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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweetness Reviews

After watching couple episodes of Sweetness, I fell deeply in love with it. This series is really amazing. Where I'm up to so far, the series told a lot. The series just click right onto you and you'll want more. You wouldn't want this series to end. I know for sure that I don't want to end.
Sweetness has shown the deep love triangle between the three. The love triangle in here is way better then and very different then those other love triangles in other series.

*~* Contains Spoilers *~*

Before I go on, I want to announced the best character so far. I love Wu Kin [Kwok Fung]. He is amazing and his acting is so natural. He good showed the funny moment and the yelling moment at the same time. Its just amazing. I love his role and the character. All his movements and speeches are funny. I like how he panic over everything. ^^

OK, below will be spoilers.

In episode 16, the Wu family are collapsing. Wu Kin is in jail. Ting Fai couldn't control the family and the business anymore, everyone is annoying him. To many pressure on him so he left home. Ting Yim married Choi Jip On and the family doesn't talk to her anymore. Ting Bik is depressed. Still couldn't get over Choi Jip On cheating and lying to her, and seeing her sister married him. Ting Hin, still very sick. Couldn't go anywhere, sitting in his room. The Aunt worried over Ting Bik and follow her. The Wu Ga is collapsing. Ting Hin went to visit his dad in jail and tell him that Sing Suet should take over the business. But the dad disagree, cause Sing Suet is an outsider. Ting Hin propose to Sing Suet and tells her that, after you marry to me, you'll be able to take over the business and the family. Sing Suet thought over it and ask Chi Yuen to take a walk with her. But they weren't talking. Sing Suet made up her mind and went to the jail house to see Wu Kin. She told him that she'll marry in to Wu Ga. Wu Kin is so happy and finally he can drink the daughter in law cup of tea.

When Sing Suet went to tell Ting Hin that Wu Kin agrees to the marriage, Ting Hin said, its going to be a fake marriage. Sing Suet wanted a real marriage but Ting Hin kept on saying I don't want you to be a widow. He lied to Sing Suet that he doesn't have feelings for her. And only wants her to married him so she can take care of Wu Ga. Ting Hin wrote a contract paper saying that they will be fake couple. But Sing Suet doesn't.

I don't even know what are the three thinking in their mind. Tavia likes Steven but hates him too. Steven still have feeling for Tavia but wanted her to marry to Raymond, so her future would be better. Raymond likes Tavia and ask her to marry him, so she can run the house and the business. Tavia slowly develop feelings for Raymond. Raymond lie to Tavia saying that he doesn't have feeling for her. But obviously that he does. The whole Yueng Jiao knows. [hope the pin yin is right]

Liking the two guys and doesn't know which one she really likes and want.
Liking the girl, but wouldn't tell her and lie to her about his feelings.
Liking the girl, but wanted her to be with someone else, so her future would be better.
Does this really worth it?

Choosing the path to marrying him, knowing that I like him but not happy about it.
Feeling shame of having her to marry me, even tho I like her.
Still liking her, but want her to marry him to get a better future. But wanted her to be with me.
If all of you walked this path, then why regretting it?

Knowing that walking this path, well be painful. Then why still continuing down the path?
Choosing this path to take, then regretting it. Then is it really worth it?

I really wonders what going to happen next. The climax and the Turing point of their love triangle starting to happen. What to know how they will pull off this love triangle? Then watch it to know for yourself. I wonder why did they change the series name from Sing Suet Yim Jaan [勝雪鹽棧] to Bik Huet Yim Hiu [碧血鹽梟]. I don't even know why they but the word "blood'' in. Well I think they should stay with the same title "Sing Suet Yim Jaan". Cause right now the Turing point and the story fits better with that title. This series shows the deep/tragic love triangle. Also the series is really touching too. I felt tears coming down from my eyes too.

