SHEK TUNG SING (Felix Wong Yat Wa) was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to prison. Now that he has been discharged, he decides to get to the bottom of the case. Unfortunately, he is unable to bring the culprit to justice because of lack of evidence.

As a result, his suppressed anger continues to churn within him and whenever the law fails to carry out justice, he takes matters into his own hand. The sudden change in his character and behavior places his friendship with his teammate MAI ON DING (Michael Miu Kiu Wai) to the test. Later, when he is trying to prevent DING from looking further into the case, he even hurts DING’s girlfriend, HUI MAN HIM (Jessica Hester Hsuan).

The competition begins to intensify between the two good friends when DING is determined to deal with SING according to the law.
Credit to Astro on Demand