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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reality Check

Title: Reality Check
Chinese Title: 心路GPS (Sum Lou GPS)  
Cast: Ruco Chan, Priscilla Wong, Louise Lee, Evergreen Mak, Stanley Cheung, Leung Ka Ki, Rebecca Chan, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 2/18/2012-3/15/2013
Genre: Modern
Producer:  Lee Yin Fong
Theme: (Little Grass) Ruco Chan

Ruco Chan is a senior director at a television station and is preparing to film a new reality show which follows a Hong Kong youth, Hero Yuen, as he makes a move from the city to the farm. Due to staffing shortages, Ruco hires rookie Priscilla Wong as his assistant and good friend Evergreen Mak as cameraman. Throughout the filming process, they witness how Hero handles cultural clash and characteristic change. Meanwhile, their own blind spots are also unravelled. The normally subjective and stubborn Ruco re-evaluates the relationship between his adoptive (Louise Lee) and birth (Rebecca Chan) mothers. The hard-working and sincere Priscilla is actually trying to regain her dignity and lost paternal love. As for Evergreen, his male chauvinist attitude causes his family to break apart… How can their spiritual guide lead them through these challenges?

Credits: miriamfanz @ Casual TVB

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Overall Series Review...

I want to write a short little reviews on the newly released of the four recently aired series broadcasted for TVB2013. I will write a thoroughly review later on.

For the start of TVB2013, TVB had aired its first two series; Missing You and Friendly Fire. Both, Missing You and Friendly Fire are a simple going series that relaxes you with ease. Inbound Trouble is a series filled with laughter from the start till the end. A perfect way to the start the Snake Year! With Chinese New Year rolling along and entering the prosperous new snake year, TVB than released its new year series, The Days of Days. Another easy going series, The Days of Days is a simple minded new year series.

I had recently completed all four series that TVB had released. These four series were the start of TVB2013 and it had started off with relaxation and comedic. Yes, once again it had bought me back to the TVB drama land. But, what do I really think about these four series? 

Missing You is a simple, simple, simple series. The series talked about a group of social workers go and find long lost family members. Missing You gives off a very fresh feel; from the storyline to the cast. The sub-stories were enjoyable to watch. My favorite got to be Helena Law finding her siblings. It was the most memorable to me. Honestly, I kinda forgot other stories in the series. But, what was really my thoughts on this series? Did I really like it? Yes, it was an relaxing series and I did ended up enjoying it. But, overall, I thought it was just okay. It has nothing special or important parts. It's a simple skip.

Friendly Fire (what do you think off when you read the title? I thought it was a new series...didn't think it was this series -.-) is about law and justice. It is a crossover or a better word a collaboration between the police force and lawyers. It talked about how prosecutors make sure that justice is served. Once again, it was a simple minded series that nothing 'big' had happened. (I think it was the most easy going law series I had watched?) The cases were just alright. I didn't feel a big 'wow or omg.' It was more like, 'yea, okay, so what and why it happen?' I felt the cases weren't that developed or complete. (Maybe it was just some of them or I just need to start watching series with English Subs :P) I just felt that the cases weren't elaborated enough? I am actually itching for a Forensic/crime/detective series after watching this..hahah. Anyways, it has an excessive amount of  'hot' scenes that had gotten out of hand. It was too much and it had gotten really awkward to watch. Anyhow, it was another simple skip with no worries.

Replacing these two series were Inbound Troubles and The Days of Days. After two simple minded series, TVB shot us with two comedies. I never thought that I would watch Inbound Troubles and I didn't even know what The Days of Days was.

Anyhow, Inbound Troubles talked about two cousins met in Hong Kong. One was from Hong Kong and the other from China. What was the main intention of this series? I have no clue or I'm just not using my brain. It talked about a lot of stuffs. But, I guess it does connect to one another. (Does anyone else think that the poster is a bit misleading? Or is it just me?) The only reason that had kept me watching was the pairings of the two leads; Roger and Joey! But other wise, I guess I would had skip this series. Overall, it was a very very very funny series. I got some really good laughs out of it and am I excited for the sequel? Only for Roger and Joey :P 

Lastly, its The Days of Days. A simple comedy New Years series. It was just in time for the New Year week. What do I need to say about this series? I have no clue what to say. The only thing I would say is Sonija and Sunny's chemistry/pairing! Yes, I only watched it for the two of them. (What to expect from me. lol) It was boring I got to say but but it was a good laugh here and there. Towards the middle of the series, I've started to skip scenes. It started to went downhill and it didn't make any sense. I didn't even know what the series was talking about in the first place. I thought it was about family fuel between Sonjia's family, but it wasn't. Then I thought that once Tracy Yip married into the family, she will start a problem over the asset, but nope didn't happen either. Well anyways, I thought some scenes didn't make any sense and the series wasn't developed well. But once the series was over, I got sad all and all because it was time to say goodbye to Tong Nga Wun (Sonjia) and Sung Lai Wo (Sunny).