Credit to Asianfanatics for the pictures

TVB 09

Gem of Life
Royal Tramp [isn't a TVB series]
Sweetness in the Salt [warehoused (released overseas)]

-Upcoming Series to be Air-
E.U - Feb 9th [The Academy III]
The Winter Melon Tale - March 9th
The Greatness of a Hero - Feb 9th [warehoused (releasing overseas)]

-To be Aired-
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Pillow Case II
Burning Flame III
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-Currently Filming-
The Grand Entrepreneur - now known as Root of Evil
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The Truth of His Father
Nutritional Housewives

-Upcoming Series to be Filmed-
Picking Star of Adventure
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Pearl in Palm
Written to Life
The Pride for My Husband
Iron Horse Seeking Bridge
The Youth Grows Again

-2009 Grand Productions-
Root of Evil

War of In-Laws III - said it was going to be filmed.
Anyone knows if its really going to be film?

Credit to [A Way of Thinking] for the dates and series that are coming.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Hi, Everyone!! foreverloveTVB would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year. May the Ox year brings you all great health, luck, and lots of money. I would also like to wish all TVB actors/actresses are very Happy New Year. Wish them a very great health, earn lots of money and have plenty series to film [but don't over work yourself ^^].
Happy New Years!!!
Gong Hei Fat Choi!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt review so far

I was suppose to be studying but studying to much makes my heads hurts..lolz. So I sneak on and watched Sweetness. I was going to just watch one episode but it just caught me into it, so I ended up watching up to episode 5. Hehe ^^ Well as I watched on, the series is really interesting and I'm falling in love with At first when I saw the title of the series and read the synopsis, I wasn't that interest in it. At first I'm just going to watch the series cause Tavia is leading this and wanted to see how the chemistry is between the three or you can say it the "love triangle". But this love triangle isn't like the other "love triangle" we seen. Its more like a friends love triangle and they won't know if they like each other.

From where I at so far, I think the series is going very well. Its just a shame that is warehouse. I wish it was not, cause its Tavia leading the female role. Well anyways, the series is pretty funny. I like the Wu family. Especially the father. He is very funny, the way he acted. He panic over everything and even one simple thing. He always ask Raymond for advice and he just so adorable. I always laugh at his moves and stuff he does. His character is very memorable and likeable. As for Raymond Wong, I just love him in there. His favorite word is "dam ting" [I hope I pronounce the pin yin right.. very bad at Chinese translations] I think its mean "calm down". Ray isn't like his dad, panicking over everything, he is more calm and gentle. Ray character is very memorable and likeable too.

Now come to Tavia. Tavia character in here is really interesting. I love her wardrobe and hair style. Especially with her hair down. When her hair is down, it doesn't seem like Tavia at all. It took me awhile to figure out..lolz. Tavia tears in here is really strong and those are her real tears. You could feel the pain too. Her crying had improve after crying so much in Moonlight. Tavia fighting skills aren't bad either. As for Steven, I think he is more serious type of person in the series. [his character] Its just amazing that he love Tavia but he would betray her at the same time. Killing her parents and still have the feeling for her. In episode 1 when Tavia wanted to go and revenge, Steven told her to end her old identity and follow the new one. After that when he left and just turn the corner and look back at her, you can see his pain when he saw Tavia cried and when Ray came to help Tavia. Poor Steven.

What I think is that, this love triangle is really hard. Ray start to have feeling for Tavia but won't tell her. Steven and Tavia can't be together because of their identity. Ray promises Steven that he'll take good care of Tavia and Tavia knows that Steven like her. I think that, it was either episodes 3 or 4, Tavia heard what Ray and Steven said when she was leaving the Wu family. Ray said that he likes her but can't tell her right? So Tavia knows that the both of them likes her. Well she know that Steven like her in the beginning and thought that he was just using her after he killed her parent. *sigh* I really wonders who Tavia is going to end up with? The three of them have really great chemistry. So I don't really mind who she end up with, Tavia is so cute with the both of them. But it still hard to choose, if you ask me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gem of Life review

Ok so, I watched Gem of Life up to episode 62 so far. I didn't watched like everyday cause I didn't have time. Well after that 62 episodes, I'm just going to wait till the rest of the episodes comes out. I won;t have time anymore cause exams is coming up. Also I'm probably don't even have time to post either. Ok, anyways lets get back to Gem. On episodes 50 I was so surprise on Martins moves. I was like wth!! Whoa!! and shock. I wouldn't think that he'll do that cause he was always following Song Sa Man. I couldn't believe that he would just kick him out like that so easily. I was amazed. Well after I continued to watch on, I grew bored on Gem. All they do was talking about business and fighting about the business and all those crazy things that's going on. I mostly skip when they talk about business and watch the romance part. I like the Moses and Gigi the most. I was a bit upset when they broke up and actually sign the divorce paper. I got so annoyed with Ada in the series. She is so stubborn and always think about herself not anyone else. She ruin her sisters life and have everyone listens to her after just two years. Ada just got so aggressive [hope that I used the right term..lolz] I thought that she'll change after the car incident but I guess not. The baby is so cute... hehe ^^ I just hope that everything will be back to normal.... am I kidding?.. back to normal? Its going to be crazier. I love Linda in here. Her bitchy side is really interesting to watch. Her face seriously change.. it isn't that cute, sweet Linda anymore. She had improve a lot. Ok as for Gigi, she is like the easy going one. She would listen to everyone and believe them. She doesn't think about herself first always think about her family first then her [I think..lols]. I like her the best in here.. I think. All I can say is that the three sisters have totally different perspective to the world. So so different.

I don't know what to say about the series. The rating is not very good. Its not the series fault that the rating isn't good. Its the economy. I just hope that the rating would go up soon. They spend so much on this series and its going to be a waste, if the rating still going to be this low. The rating for this series is just like those normal series. This is a HUGE production and the rating is like the same as a 20 episodes series!!! I was so surprise. I think I watched for Gigi and Moses. LOl ^^ Ok just hope that the rating will go up soon. Theres still hope. Theres couple more weeks left.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Bernice Liu

First thing, OMG!!!! I'm the worst Bernice Liu fans!! I totally forgot about her birthday. Today I was going through and reading the TVB blogs. I came upon TVB Bliss [Sugar] Blog and I was reading her entries. As I scoll down, I saw Happy Birthday to Bernice and I thought it was last January as in 2008. When I look up on to the date I saw the number 2009. And it hit me, I was like OMG, how could I forgot Bernice's birthday. Its a shame. I'm like a week late and this week is almost over. Such a shame I am, now how am I going to claim that I'm her fans?!!? Lols ^^ I should say thanks to TVB Bliss [Sugar]. If I haven't went onto her blog today, I would totally forgot all about Bernice's birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday to Bernice. Best wishes and hopes all your wishes comes true. Can't wait till you come back to TVB and seeing your Movie comes out. Can't wait ^^ Happy 30th birthday and have a healthy year. Wish you have a lot series to film and have a happy and healthy year.
Happy Birthday Bernice ^^

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt

Title: Sweetness in the Salt
Chinese Title: 碧血盐枭
Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Kwok Fung, Halina Tam, Joel Chan, Pierre Ngo, Ram Tseung Chi Kwong, Mary Hon, etc
Episodes: 25
Broadcast: January 5, 2009 to February 6, 2009 [warehouse]
Genre: Costume, Drama, Romance


Nip Chi Yuen [Steven Ma], who works in the anti-smuggling camp, is determined to wipe out the Tau’s Fort, which is the stronghold for salt smugglers. He pretends to be a down-and-out scholar. Tau Sing Suet [Tavia Yeung Yi], daughter of the chief smuggler, sympathizes with Yuen and puts him up in the village. Later, they even become fond of each other. During an anti-smuggling operation, Suet is badly hurt and has since been separated from Yuen and her family.

Fortunately she is saved by Wu Ting Hin [Raymond Wong Ho Yin], son of salt merchant Wu Kin [Kwok Fung]. Hin takes her home. One day, Suet is horrified to see the dead bodies of her parents being hung on the wall of the city tower, and that the official standing on the top of the tower telling the public not to sell smuggled salt is none other than the man she misses day and night. She is heartbroken, and her love for Yuen turns into hatred from that moment on.
Hin finds a job for Suet at the salt company his family runs to help her overcome her unhappiness. To repay him, she devotes herself entirely to the job. As time goes by, Hin starts to fall in love with her. However his critical illness causes him to hesitate in expressing his love for her. Suet’s real identity comes to light when her younger uncle reappears out of the blue. Hin, for fear that his family will report Suet, proposes to her

Credits to Astro On Demand

I will consider to watch this series. I think this series would be refreshing and seeing Tavia is leading this, I'll watch it. Lol ^^ I never saw Tavia paired up with Steven before, so I'll watch it. Wonders how much chemistry would they have and the chemistry with Raymond Wong and Tavia. So who exactly she ended up with? Well watch it to find out ^^

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pages of Treasures continue.....