Okay, this is just a quick glance of my thoughts on these series. I will have the full reviews up soon. Stay tune for that!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Season of Love

Title: Season of Love
Previous Title: Seasonal Love
Chinese Title:  戀愛季節 (Luen Oi Guai Jit)
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Toby Leung, Oscar Leung, Vincent Wong, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 2/11/2012-3/8/2013
Genre: Modern/Romance
Producer:  Kwan Wing Chung
Theme: Little Something () Mag Lam
Although individuals in love seldom coincide with each other in terms of happiness, anger, sorrow or joy, they still comply with the laws of nature, reflecting the dynamic phenomena of the four seasons’ climate and temperature.

Spring: By chance, LAM CHUN-FUN (Toby Leung) becomes an assistant/driver for the most sought-after actor SZE SUN (Him Law). Thinking that he is just like those playboys featured in the gossip magazines, she gradually comes to realize his true personality after the two spent some time together. The two fall in love with each other during filming, but CHUN-FUN discovers it is merely pre-arranged by the talent manager. The belated first love is ended before it can even begin.

Summer: HA CHI-YAN (Kate Tsui), the most bankable TV producer, has drawn criticism from the social activists after making a female-oriented programme. Seeking to uphold her reputation, she is assigned as the leading role of a new dating game show. During the show, she re-encounters her long-lost old flame NG TSUN-KAI (Ron Ng) and attempts to wreak vengeance on him. Unexpectedly, their hearts have yearned to be together as her wedding day is around the corner.

Autumn: In spite of working in the same building, Hairstylist HO TSAU-SANG (Nancy Wu) let the opportunity of meeting Barrister FUNG SAU-MAN (Vincent Wong) escape owing to a minor incident. Out of despair, she blindly agrees to marry her co-worker FONG KA-WAI (Oscar Leung), following which are the constant disputes over chores and KA-WAI’s suspected extramarital affair. Alternating to a parallel universe, TSAU-SANG is the one to have the serendipitous encounter with SAU-MAN. Having gone through two entirely different life paths, she ends up feeling merely grief and regret.

Winter: Private detective CHU CHO-AN (Kenneth Ma) is entrusted by his client YIU TUNG-NEI (Myolie Wu) to trace the history of a decade-old receipt, during which, CHO-AN learns about some flashback segments in TUNG-NEI’s memory of being with another male. According to his investigation, TUNG-NEI has suffered a serious injury, and her memory loss might be romance related. While CHO-AN is striving to help TUNG-NEI restore her memory, unexpectedly, he also joyfully re-links his family.

synopsis credited to K for TVB

The Days of Days

Title: The Days of Days
Chinese Title:  初五啟市錄 (Cho Ng Kai Xi Loot) Cast: Sonija Kowk, Sunny Chan, Raymond Wong, Lin Xia Wei, Cilla Kung, Mimi Chu, KK Cheung, Patrick Tang, Tracy Yip, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 1/21/2013-2/15/2013
Genre: Pre-modren/Comedy
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen
Theme: Spring Revelation (揮春啟示錄) Fama
In the early years of the Republic of China, gang leader SO FEI (Raymond Wong), to whom the brotherly loyalty will always prevail, runs a hard labour business which encounters financial difficulties.
Misconstruing that simple and honest SUNG LAI-WO (Sunny Chan) is a close relative to the TONG’s family – a noble clan of Xiguan, SO FEI deliberately flatters him in order to gain profits from the new dock run by LAI-WO.   Unanticipatedly LAI-WO is merely an idler of the TONG’s family, and the one at the helm is actually a pre-eminent businesswoman in Guangzhou and the eldest daughter of the TONG’s family – TONG NGA-WUN (Sonija Kwok).   She is not only very skillful in taking advantage of various situations, but also bold and resolute at work.  However, she sacrifices her youth to take care of her family business, above which she has even spoiled her sister – TONG NGA-MAN (Lin Xia Wei).  NGA-MAN, with a rebellious temperament, deliberately fools around with SO FEI so as to irritate NGA-WUN.   While the TONG’s family is leading a befuddled life, the valiant mayor of Guangzhou – WONG KAI-YIU (Law Lok Lam) is shot by accident, creating a furor among the city, following which the mystery man – LAI-WO is appointed as the mayor of Guangzhou.  Seizing the opportunity at the mayoral inauguration ceremony on the fifth day of the first lunar month, those forces of evil and people from all circles that have been dormant for a while turn out in full strength to wreak havoc.

synopsis credited to K for TVB

Inbound Troubles

Title: Inbound Troubles
Previous Title: My Cousin is the Best
Chinese Title:  老表,你好嘢! (Lou Biu Lei Hou Ye)
Cast: Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Wong Cho Lam, Ivana Wong, Angela Tong, Helena Law, Woo Fung, Louis Cheung, Mimi Chu, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 1/14/2013-2/8/2013
Genre: Modern/Comedy
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Theme: Everyone (大家) Wong Cho Lam and Ivana Wong
Aiming to become the best tour guide in the industry, NG KA-YEE (Roger Kwok) sets up a travel agency with his girlfriend SZEMA SHUK-CHING (Angela Tong) but he goes bankrupt and owes a huge debt after being cheated by others.