I put some pictures from Pages of Treasures into an mv. I only did that because I didn't know how to upload music on to the post thing. Lolz, so I need to make it into an mv =]
Ok so this song is an duet by Fong Sum Ching [Eric Suen] and Tsu Hei Man [Vivien Yeo]. The song is really nice and soft. Its really romantic and I really liked it. I just want to share it with all of you. The sounds and everything fits in perfectly. There was suppose to be an Harmonica playing as well, but the one I put up in the mv dosen't. The Harmonica was played by Eric and Vivien played the piano. I'll see if I can find the one with the Harmonica playing. Well hope you all enjoyed this lovely piece ^^ It was the short version... hope there is a longer version coming out soon. This song is Sum Ching [Eric] and Abbie [Shirely] love song.

Pics are from and I got the songs from TVB Connection ^^ the link are from TVB Connection.. credits are to her [Shirley] ^^

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pages of Treasures Click入黃金屋

I just finish watching Pages of Treasures [Click入黃金屋] I find it pretty decent and very family love series. Its like another typical Chinese family series. I was looking forward into this series and it did pretty well. Its has really good family feeling to it. It was really warm.

Ok, first thing first... the series wasn't bad. Everyone did a very nice job. First couple episodes was pretty funny and I thought this would definitely be another funny and silly series. I was really looking forward to Fong Sum Ming [Wayne Lai] and Yuen Wai Chung [Sonija Kwok] love storyline. I really want to see how much chemistry they can have cause I never saw them acting as lovers before. It was really nice to see them collaborating in this series. Everything went out smoothly. Fong Sum Ming [Eric Suen] and Lui Yuen Yi (Abbie) [Shirley Yueng] developed really interesting chemistry. I guess my favorite part of this series is the family warmth. The brotherly and sisterly love was really enjoyable and memorable to watch. They really cared and loved each other.

The bad part about this series is, I think that TVB had drag this series. TVB had put in so many part that doesn't or shouldn't belong in the series. They had added in to much "off topic" part as you can say it that way. They should add in more about the computer business part and the Book Store part. Or they could of made Wayne became the book store boss earlier in the series. They didn't really give to many screen time for Wayne and Sonija love life to start. They started at the end of the series. The two main lead didn't really get much screen time. It really had went back and forth. I was really hoping for Wayne and Sonija chemistry, but I couldn't feel any because there wasn't much of them together. They had took to much time in the beginning of the two bickering at each other. The two didn't really have that much chemistry in that little screen time together as lovers. They had started in the beginning of the last episode. I was disappointed cause I was really looking forward for their chemistry. I think they either put to much "not important" part in or rush the "important parts" of the series. I think they rushed the part when Shirley saw her mom and the business parts, but it was also decent too. But I really like the family part. It was really warm and enjoyable. I think it had a good beginning and a great ending but I think the middle of the story wasn't that good. But also they had cover the plot ok, I guess.

This series didn't do so bad nor so good. Its in the middle. The series is enjoyable to watch and its funny too. The family story is funny and warm. Everyone did a well job and acted to their peak. I like the clay thing that Sonija made. Its really adorable and looked so much fun. After all its ok and I guess the rating for this series is average. It could of been better. I'll give this series 4 stars.

Like I said before, I don't hate the series. Its in the middle. The series is lightheaded and soft. It'll ease you away from the business world, gossip/scandal and other major stuff. Watching Pages would relaxes you. Its just like another easy TVB series, not like the big production ones. Helps you relax and keep you away from all those crazy thing that happen in Gem. Like I said the rating for this series is average and its really enjoyable to watch. As for Gem of Life, the rating is going down. Gem and Pages have like almost the same rating point. I'm a bit worried for Gem. Gem started out good and hope that at the end the ratings would go up and TVB don't need to loose so much money on it. Hope that it'll go up. I liked how Pages of Treasures is easy going and just ease you away from all those major things that is happening in Gem.
Credit too TVB for the pictures