KA-YEE wishes to pass the last few months of bankruptcy peacefully and start a new chapter with SHUK-CHING after marriage. However, SHUK-CHING falls in love with his best friend CHING SIU-SHAN (Bob) and KA-YEE is devastated. During the time, KA-YEE runs into the newly immigrated social worker YIK SUET-FEI (Joey Meng), his Dongguan cousin CHOI SUM (Wong Cho Lam) who dreams to be a singer in Hong Kong and the old singer MUNG LO (Mimi Chu) who is looking for free meals everywhere. In addition, his younger sister NG CHI-CHING (Ivana Wong) also returns to Hong Kong by lying to him that she has completed her master degree in Taiwan already. Different culture and lifestyles between Hong Kong and mainland China create family farce every day. Used to be a coward with low self-esteem for all his life, KA-YEE suddenly wakes up and discovers his ultimate dream…

synopsis credited to K for TVB

Friendly Fire

Title: Friendly Fire
Previous Title: The Strike of Justice/Justice Attack
Chinese Title:  法網狙擊 (Fatt Mong Zhou Kik)
Cast: Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse, Sammy Leung, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Grace Wong, Oscar Leung, Samatha Ko, Benz Hui, Mary Hon, etc.
Episodes: 26
Broadcast: 12/2012-1/2013
Genre: Modern/Justice/Cop
Producer: Tommy Leung, Man Wai Hung
Theme: Seemingly Imaginary Life (疑幻人生) Sammy Leung and Michael Tse
A lawyer KAM JO JAN (Michael Tse) and prosecutor FONG TIN LAM (Tavia Yeung) were initially a cohabiting couple, but the two ended in a break up after a failed marriage proposal. Then fate plays with them, JO eventually becomes a prosecutor as well and meets LAM again. However, they had differences in handling cases and with new secretary CHUK SEUNG YUT (Grace Wong) came in the picture, their relationship worsens to a stage of no turning back. JO was still bothered by the fact that LAM refused to marry him, he knew there was a hidden reason to her decision...
Meanwhile, JO's father KAM BO CHEUNG (Benz Hui) adopted an orphan KAM BO TEI (Sammy Leung) and he became like brothers with JO. BO worked as a police inspector, and often had opportunities to collaborate with JO. In one operation, BO met undercover NGAI MEI SAN (Sharon Chan). The two were like water and fire, but BO didn't care even if SAN had a fiance, he still went to pursue her. While they were all hesitant about their future, a wealthy businesswoman PONG TIT SAM (Alice Chan) is involved in a murder case, and they all experienced the difficult and dangerous battle together...
synopsis Credits: to aZnangel @

Missing You

Title: Missing You
Previous Title: Ferris to Happiness/Ferris Wheel of Love
Chinese Title:  幸福摩天輪 (Hang Fuk Mo Tin Lun)
Cast: Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Ram Tseung, Lin Xia Wei, Cilla Kung, Calvin Chan, Raymond Wong, Law Lan, Elaine Yiu, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 12/2012-1/2013
Genre: Modern/Social work
Producer: Fong Chun Chiu
Theme:Blissful Song (幸福歌) Linda Chung
A Tracing Services Organization established its service to exclusively assist individuals to locate their missing family members who have been separated due to wars, natural disasters, relocation or other exceptional family circumstances.  The members of the organization include stubborn and paranoid HONG YU-FUNG (Linda Chung), zealous optimist SZE YIK-HIM (Jason Chan), glib-tongued SIN KIT-CHING (Cilla Kung) and computer expert YEUNG TSZ-KEI (Calvin Chan).  Led by their rational and self-possession team leader LO MAN-TIK (Chiang Chi Kwong), the four members unfold arduous journeys of handling tracing cases one after another.  While striving to retrieve the happiness for the others, they also experience a process of self-evaluation all over again.   As an apprentice, YU-FUNG cooperates well with YIK-HIM.  Though constantly meeting with a rebuff, they come to realize that they should adhere to the principles of professional ethics when providing tracing services.  Nor should they hastily offer any false hope to the enquirers, rendering any unnecessary sorrow on them.    During that time, YU-FUNG starts having feelings for YIK-HIM.  However, for fear that YIK-HIM has already a girlfriend – TING FAN-CHI (Lin Xia Wei), she could only dedicate herself to placing hopes on bringing more blessings to the others.

synopsis credited to K for TVB